New China

869 Harrison Ave, Boston
(617) 445-9670

Recent Reviews

Matt Old-z

Decent Chinese food for the area. Not in my top 5 but very good in a pinch. Lunch break is perfect here. Order inside and its ready in 7 minutes. Order via phone and its ready by the time you get there, guarenteed. Biggest issue is the overcooking. A lot of times the fried items (chicken fingers, egg rolls, etc..) are over cooked and hard to eat. But their wok food is great. Give it a shot!

Cid Fisher

I just love there food especially the fried chicken

Sharifa Green

The General Gao chicken is so good everything always fresh!!

Darren Sacks

The owners are very polite and friendly. They serve American-style takeout Chinese food and it is quite delicious. I recommend it!

Langston Mejia

I really love their dishes and customer service, excellent location right next to where I live. The cashiers are always kind. Highly recommended.

Jillian Olson

Very good Chinese food. Not the best ambiance and or area in general but definitely worth stopping by for some good eats

Jose B.

These guys are slacking. You don't get what you expect and I'm done with them. I'll just keep going to Chinatown for good Cantonese.

Zarir Sidhwa

Cheap but tasty food would recommend! It is very small store not much seating but they mainly do take out anyway. This is not fancy food if that is what you not the right place but if you want tasty food at a cheap price this is the spot!


Good food and quick service. The only thing they ONLY TAKE CASH!!!

Robert Perry

A simple Place walk in little bit of a wait time for 20 minutes... But the food was great the only place around here that knows how to make real General gau's Chicken the way it's supposed to taste. I appreciated that not real clean but okay.

Zal Sidhwa

New China has by far some of the best Chinese food in Boston! The prices are cheap compared to the amount of food they provide and based on other Chinese restaurants in the Boston area. This dinner combo plate was $11.25 with rice, boneless spare ribs and General chicken. Amazing!

Dennis Avila

Love the foodIce tea and lemonade are very good


My go-to Chinese spot in Boston, clearly a diamond in the rough. Friendly staff, fresh dishes, generous portions. Can't be beat!

john deleon

Please du not buy food its not great at all the food taste weird

Donald Norwood

This spot is the one I like best. I eat in a lot of restaurants but to this place I go the most. The team is very friendly and the cuisine they cook is so yummy. I never miss an opportunity to have a good dinner in this restaurant. I recommend this place with pleasure.

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