Neptune Oyster

63 Salem St # 1, Boston
(617) 742-3474

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Doug M.

I doubted whether I should be waiting an hour for a table (after arriving only 5 minutes after opening), but then I had their food. The Neptune johnnycake set the gustatory delight for the meal - tasty corncake swimming in warm, melted honey butter, with smoked bluefish & a bit of sturgeon caviar on top. Yum. Th family's clam chowders were also great starts. They use a thinner stock, which lets their excellent clam and potato's flavor come through. Fried redfish (& chips) also quite good, including the fries. Their malt vinegar aioli is a secret find - really sets against the fried food. My fritto misto (basically fried bits of whatever seafood), was satisfying. The variety of seafoods made for interesting flavor surprises with each bite.

Rose J.

Every visit to Boston, Neptune's Oyster is on our list. The novelty of waiting in line to enjoy oysters and lobster rolls has been a tradition of ours for over 10 yrs. As usual, the wait took over 30 minutes but worth it. The wait staff are always so patient with people trying wiggle or haggle their way in. Once sat, you're given a menu of oysters and other fruits of the sea. I can't say what's best on the menu because all is so tasty. From a previous trip with my bestie, she described the lobster roll "orgasmic"‍‍. They've also have a wide range of adult beverages to wash down your delicious meal. My husband is a creature of habit, lobster roll and oysters for him. I'm a bit more adventurous. If ever in the No End of Boston, come give Neptune Oysters a try. Be patient, it's worth the wait.

Nitasha K.

The day we went it was super hot in the summer and the inside had no air conditioning. Luckily we snagged seats inside but it's close quarters inside and so hard to get a seat. My husband and I did a selection of oysters and split a lobster roll. All in all everything was delicious- definitely felt the bread on the roll could have been better/softer/more fresh. The lobster meat was fresh and plentiful. Fries needed to be a little more crispy. Probably overall a 6-7/10. This place is super famous but I do think there are some areas to improve.

S And Z.

My mom: "the glasses were stinky like a dead fish was in there." I had enough time to pick one place to eat while visiting Boston, and my research brought me here. My family and I were excited to try this. The line went all the way down the block, and we waited over an hour to be seated. While waiting in line we observed the staff moving exceptionally slow- taking an exorbitant amount of time to wait on their tables. Definitely was put off by that, since there was an long line out the door. The restaurant does not allow take out orders for lobster rolls, but allowed orders for everything else. Once we got seated- we ordered 4 lobster rolls right away because we knew it would take a long time for the waitress to come back to us. It took over 25 minutes for us to get our food. We ordered calamari as well last minute. Overall, me and my family thought the lobster rolls were ok- however were not worth the wait in line. I would personally give it a 6/10. It didn't taste as fresh as I would have liked, with the lobster having a chewy texture. However, the calamari was great! I would have given this place a generous 4/5, but the long wait and the extremely rude staff dropped it down two stars. The waitress barely came to our table. And when asked where our fourth lobster roll was she said "I only have two hands." It put us off completely. We had to tell her 2 times to bring the check and 3 boxes. Even then she only brought one box. Overall, as the one place we went to in Boston- would not recommend. Overhyped place, not worth 200$. Would not come back. This place could make way more money and cater to way more guests, but they choose to be slow and inefficient.

Khai N.

Attention all oysters lover!!!! This is a must. The oysters are super fresh. Highly recommend this place. There is always a long line so come early and be prepare to wait. It's worth it!!!

Anna S.

There is always a line here - and the approximate wait during peak hours is around 2hrs. We were told to come early to avoid the crowds so we came around 5-6pm on a Saturday night and only had to wait less than an hour to get seated. You can't make reservations but you can go in person to be put on the waitlist. I was wondering what the hype was since this place always comes up for "top suggested eats in Boston". But wow! This place has amazing raw oyster selections - I was excited about it even though I don't even eat raw meat. Our group ordered a couple raw oysters and everyone said it was amazing!! Tasted so fresh and they give you 2 sauces to pair. You can ask for lemons (friends said it tasted better with lemon). I ordered the pan seared scallop dish with veggies and everyone else ordered the lobster roll. My scallop dish was amazing. It came with 5 medium sized scallops, and the sauce paired with sautéed greens is perfection. I'm drooling thinking about it right now. I took a bite of the lobster roll and bread was buttery and soft, compliments the warm, meaty lobster so well. The fries were good old fries, nothing spectacular. They do give you ALOT of fries. This is definitely a must eat place when you're in Boston. I've also heard great things about their chowder... need to come back again soon.

Claudia B.

So we came to Boston for 24 hours. Thai place is so popular, we needs to try.. The spot is a bit of a whole in the wall. The line is constant and the space is super tight. We ordered an IPA beer Lobster roll with French fries Lobster roll with arugula salad A dozen assorted oysters The thing with lobster rolls is they are not easily accessible and always in demand. Everything is fresh and tasty. Be patient abs mindful when you go because if the wait time. Parking is basically non existent because the streets have been Given to restaurant owners. The other factor is that sidewalks are offered to the residence for parking. Restaurant is small but cozy and the staff live with swiftness. Enjoy!

Aaron W.

