Yume Wo Katare

1923 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

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yanni (Yanni)

Best pork ramen and a must-try in the area. My Japanese friend said it is one of the best pork ramen she has tried.They only have one ramen on the menu with the option of extra meat.

Obed Diaz

Consistency would be an excellent word to describe what you get every single time you come and visit Yume. Jake and the team always make the experience great and the atmosphere always comes coupled with incredible ramen. Always consistently delicious and just as filling as the first time I remember trying it. The broth is rich in flavor and the pork is always juicy, but you have to get it with the delicious garlic. This is definitely a must try restaurant and I have been coming here for years. The experience is always a little different but always just as great. Definitely give it a try! You won’t miss it it’s the place with the line outside.


It’s a good bowl of ramen, nothing special. Probably a tad overpriced for what it is. There’s a weird culture here that I don’t like. Everyone very friendly though.

Brian Tran

What an amazing experience, not a meal but an experience. There is only 1 dish, ramen with 2 or 5 pork pieces or spicy. You prefer ahead online while waiting in line.The broth was an intense flavor, so much you gave to a bit of water to refresh your palette. The noodles are fresh and the pork pieces are so meaty, tender and savory. So sinful but do good. The bowl may look average but it's a lot of food.The wait is not long despite the line. The cook confesses his dream along with everyone who finishes the bowl. That part was a fun part. Many come from different backgrounds sharing their dreams. Pretty cool.

Chamee Yang

One of the best ramen places I have been to in years! And I say this as someone who’s lived in Japan for a while. Fresh noodle combined with excellent broth, meat, and veggies make a perfect harmony. Opt in for garlic!

Larry DeCristofaro

I absolutely love Yume style ramen. There are no tricks in this bowl is pure pork flavor! My favorite part is the broth, it's always piping hot and loaded with fat. The noodles are thick and always have a incredible texture. The pork is soft and delicious. The vegetables are always crisp and fresh. Last but not least the delicious garlic is perfectly chopped and aged. The atmosphere is unlike anywhere else I have eaten and I can not wait to return. Thanks to Jake and his members for showing me how good ramen can really be when people care.

Corey Dejesus

My personal experience at YUME is always a good one. The food is always great, the staff their is/are always friendly. Now back to the food! The broth is unique, salty, garlicky and most important always the right temp! The cashew is great also, but to me the star of this bowl is the “NOODLES” I wish there where piles on piles of noodles. Ok maybe not piles but more noodles for me personally. With the combination of the garlic,salt,broth, and fat/meat from the cashew, adds a ridiculous amount of flavor that the noodles suck up. I tend to eat all the noodles first and save the meat for last. Even tho people say save the best for last, my noodles are the first to go (absolutely favorite part of the dish). Love this place!

Stephen Yale

Without a doubt the best ramen I've ever eaten, and probably the most (positively) unique dining experience I've ever had. I make a point of bringing friends and visitors here to show it off. When they do limited time specials like spicy curry or coconut curry ramen, it's definitely worth checking out (I think spicy curry is even better than the original, which is saying something!). I will gladly wait half an hour outside in the cold just to eat this ramen and share a dream with everyone in the restaurant.

Aidan Marshall

Amazing ramen in a very different style than I’m used to. There is usually a line so be prepared to wait 20-30 min to go in, and you have to eat it there. The ramen is extremely salty but in a good way.

Artie Ghosh

First of all - just come to the place and eat, unless you don’t consume porkThe taste of a Yume Wo Katare bowl of ramen lives and thrives in my mind at all times. It’s different from my craving for ramen, which is also potent. What I mean to say is that this is a unique taste in your mouth that will linger for a very long time.There are a few really good ramen spots in Boston, and they all deserve your money, but those restaurants are in a different category. Yume’s ramen is a calculated and specific taste unlike most other ramen you might taste in the area. It’s very heavy on the garlic, the broth is incredibly deep and rich, and the pork melts in your mouth in the best way.I'm dying to try the spicy bowl that they sometimes offer.You will not regret it.

Cat Kay

Best Ramen anywhere on the east coast

Evan S

As a solo diner I got in after placing my order online within 5 minutes.. the bowl is like $19 with the extra meat.. the ramen is pretty good.. just a little pricey.. the dream thing is pretty cool on how we announce our dreams after we finishing eating..

Evan Sun

As a solo diner I got in after placing my order online within 5 minutes.. the bowl is like $19 with the extra meat.. the ramen is pretty good.. just a little pricey.. the dream thing is pretty cool on how we announce our dreams after we finishing eating..

Clara Quaglietta

Finally visited after COVID. Updates for payment but same great food, staff and service.

John Lavigne

Great job and I got a treatment plan that I can continue with at my convenience

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