Seyu Mack Tenn LLC

11 Brook St, Quincy
(617) 847-3958

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Rosie Q.

Seyu Mack Tenn is a Chinese Bakery located on Billings Road in Quincy. It's not a big store but they have a variety of baked goods all over and some in the display case. There are also a few dim sum items behind the counter inside an insulated hot box. The location of this bakery is in a more quiet part of the intersection. And street parking was easy when I went there on a weekend morning. Mini Egg Tarts- These were about two-bite size ones and they are the way to go! I got the box of 12 to split with a gf and it was fantastic! Not sure if they were a better deal or not but it was convenient to just get them in a box. They were sweet, eggy and the crust was flakey. And I placed what I had left of my portion in the fridge and it was still good the next day! Hot Dog Buns- Fluffy bun with a hot dog in it. Classic Chinese bun I used to get at every spot that sold it and this tasted like my childhood! Overall Service: Joyful staff but can and I can see people being turned off because they seem a little pushy when they are trying to show options. A lot of what they show was not be visible or on a menu somewhere. They are just trying to make a sale, very sweet auntie!

anita A.

I came here today to buy a birthday cake. There were 2 in the window. I asked the lady which one is made fresh TODAY. She told me the one on the left, I repeated my question to her. Are you sure this one is freshly made today? She said yes, I am sure. So I bought it because I trust that she would not lie to me. 3 hours later I cut this cake, and it tasted Sour. This cake was SOUR. I have called a few times and they appear to be closed now. I will submit an update when I get ahold of this place.

Mike Z.

This review is not for the bakery, but rather solely their Chinese Roast Pork Belly. I have not personally visited this restaurant/bakery, but every now and again when my cousin comes by she brings a few pounds of the Chinese Roast Pork Belly (siu yuk) and it is delicious perfection, by far the best in Massachusetts, bar none. Easily beating out the next contender in Chinatown Cafe in Boston's Chinatown. I have not had one bad experience with the roast pork belly here, it is consistently deliciously made every, single, time. I am making this point because if you're a regular Chinese roast pork eater in and around the Boston area, you already know the roast pork belly scene is VERY inconsistent, sometimes you get fresh cuts, and sometimes you get the dry leftovers from the day before, it's a gamble every time. I'll likely steer clear of the bakery (making up majority of horrible reviews), but will certainly stop by for roast pork belly when in the area.

K W.

My mom was eating the paper wrapped cake for breakfast. There was a rubber band inside the cake. Luckily there's no choking this time. For own your safety, please avoid this bakery.

Jonathan T.

I had a amazing time at the bakery. They had a huge variety of breads. The egg tarts were amazing.

Henry L.

Be careful when the lady (I believe she's the owner) try to hard sell you stuff. Do not take her advice. Also check to make sure there is no signs of mold on your food before you leave the store. I will not be going back.

Shir W

Delicious chinese BBQ

Hieu V.

I love their egg tarts! They're perfectly bite sized, super flaky! The custard is not so sweet so it's perfect! Do buy a whole box, and it's ok if you finish it all by yourself! Don't feel guilty for indulging because I sure did!

Pizza W.

I bought a bun there once and found a worm. I went back to the store and asked for a refund, the owner denied that I bought it there and refused to return my money (even though I had the store branded wrapping to prove). She even said I made this up to smear her store. This place is known to sell expired bread. Former employees also said they would keep certain baked goods over night, scrape off the frosting the next day and add a new layer of frosting. Isn't that illegal? Or at least a health violation? I am very concerned for other customers who still shop there. Please look closely when you buy their goods. They always claim that everything is fresh out of the oven. One good way to test is simply ask them "would you eat it right now if I bought one for you?"

Ren C.

no means no i dont want your egg tarts, dont charge me for something i didnt ask for.

Song L.

We was eating in this area and come across with this bakery. So we want to try some of their egg tart. I'm glad my girlfriend came along with me because i'm those easy person. It was like 6:40pm (Sat) we went in and look at some egg tarts. Then the lady said it was freshly made and said "let me pack you a dozen of egg tarts" then my girlfriends insisted only need 2 and the lady keep try to hot sell her other freshly made cake. Of course we just buy 2 more buns and get out of this place. This lady probably owner was extremely pushy and very dishonest. Come on 2 hour before your closing hours and you said those Egg tart are freshly made? Overall the egg tart are not bad.

Risa R.

My mom was there this morning, and the woman behind the counter does not follow safety protocol at all. She didn't wear gloves, and touches food immediately after touching money, without cleaning her hands first. My mom and the only other customer in the shop called her out on it and she said it was because it's busy. She also said, "Just heat it up when you get home and it will kill all the germs." There was also somebody working there who was decorating a cake without wearing any masks or gloves. I would not feel safe being in there, let alone eating food from there.

Fred W.

The pastries here are decent. Not bad but not the best I've had. Also the prices are decent although they have been creeping up. My main beef with this place is that the owner has an annoying habit where you ask for 6 of something and she says "no, buy 9" as she grabs more than you asked for. And it's usually the stuff she's trying to get rid of so it's not that fresh anymore. The one time I brought my mom with me, my mom said, if you're going to keep up selling me how about a little discount at least, but the lao ban niang said sorry no. My mom said she would never go back there again. Now that there's a 99 ranch with a decent bakery I think I'll go there from now on.

Menglu U.

The lady (I believe is the owner) at the cash register like "forcing" customers buying some overdue stuff, make sure don't take the bakery she want you to buy!! This time, as soon as we walked in, she started selling us two boxes of the egg tart, she said they were fresh out of the oven (which was not true, my husband ate one in the car and it was cold). Then, she wanna us to buy the honey ginger cake, we didn't get to look at this cake, she grabbed two put in the bag. My husband and I are easy people, she said it was good so we didn't tell her to take it out. Later on, We were looking for sponge cake, then she said the "almond cake" is better, good thing we didn't listen to her this time, otherwise we may have another mold bakery to throw away! We bought the bakery on Friday night, and right now is Sunday morning, there was black mold growing everywhere on the honey ginger cake she "forced" us to buy. So be careful if you go there! Don't get anything she tell you to buy!

Feifei L.

Read the reviews here about the "pushy owner" and wanted to mention that I've stopped by to pick up office treats for my co-workers and have never been pushed to get more than I wanted. In fact, I had to ask the ladies at the counter to start prepping a bigger box for me! Girl you know Ima need like 8 of those pork buns! Prices extremely reasonable and everyone at the office loves the buns. Lots of compliments that they taste like they do overseas.

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