Not as mind-blowing as reviews made it seem. Pro: The line moved much faster than I expected - that was a nice surprise! There were approximately 20 people in front of us and we were seated in about 30 minutes. Con: The food just wasn't *that* good. Most disappointing was the clam chowder - it was so watery and lacked in flavor. There's lots of amazing seafood in New England and I just found this spot to be overhyped.

Jerry S.

Overall experience quite good. Food delicious. Mussels exquisite. Scallops perfect. A couple of points: 1) The wine list could be more affordable = choices in the $50,$60 and $70 range. 2) One of the staff members was rather aggressive - not necessary. I would have given a higher score had we not been scolded by one of the servers.

Joy W.

We got here pretty early on a Thursday morning before they opened. After a quick coffee nearby, we looped back and saw people begin to line up. So at 11am, we were one of the first people waiting to be seated. One of the silver linings about the pandemic is all the outdoor dining that sprouted up and resulted in an increase in capacity for a lot of restaurants, especially since Neptune doesn't have a ton of space inside. Once seated, we began to select shellfish with a pencil on a paper menu. We chose 6 oysters, 2 each of $2.90 Neptune Pearl (med, high salt, sweet butter finish), $3.30 Summerside (med, med salt, nutty finish), $3.95 Kusshi (small, low salt, sweet, cucumber finish), It's very interesting how each oyster has its distinct flavors, but I probably wouldn't have tasted the difference unless I had them one after another. and $6.25 Jonah Crab Claws, which were meaty and sweet, and came accompanied with lemon wedges and cocktail sauce. $19 Neptune Johnnycake - honey butter, Boston smoked Bluefish, sturgeon caviar: I didn't expect to order a johnnycake, but it was very delicious. Not surprising since it's a pancake smothered in butter and chives. The bluefish must have been stacked on top using a ring, because it almost formed a small trunk, topped with creme fraiche and sturgeon caviar. I wouldn't have thought so, but the saltiness of the caviar complements the sweet pancake pretty well. $27 Maine Lobster Roll - toasted brioche roll, w/ fries: A very classic lobster roll, stuffed with claw and tail meat, on toasty roll. I think it might have been the best lobster roll I had on the trip. Even the fries were good, nice and crunchy and well-seasoned. I would happily dine here again, provided I can plan well and avoid a long wait. I'd probably order the cioppino, or octopus, or one of the crudo options, or one of the daily specials. So many delicious options. I just wish they took reservations instead of making people queue up.

Kay D.

WHEN: Wednesday @ 3pm Neptune's oyster popped everywhere when I search for best lobster rolls in Boston. I'm quite disappointed by the food I ordered. SERVICE We waited outside, there was a sign at the door to keep the entrance empty for servers to walk in and out. My party and I waited right outside by the oyster window. We waited for a good 10min, n we were told the waiter is cleaning up the table. We were so worried the staff didn't see us waiting by the window, it was unclear what was going on unless a waiter go out to talk to you. My server was very friendly, she recommended some entrees and checked in on us very often. WHAT WE ORDERED Fresh Oysters Holbrook oysters and Neptune fresh oysters. The Holbrook oysters are bigger, it has more meat. The other, not so much. The price difference was $1 extra, order the Holbrook oyster. Lobster roll $33 market price My dad likes the lobster roll. It came with either fries or salad. The bun was filled with lobster meats. It serves either hot or cold. Hot with butter, or cold with Mayo. Clam chowder $17 Not worth the expensive clam chowder. The chowder was liquidy, thin broth opposed to the thicker clam chowder that I've eaten in New England. This clam chowder you can taste the quality of the clams, not necessary the broth which was too liquidy for my taste preference. North end Cioppino $37 It came with shrimps, mussels, yellow rice, scallops. The dish was very watery. My sister's words, it tastes like the dish was washed ashore and served it right on the plate. It was terrible. The broth was spicy, plain, washed ashore taste. I'm unsure what happened in the kitchen or that Italian seafood isn't our palette. It definitely was not worth $37 for the seafood cioppino. My family is a fan of Neptune's, I thought to give it a try, even my dad was saying the quality went down at Neptune's. I gave it 3 stars for service, it was exceptional, the server went above and beyond handling our critiques of the dishes and provided her feedbacks.

Kanokkarn Ingram

Plan a head for long queue , seafood here is fresh, staff are nice , oyster choice with explanations is so good!

Tanya H.

The start to our experience at Neptune's wasn't great. We were placed on a list and told our wait would be 1.5 hours... no problem! We knew what we were signing up for and figured we would walk the area and see Boston as we waited for our phone call. Upon not receiving a call after almost 2 hours we grew concerned and stopped in to see the status of our table, only to be told the hostess overlooked our name and should've been called after 45 minutes. Thankfully, Our food saved the day and was delicious. We ordered oysters on the half shelf as well as a warm lobster roll. It was nice that there was a large variety of oysters to choose from. The lobster roll was large and fries perfectly fried.

Kinnary S.

No reservations accepted, so expect a bit of a wait even during non peak hours. Lobster roll sandwich 5/5 fresh, buttery, heavy on the lobster meat.. definitely worth the $37 market price Also, can't get enough of N.O.'s fries!

Bokyung Park

You can enjoy a various selection of fresh oysters. Spanish octopus was also excellent.But there’s always a line and be prepared to wait at least 45 minutes.

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