178 Summer St, Kingston
(781) 585-9234

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Julia Smith

It was very clean I went in to use the restroom and it was spotless after that I went to the drive thru and I saw a person with pretty redish hair and a girl with one side shaved they were so nice and it was good to see that they weren't miserable to work at such a place the person at the 2nd window was also very kind and did there job great I would recommend coming back here


The 2 lady’s at the first window (red hair, and another with buzzed hair on one said and long hair on the other) did not give us anything of our order right except the waters. my grandpa has a stutter and when he was trying to ask for a receipt they started to laugh and said “ receipt“ bc he wasn’t able to get it out and then shut the window and started laughing. those 2 were laughing and talking the whole time while taking our order through the drive through as well. they don’t know how to do their job. they aren’t good at it either. he is an very old man and is very insecure about it. when. he was ordering you could hear the girl with the one shaved side copying his stutter in the back.


I've given up with the Kingston McDonald's. I hesitated giving a review last summer when there were flies in the dining area. Only reason I visit this place is that it's closest to home. When the spicy nugs returned, I wanted them again. I ordered a 20 piece, took it home and found out they were regular nugs. Yeah, I should have check. The main reason to go was to get spicy nugs, so I have to drive back. Got my spicy ones. Should have checked again before I drove home, they were dried out jerky like. I ate 5 of them just to fix my cravings and tossed the rest out. I would have been more upset if I drove back a 3rd time. Next time I will drive further to Hanover, Hanson, Carver.

michael simmons

It was ok.. the hamburger bun on the Big Mac was not to fresh tasting fries were good shake was good no apple pie..maybe next time

Kel Botelho

All food ordered was cold upon receiving it. People were friendly though.


Other than being one of the closest Mcdonalds Ive been this one makes things big for their timely fashion with the Kisoks being able to give me my Mcdonalds deals to the quick fashion of the employees, it is by far the most consistant Mcdonalds in Massachusetts

D Barnes

Person taking my order clearly spoke English. Thank you! I left a McDonald's in nearby town without buying food because the people did not understand or speak English.

Samantha Quigley

Everything was borderline inedible. Chicken nuggets were cooked until they were almost nothing and something was just off about the burger. If I want on my lunch break I probably would've gone back for and asked for a refund.

Jessica Raye

It's mcdonalds. I would say this one is cleaner and faster than alot in the area

Joe L.

By far the worst McDonalds, No shakes and chills. Drive Thru faulty microphone. Poor customer service, which is rare for a McDonalds. I never review fast food, but this was that bad.

Christopher Daley

Don't go here early in the morning. I've had two experiences where I've sat in the the drive through way to long and no one answered. MCdonalds don't put your lights on when you're really not open!

Allan Wright

McDonald's is always consistent quality-wise but the app makes it easy and that's where they deals are.

Debora Dias

This 3 stars is not about the food, it's fast food, so that's just like any other McDonald's, but my note is about the staff, I hope the guy who was at the register was just having a bad day, he was so unhappy and straight-faced, maybe it's me, when I see my clients I smile, have good manners, I'm polite and I always acknowledge the person.

Vlad Lottie V.

Delivery always late, one time I waited for hours so that was canceled. Double cheese burger was good. I like McDonald's only when I don't have time to cook.

Donna Malo

What can you say about fast food. Always convenient. Easy access just off Sagamore bridge exit. Plenty of parking. We hit it at right time. Everything was fresh and hot.

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