Yogies Cafe

80 Water St, Plymouth
(781) 831-5947

Recent Reviews

James Bisson

Wonderful lunch specials. We had the double cheeseburgers and they were perfect. Came with fries. Impeccably spotless place. Very friendly service to the picnic tables with umbrellas outside. Charming location overlooking the harbor. The weather was very cooperative today! Lots of parking everywhere. Next time I?m going for the extra large lobster roll and clam chowder. Super nice people.

Matthew C.

So far the best pizza we have had while up here in the New England states. We sampled the clam chowder and I thought it was great. The flavor burst ice cream is something we never seen but was excellent and different.


Amazing workers and even tastier food.

Scott M.

Decided to stop in despite the other reviews. Was very pleasantly surprised. Very clean, bright place. Food is concession variety. Arrived over lunch hour. Everything was fresh and delicious. Friendly staff. Seemed a little expensive, but not out of line considering its a high traffic tourist spot. Would definitely come here again!

Amen Amare

Over an hour wait for premade clam chowder that was watery and had no flavor. Everyone here waited over an hour for hot dogs and burgers. I wouldn't ever go here again and I hope nobody else wastes their time or money coming here.

Andrea Sifontes

Over 40 minutes to get a hot dog. Stale crackers and watery clam chowder. Not worth the wait. Dissapointed.

Kay M.

Extremely slow service for a simple meal. Quantity of lobster salad and fries woefully inadequate for the price. Fries seemed like they just finished the contents of a fry basket and didn't want to wait for the next one to give us a full serving. Won't be going back. Felt ripped off.

Kevin Wade

Without doubt, one of the most enjoyable burger and fries I've ever had. The burger wasn't huge, nor was the serving of fries large...but the flavor of both was A+. They had a special on the double burger and fries. I'm still kicking myself for not getting it. If you're in Plymouth, stop by and give it a try. Other great choices on the menu, as well.

K Caluda

Stopped in for a tasty ice cream cone and cup! Friendly staff and no wait! Nice big area for eating indoors and outdoors!

Dorine Levasseur

One of the worse lobster rolls ever. Terrible onion rings.

Marlee Barse

Quick and yummy

Joseph S.

Came here when stopping in Plymouth, and I was blown away! The staff is very helpful and nice, and the fish and chips were the best I have ever had! I will definitely be recommending Yogie's to any of my friends visiting the Boston area!

Christy S.

Yogies Cafe is basically a glorified concession stand. They offer pizza, chicken strips, hot dogs, etc. They also offer some seafood choices. My kids ordered chicken strips and nachos which were on par with concession stand food. I got the shrimp plate, and the shrimp was actually good. My husband got the lobster roll, which was just okay. I will say that the restaurant is clean and bright, and the ice cream was really good.

Wayne R.

This Place is a joke nickel and dime u to death watch ur recipe for extra charge

Julie Kaviar

Yogie's Cafe was very cute and has a great location. The food and service were excellent. We will be back!

Joshua Crouch

The service was shockingly slow, and when I finally got the food, there was a dead fly in it. It was also somewhat overpriced.

Christian Goulet

Came to that place yesterday to have lobster roll and clam chowder. Both were very delicious!! Nice view of Plymouth Bay from the patio.

Lianna D.

Delicious pizza, great customer service, family owned A+++ clean outdoor seating as well! Super cute ! So impressed !!!

Paul Fontaine

Great food and great location

Rob Tallent

My friend and I always get the 2egg breakfast ...it's so good .I like the ham and the bacon ,the homefries are delicious and the scrambled eggs are perfect.The service is always great.The waitresses are very polite and always smilin' .Thank you so much.See you soon

Karol Boutilier-pruett

Great breakfast! Love crunchy French toast

Curtis Jones

A truly amazing spot. Great food, great atmosphere. Go.

Joseph Radwan

Small and simple place to grab a quick bite of food.

Robert Plumer Jr.

A home-like breakfast and lunch cafe thatâ??s inexpensive and friendly.

James H.

Food was average. Menu was a little confusing and waitress go testy when we questioned something on the menu.

