New China

869 Harrison Ave, Boston
(617) 445-9670

Recent Reviews

Vincent Stone

The food is not good, dirty place, the lady doesn't really understand english. They told no brown rice after the food ready although ordered brown rice, not quality, no recommend for this placeParking: No parking space, have to double park, dark place, scary


Ordered wings & lemonade. Was told ten minutes. Ask why others that came in before me with bigger orders were taken care of FIRST. No apology offered for the FOUR WINGS AND LEMONADE ORDERED. Not huge on returning here. I waited almost a freaking HOUR.Call ahead. They seem to prefer that.

Char John

I like this place...but clean your chicken I don't want to eat feathers.. I order out because I don't want to cook on this day.. I can cook cleaned chicken myself ?

Blue Bird

Ordered hot and sour soup, wonton soup and house special fried rice, house special lo-mein. all were delicious! would recommend!'Cash only'.

Anna Karaski

No frills Take Out. Cash Only(but they do have an ATM inside) Tons of good Chinese at a pretty reasonable price! The portion sizes are HUGE and the food is made well. Highly recommend. Probably one of the best Chinese places in Boston. Great place to grab some food if you are at BMC! Had so much food at lunch, I had what was left for dinner.

Seth Connor

I wasn't sure what to think of this place when I walked by. I was staying in a hotel a few blocks away and was looking for a quick takeout meal one night and stopped here. It looks like a dive Chinese restaurant, but the food was great. Nothing fancy, but good food and great prices.

Ryan C.

Love this place. Food is quality and portions are large!!! Highly recommend to anybody looking for Chinese food.

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Consistently good take out and im from ny. Meets my standards

Kevin Dela Roca

I really enjoy this place especially for their lunch menu items that average to about $7.50 a plate which is very good considering the cost and the amazing taste. As a healthcare employee, I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone in the Boston Medical Center area since the food is reasonably priced compared to all the other nearby options which I personally find to be overpriced for what you're getting.

Jose Cordero

Nice little hidden chinese food place. Good portions for the prices, and super quick delivery. CASH ONLY THOUGH.

Kelvin Mack

I loved it burn spare rib and shrimp fried rice I think they have the best Chinese food in the urban area so I highly recommend it to

Matt Old-z

Decent Chinese food for the area. Not in my top 5 but very good in a pinch. Lunch break is perfect here. Order inside and its ready in 7 minutes. Order via phone and its ready by the time you get there, guarenteed. Biggest issue is the overcooking. A lot of times the fried items (chicken fingers, egg rolls, etc..) are over cooked and hard to eat. But their wok food is great. Give it a shot!

Cid Fisher

I just love there food especially the fried chicken

Sharifa Green

The General Gao chicken is so good everything always fresh!!

Darren Sacks

The owners are very polite and friendly. They serve American-style takeout Chinese food and it is quite delicious. I recommend it!

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