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Reviews for Dunkin' Donuts

This DD sucks. I got a cosmic coolatta and they didn't ask which one I wanted so they gave me pineapple and I wanted cotton candy. So I tried it and it was so sour. And a coolatta is supposed to be like a slushy like but it was not at all. It was all liquid and in fact syrup. So I asked for the Cotten candy one. The lady ignored me the first time. So I asked again. She answered me and got me another one so I walked out of the store into my car and then tried it again ALL syrup...read full review

I asked for my order through the drive through, my daughter wanted to change her juice for ice coffee. The lady prepping the coffee said that I didn't ask for a ice coffee, the other employee said she wants to change it. She was so rude and said to me make it fast because you are going to ruin my time. I understand that there is a time but no need to rude about it.

I just stood at the counter for 10 min waiting ,someone finally said be right with you another 5mins past the lady behind me call for someone attention the two women empolyees say nothing at first like we were not standing there . When I again call for someone one of the female employees tells me I have to wait by now ive been standing there for 20 mins . The other costumer was so upset by their rude attitudes she said she going to call the company. I also believe they were being...read full review

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