Pho Basil

177 Massachusetts Ave, Boston
(617) 262-5377

Recent Reviews

Tim Jacobi

Had the chicken satay and Phõ Tai. Both were delicious. Service was friendly, prices really fair.

jyoti goyal

Undoubtedly, One of the best restaurants to try. super amazing food and service is pretty quick.You might need to reserve before otherwise you may have to wait for at least 15 minutes. People usually make a queue outside the restaurant.My absolute favorite

Linda Caba

How we love this place and this the best place for your bowl of beef noodle soup! Staffs are always so helpful and friendly! Thank you for the delicious food!

Johonna Cadwgan

Best Pork Pad See Ew I ever had!

Aaron Patel

Absolutely phenomenal. Lunch portions absolutely massive. Really good quality too.

Vivian Cheng

I liked it so much I forgot to take photos, but you can take my word that it was out of this world delicious. It was so good I didn't even need to add hoisin.

Chihiro N

So clean.Food was great.Good price.

Jacob Swe

Had the Goi Cuon for an appetizer and was very happy. The Pho Sate was also great, not too spicy, and definitely lots of meat and noodles. The broth was also very tasty. Busy place, and for good reason.

Jody Hale

Discovered this gem by accident, but so glad that we did. Phenomenal Spicy crab rangoons... the pastry alone was to die for! Best food ever, super nice staff! Do not miss this place when in Boston

Tyler G.

Cutest little spot with great food and service. I ordered the Tom Yum Rice with crispy chicken and it was GREAT! I don't know what I was expecting it to taste like, but it exceeded my expectations. The portions are huge, you could definitely share this meal with 2-3 people. Would highly recommend this place and can not wait to go back

Twee V.

Delicious as always! Friendly, fast and clean. All the tables are 6+ feet apart. My husband and I used to wait in line for a table prior to Covid-19. Today, we are the only two people sitting inside the restaurant. It is 7:30pm, prime time for dinner. They have a consistent flow to people coming for takeout, but it wasn't as busy as it used to be. Come and support your local business!

Archie Shockley

From the first moment you arrive in that restaurant the personel give you a great feeling. Very congenial waiters, it is a kind restaurant to hang out with friends or with your date. very good cooking, specialist chef, decent pay and excellent service. Warmly recommended.

Diane Z.

I love getting take-out from here as I always have a reliably good experience: the food is delicious, orders are ready quickly, and staff is friendly. I usually order through UberEats and I've never had any mistakes in my orders.I love noodles in general, and my favorites from this restaurant are duck noodle soup (excellent soup flavoring and duck meat texture) and Pad See You (very delicious, not too oily like some other places I've had this dish at). I'm not usually a huge fan of rice dishes, but I do like a couple of them here: the Com Chien fried rice is my go-to if I've been having noodles too much lately, and I've also enjoyed the Com Heo rice plate as the pork is especially juicy. Pho is always a safe option as well; my boyfriend always gets pho tai.I discovered this place after the pandemic started so I haven't yet dined in, but I've seen a few customers dining in since the recent reopening allowed it, and they all look very happy. When I feel safe and comfortable enough to do so, this is one of the first places I would love to dine in at!

Justin Liu

Every time I visit Boston, I always make it a plan to stop by here because it has never let me down. The first time I came, I got Pho as I was craving it and it was really good, almost as good as NYC. Then the next time I visited Boston, I came and got Thai food and my god was it so good. I’ll definitely stop by here again the next time I’m in town! Recommend!

Cindy H.

Sadly, I must lower my rating to two stars after a handful of more visits over the past year. First off, the wait times are usually awful and the staff doesn't do much to make the experience any better. I've been told it would take 15-20 minutes to get seated when it usually took 30-45. Try to avoid this place during peak hours or else you will probably have to wait half an hour minimum. Now that's not why I am leaving a bad review... really, it comes down to the food for me. I've ordered a lot of kinds of plates yet none have been really tasty. What really disappoints me is their pho. The soup doesn't taste nice, light, and fresh as I'd expect, it tastes thickened and unpure... This goes for pho and the other special noodle soups - bo kho, pho sate, bun bo hue.. etc. In addition, I usually order yellow egg noodles and it's almost always overdone! There is nothing worse than soggy noodles for me :(. Not to mention, getting extras always results in sadness... Extra meatballs = one or two extra whole meatballs! I've also had the curry and rice plates, which were pretty solid but nothing special. Onto the drinks... Their Vietnamese coffee can be quite good - you should tell them if you like it more bitter or sweet. The bubble tea is OK but the portion is small and the boba is sometimes hard. In a gist: OK: Fried rice and curry dishes, bubble tea, Vietnamese coffee, most appetizers Bad: Noodle soups, chili oil For unimpressive food and drinks, the prices are high. Cheap for the area? Yes, because Newbury is around the corner.. but not compared to that of other Vietnamese restaurants. And why did they have to go and get rid of the banh xeo?! At this point, I'd rather go to Beantown Pho or opt for another kind of food in the area.

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