Pavement Coffeehouse - Berklee

1096 Boylston St, Boston
(617) 236-1500

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Alyx Britton

Super friendly staff, great coffee, and tasty food!Food: 5/5

Michelle Elliott

Comfortable, eclectic design, super friendly staff, delectable menu

Nick D.

Team working here is mostly chatting with their friends. Just saw one literally move their friends order to the front and fill it while there is a crowd waiting

Latisha G

The drip coffee is the best I’ve had in the Fenway area! The plain and everything bagels with cream cheese were delicious and the bagel texture was just right.


Stopped here for a breakfast sandwich. Had a bacon, egg, cheese on an everything bagel. It was quite good. Service was friendly and attentive. Great spot on Boylston Street.

Epic Swag Queen S.

im giving pavement 4 stars today becuase they gave me everything I wanted and nothing more. during my three week stay in the metroplosis of Boston I have found this lovely sanctuary called pavement coffeehouse. i would say I am a "creature of habit" so naturally, I get the same thing everyday. a small iced matcha latte with oatmilk and an everything bagel extra toasted with avocado. the food is pretty good and I have enjoyed coming here for my lunch hour and a half every day. the matcha is quite scrumptious and never fails to make me s**** i think this matcha could be used as a laxative if needed. my friends say it has a "strange aftertaste" but I haven't experienced that myself. i think I could come here everyday and get the same thing and never look back. i think I would slowly fall into a routine without noticing and the years would pass me by and there would be nothing I could do but sit back and watch. i would like to add that the bathrooms here are very nice and conveniently located seeing as they are selling colace in the form of matcha.

p williams

I got my food it was mediocre. 10$ breakfast sandwiches in person, but online it says 5.75. Such a price difference & the sandwiches are not even made with real eggs. I asked for multigrain bagel they gave me a multigrain-everything bagel. Those are 2 different bagels and if they are combined into one bagel that should’ve been made clear. I do not like sea-same seeds or whatever extra comes with everything bagels. So that sandwich was a waste and i only realized when i got back to the hospital. The service was pretty quick, and the environment is nice and hip giving it its 2 stars.

Jenny T.

Food: Pavement food is delicious. Their bagels, pastries, drinks (I've tried iced lattes, iced mochas, iced Spanish lattes, iced/hot matchas) - ALL delicious. You can't go wrong with anything you get, but it IS certainly expensive. It's more of a once in a while/special treat kind of thing, but be careful as there are many locations around Boston and it is not the most budget-friendly. Store: A lot of college kids come to study here, and it seems like a common spot to "grab coffee" or for kids to just chat. Usually the stores are packed, so I could never focus or study there. HOWEVER, the last star was missing in my review because their store (especially Northeastern's location) was DIRTY. I have never been to a Pavement with a clean bathroom, and their tables generally (Before , during AND after COVID) were never cleaned - I always saw crumbs, food bits, straw wrappers, used tissues and stuff like that lying around - gross. Also their bathrooms... ew. I would've expected more honestly from a place which is a bit more on the $$ end.

Rahman Monzur

I liked the coffee here. A good place to have a light breakfast. Bagel with egg was nice.

Allie C.

Symphony location repeatedly has the rudest staff and worst service. Ordered my breakfast on the app once with friends and they took 45+ minutes to make just mine, then we're extremely rude about it. Another time their app was down and I called to see if they would temporarily take my order off the phone and they said no and hung up on me. If your job is in customer service, you should really be acting like it.

Robert J.

Extremely disappointing. Cleanliness throughout the cafe is slipshod, and the coffee was not worth the wait. There is a cafe one block away - go there. Coffee is extremely weak, and the bagels are tough.

Grace G.

Today was the last time I'll ever go to Pavement again. Every time I go, it's a 20+ minute wait for a bagel, regardless of how many people are in line and how many employees are on the line. It is unbelievably frustrating to stand for 20+ minutes while watching employees ignore orders and talk about their horoscopes as if there's not a single person in the store. Im also VERY lactose intolerant and vegan, and MULTIPLE times have been given egg, dairy, and meat on my bagel. Today I ordered the VEGAN tequila sunrise, and got real cream cheese and real egg. They pulled me aside to tell me they don't have Just Egg, to which I replied I would take everything else on the bagel besides the Just Egg. They clarified with me that it would be tempeh, veggie tofu spread, and pico de gallo, to which I told them was fine. I got home, opened the bagel, and found real egg, no tempeh, and real cream cheese. Their lack of effort and focus to their work is absolutely disheartening and reflects on their service. Go literally anywhere

Carlie C.

Went to Pavement this morning for breakfast and ordered the Pesto Presto and a Death Cream coffee. They don't have indoor seating right now, which is understandable but difficult because it's so cold out and there was nowhere to sit. The bagel was one of the best bagels I've had in Boston, although they cut it very strangely (not down the middle). It was also pretty cold by the time I got to eat it (because of the lack of indoor seating). The coffee was incredible - I would recommend the Death Cream to anyone who likes sweet coffees!

Douglas W.

Finally fed up. I have a dairy allergy and note that in every order. It has been 1:4 orders that have been prepared wrong with cream cheese instead of tofu even though I clearly let them know. It's infuriating that they just can't seem to get it right or care. Thanks for the swollen tongue and wasted time.

Lily Jeanne

I usually don’t write reviews but…The food and coffee were fine but the service was awful. The baristas were mean and I payed for so much on my sandwich and didn’t even get bacon on my bacon egg and cheese. We were so nice to them and They were mean and unpleasant to us for no reason. :(

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Pavement Coffeehouse - Berklee

1096 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02215
(617) 236-1500