Jill Brundige

Had a salad for lunch. Had lots of greens.....too many and not enough of the other things listed on the menu. The scenery is great. And the waitress was lovely.

Eric V.

Cute place- easy to find. Has all the breakfast staples with some quirky twists(Cocoa Pebble French Toast). Food was good and service was very attentive. Plymouth Rock right down the street. Would visit here again.

Lynne B.

Wow that's a breakfast sandwich hot cooked thoroughly cheese melted steaming delicious the egg was cooked absolutely perfectly I cannot say enough great adjectives about the place the blueberry muffins were huge homemade and delicious don't hesitate to go here breakfast or lunch

Matt W.

WOW, i do not understand the bad reviews. I have been there more times then i can count, and have never had a bad experience with the staff or the food. The staff has always been very accommodating and the food has always been spot on. Prices are a little high, but for the area you are in its to be expected. Forget all the bad reviews and try this place. I believe you will like it.

Eric Skoglund

I love Water Street Cafe!! Their food is so good and reasonably priced too!

Anthony D.

Very low-quality breakfast. I can make just as good eggs at home, and I'm no cook. Very small and congested inside and waitstaff is comprised mostly of inattentive teenagers who are usually snapchatting their friends, instead of taking care of customers. Last time, a group of waiters were snap chatting each other about a table who ordered a large amount of food, and making fun of them. Not worth the money. Go to All American Diner, where the food is way better and the waitstaff are attentive adults.

R B.

Outstanding! You may have to wait for a table, but it is worth it. Order the crispy french toast. OMG

Digibarh D.

A simple experience of ordering an omelette at this local cafe: - refused to subsitute the fries with something else - the fries were mixed with bacon I did not order. What if I am vegetarian, what if I have food allergy, what I just don't take bacon. This is a serious incident. - the waitress did not even apologize when I told her - overpriced (paid 11$ for just the coffee and omelette without the tip) - No wifi - They don't take amex Why do they have such good reviews? I seriously would not give it even a 1 star. Avoid at any cost

The Bowd Man ..

One of the Best breakfast places in Downtown Plymouth! They can accommodate around 60 people but there will always be a line out the door. Never had any issues here. They sometimes let you take your coffee to go, which is a HUGE plus in my book.

Stephanie M.

I love this place! It has a nice cozy feel to it, the service was fast and everyone was really friendly. I got the Water Street Breakfast with their banana bread French toast. The plate was delicious, I really liked the way they seasoned the homefries and adding the banana bread French toast was definitely worth it. If you like banana bread and French toast, you will definitely love this! It's the best of both worlds and it will make your tastebuds sing hallelujah! I would definitely recommend coming here!

Dann A.

Breakfast. Way too much food if you order the big breakfast plate with French toast. Very good. Zero ambiance but hey.

Mike B.

Food is really, really good but not better than any other spot in the area. The only offering that they have is their potatoes but this is more of a preference issue. I happen to think they have the best home fries in Plymouth. The 2 issues I have here are the price and quantity. They charge an England's King ransom for hardly enough food to feed a pilgrim from 400 years ago. Small plates for big cost. The potatoes aren't enough for me to go back here considering the many diners that offer way more food for way less money. Final word - Overrated and not worth waiting in line to pay more money for less food. Go elsewhere!

Matthew K.

Had an enjoyable brunch with my girlfriend here yesterday, the waitress was very friendly and our food came promptly. I got a Thanksgiving wrap which was fantastic, the stuffing some places use can turn me off, but I actually really liked it there. My girlfriend got an omelet and she enjoyed it as well. It's right on the waterfront so it's nice to go to and then walk or walk to it. The price was fairly average.

Jacqueline T.

Honestly not sure why this place is always so busy. The food was mediocre, the service was so-so and the food was not great. There's usually a line out the door for this place. The inside is nicer than expected if judging by the outside appearance but seating is a bit cramped. I would try another spot before going back.

Jim Leahy

You can only get so far on Crunchy French Toast when the coffee tasted burnt, home fries are dry and tasteless, and the three egg omelette looked like an egg and a half. Our waitress was good, but not very sociable, not her fault the food that day was sub par. For breakfast, head North or South to the Blueberry Muffin.