501 Memorial Dr, Chicopee
(413) 592-4500

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The door and online it states dining is open till 10pm. We arrived at 0925pm after hours on the road. Pulled our kids out of the car to have dinner. Mind it.. it is 7 degrees outside. To only be turned around saying the dining room is now only open to 9pm. Be ware. They may turn you around when you come by at a time it isnt convenient for them.

Charlotte Farrar

Best chicken sandwich I have had in a long time. Food was hot and tasty. Waffle fries were hot and delicious. Looking forward to my next visit.?Food: 5/5

Nam Cao

Great service! Great staff! Food is good! Location is right off of I-90. But prices are a bit too high for me to visit regularly...

Layannie Haydon-Mayer

I visit chiick-fil As all over the country. I am used to the same service and comfort food.Imagine my surprise when at this location l found out that they only serve breakfast til 1030am! Breakfast is their number one best seller.I put my order in for 2. When l was seated l found out that my fruit cup was not included. It turned out that l was charged for one, not 2. I gave the server my card and asked her to please get me one. She replied "you will have to go back in the line and get it yourself ".I have never received such bad service. Their mistake not mine.The food was okay apart from cold fries.When talking to the manager he said they had a choice to do breakfast all day or not, and he would talk to the server.I hear the Boston chick-fil-A is much better so l will go there tomorrow.Chick-fil-As in the south are amazing!


Excited to stop in on a Saturday afternoon on our way to Rhode Island and found Chick Fil-A mobbed as usual. However, I took this as a good sign. Ordering was fast and food was freshly prepared but the dining room? Tables were dirty. Leftover napkins and sauces on tables….bathroom was also dirty. Looked like a bus full of people just ran through the place. Like I said, food was hot and good but the restaurant portion was sorely lacking.

R Squires

I haven't been there once and anyone be rude. Quite the opposite. As far as fast food is concerned, this is the best, all around.They actually treat you like your the customer, not a bother. On memorial Dr, this is the top of the line, the rest are wannabes. Excellent work cfa employees and management ?


This place is super busy. Despite being busy, the staff was very polite, courteous, and even went out their way to hand deliver meal to me. They were always smiling and happy. Wow! The bathrooms and tables are very clean. Food is delicious as you expect in a Chick-Fil-A restaurant.

Marquez E.

There sandwiches are good but we went there Saturday and I decided to get a wrap and I could put my money that it was pre-maid it was cold tight and not that fresh didn't like it at all very disappointed and there prices are up there

Carol R.

Always love this place great food and great service very clean environment the shakes are my favorite and so are the salads taste so fresh and delicious

Sam Pryor

Definitely not the best Chick-fil-A I've been to, but probably not the worst either. They got my order wrong (I asked for a sandwich and nuggets, got a sandwich and tenders). But, the fries were hot and salty, the food was good. Service was fairly speedy despite long drive through lines. Employees inside were kind, as is the standard for Chick-fil-A. Pretty average for a Chick-fil-A, all told.

Octavia Henderson

Fastest serving Chick-fil-A ever! It took less than five minutes in a super long line. They had ample staff working the drive through Taking orders, payments and handing off food. Just great!

Michael S

Drove twenty minutes each way to get dinner. When I got home home one sandwich (which I paid $6:50 for) was missing. Their only solution was another 40 minute round trip to get the sandwich that I PAID FOR. No compensation for my time, gas, etc for their screw up. It would have cost more to drive back than the sandwich was worth. My family ate, but I went hungry....

Emily Carhart

30pc nugget is worth it! I reheated it the next morning and used it on a salad or you can eat them on their own.

Jennifer N.

Stopped by here for take-out on our way home to Philly from Lake Placid. Ordered ahead on the app and my food was ready within 15 mins of placing the order. Went into the restaurant to pick up the meal and the process was super easy and quick! Food was still warm in the bag. Lemonade tasted delicious. Waffle fries were not overly salted!


OK the peach shake is my new summer favorite. I don't have a picture of but can tell you it was freaking delicious. The store here is always clean and the food is always on point with friendly service . It's my pleasure to eat at your establishment.

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