Yogies Cafe

80 Water St, Plymouth
(781) 831-5947

Recent Reviews

David Cronin

Really pricey for what it is. It was good though.

John Collins

Good for a quick bite

David L.

Stay away Save your money this is a tourist trap across from the Plymouth Rock....$30 for a lobster roll and a side salad. The lobster roll was a little hot dog bun with literally 4 small chunks of lobster. The salad was a handful of lettuce and the fries that came with the roll looked like someone actually counted out 8 yes a whole 8 fries...plenty of other places where you won't get ripped off. They clearly serve food that is sub par and no way they couldn't know it. They obviously know they are one of the first places across from Plymouth Tock so get a stream of new fresh faces daily. They certainly don't anticipate anyone coming back with the food quality and portions. I honestly thought it was a joke when I first saw what they gave me. A lot of restaurants are hurting now and I hear owners complaining. This is one place that deserves to close having the nerve to charge that amount and serving something so laughable.

jerrid bearse

Our clam chowder was cold, and the bowl is the size of a cup anywhere else. The stuffed quahog was mushy and two tiny bites. The chicken finger plate was less then average in quality and size for the price. Now I know why everyone floods the Cape for seafood. My son liked the burger liked the burger, but did the bun seemed microwaved...

James Bisson

Wonderful lunch specials. We had the double cheeseburgers and they were perfect. Came with fries. Impeccably spotless place. Very friendly service to the picnic tables with umbrellas outside. Charming location overlooking the harbor. The weather was very cooperative today! Lots of parking everywhere. Next time I’m going for the extra large lobster roll and clam chowder. Super nice people.

Matthew C.

So far the best pizza we have had while up here in the New England states. We sampled the clam chowder and I thought it was great. The flavor burst ice cream is something we never seen but was excellent and different.


Amazing workers and even tastier food.

Scott M.

Decided to stop in despite the other reviews. Was very pleasantly surprised. Very clean, bright place. Food is concession variety. Arrived over lunch hour. Everything was fresh and delicious. Friendly staff. Seemed a little expensive, but not out of line considering its a high traffic tourist spot. Would definitely come here again!

Amen Amare

Over an hour wait for premade clam chowder that was watery and had no flavor. Everyone here waited over an hour for hot dogs and burgers. I wouldn't ever go here again and I hope nobody else wastes their time or money coming here.

Andrea Sifontes

Over 40 minutes to get a hot dog. Stale crackers and watery clam chowder. Not worth the wait. Dissapointed.

Kay M.

Extremely slow service for a simple meal. Quantity of lobster salad and fries woefully inadequate for the price. Fries seemed like they just finished the contents of a fry basket and didn't want to wait for the next one to give us a full serving. Won't be going back. Felt ripped off.

Kevin Wade

Without doubt, one of the most enjoyable burger and fries I've ever had. The burger wasn't huge, nor was the serving of fries large...but the flavor of both was A+. They had a special on the double burger and fries. I'm still kicking myself for not getting it. If you're in Plymouth, stop by and give it a try. Other great choices on the menu, as well.

K Caluda

Stopped in for a tasty ice cream cone and cup! Friendly staff and no wait! Nice big area for eating indoors and outdoors!

Dorine Levasseur

One of the worse lobster rolls ever. Terrible onion rings.

Marlee Barse

Quick and yummy

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