Champney's Restaurant & Tavern

81 Old Main St, Deerfield
(413) 772-3087

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Sean Savage

Champney's is a fun place to go to sit and relax with friends. The place definitely leans heavily on its nice build-out and good customer service. The food, while definitely good, is very uninspired and simple. I'd definitely love to see more local food on the menu (it's in the middle of sprawling farmland) and some more interesting drinks.It's a menu that is entirely 'comfort food' and vodka martinis. Boring but well executed for what it is.

Donna Wesoloski

Went on a Monday evening for dinner to use a gift card. Service was good, very attentive but there were only two other parties in the room. Salmon was very tasty. Portions were small, wish I had more to eat. He ordered scallops. I ordered an extra side of vegetables ($5.) in addition to my dinner salad/salmon, it was three bites. Needless to say $92. later (2 cocktails) no appetizers or dessert. Sadly we went home and had something more to eat.

Larry Vigil

First time visiting for me and my wife. We thoroughly enjoyed this establishment. Food and drinks were excellent. Nice wine selection as well. We highly recommend.

James Demers

It was excellent. My wife and I do not eat a great deal and we shared a meal. They prepared everything excellent the meal we had was perfect the coffee and beer we had was excellent and the dessert we had which excellent. The wait staff did a wonderful job I could not be more pleased with the experience of dining at Champney's restaurant.

Mike B.

Tristen was our server, Kate was our hostess. The ambiance indoors was great. We waited briefly in the Beehive Room while our table for 4 was prepared. I enjoyed the sirloin steak with mashed potatoes, vegs. Fuzzy peach mule was great. We all enjoyed our meals and table service. -Jersey Mike

Lesha Prehl Yerka

Their Monday Night Pizza Special is wonderful. Loved the cheese sauce they make for “white” pizza. Um

Violet M.

Incredible gluten free fried oysters and Fish and chips. Gluten Free dedicated fryer.

Tom Tibor

Excellent service and food! We had the scallop special which was amazing. Highly recommended

Shirley F.

Champney's in Deerfield's historic district fits right in with the area, with a very nice menu and very friendly team working there. A late lunch was enjoyed there with the tomato basil soup being the star of the show! Burgers and sandwiches were also a hit. Looking forward to a repeat visit as soon as possible!


So goood! I came here with my family to visit Deerfield Academy and ate here for dinner. I ordered the Mac and cheese with chicken and bacon, seafood dish, a strawberry lemonade, and steak with fries. Everything was so good! The Mac and cheese was very cheesy and well mixed with bacon and chicken. Delicious. The lemonade was a great drink. I recommend ordering whatever the waitress says is a special that day, which I did for the Mac and cheese. Food came quickly and everything was clean. Waitress was nice and asked several times how the food was, etc.Overall, very good. Recommend for a great dinner.Service = 100%Food= 90% (the seafood dish tasted meh)Cleanliness= 100%

Bryan Guillemette

Great food!! Great staff!! Everything made fresh in house.


The food here is good with an "all American" flare. However, everything is "a la carte" and a bit overpriced. We were actually charged $3 for ice in a hard liquor drink! Although the wait staff is friendly, we must have been visited by either the owner, host, or waitress at least 10 different time to see if there was anything else we needed. Even though it's nice to be taken care of, this was definitely "over kill" and became somewhat annoying.

Jay Wendolowski

Great service and very open and welcoming staff. A great community full of sociable people with a passion for good food and drinks. Never a empty table. Unique set up, fine dining and romantic for couples. Good for family dinners. Over all experience always leaves you satisfied and ready to go back.

Theresa Eck

Nice atmosphere, good food and good beer!!

Jackie Gordon

We had been to a recent wedding reception and actually were having dinner with the newlyweds. The staff were attentive and the atmosphere was relaxed. We were not rushed with our dining. They did forget to bring out the appetizer before the meals arrived but got that rectified quickly once notified. Overall a very pleasant evening out and all the dinners were excellent,prepared well and very tasty.

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Champney's Restaurant & Tavern

81 Old Main St, Deerfield, MA 01342
(413) 772-3087