Taqueria El Amigo

196 Willow St, Waltham
(781) 642-7410

Recent Reviews

Alex L.

Incredible food. Been twice. Both times everything we've ordered has been phenomenal.

Peter Klipstein

This place is amazing. I had delicious homemade salsa and an amazing carnitas torta. I loved everything, the price is extremely fair, and the people who run the place are super friendly and kind.

Lori Y.

Amazing, authentic Mexican food! Came here with my husband, we got the nachos to share. He had the Al pastor burrito and I had the veggie. It's so hard to find a good vegetarian burrito but this place nails it! Great variety of veggies and lots of FLAVOR. The nachos aren't the typical American Tex-mex style I'm used to but were still so good. Portions are huge. Service was fast. There is very limited seating so try to go during non-peak hours.

Sangavi V.

Authentic!! We got both torta and tacos.Torta's bread is so good and chorizo is out of the world. Just one will fill you up. But you ll keep eating more because it's sooo good! Chorizo tacos are excellent too but the Torta won me over. Free chips and fresh salsa. We got a side of guac, this was also good, they wouldn't do no tomatoes though. We ordered Fanta(orange soda) and banana milk shake, the bana milk shake had a syrup taste to it, wouldn't recommend this. Three of us ate a filling meal for $60, less than $20 per person, this extremely reasonable imo for the quantity, quality and taste of food they serve. Small space with less than 5 tables, so Id say avoid peak hours.

Dinesh G.

Best, Fresh, Tasty taco. One of the best taqueria in the Boston area. The restaurant is small and best for a party of 2 to 4. I would highly recommend dine-in here. Their salsa is fresh and flavor-packed. the tacos are delicious and made fresh with soft corn tortilla, the preferred choice of meat, avocado, and cilantro. The Chorizo taco is worth not missing.

Dinesh Ganesan

Best, Fresh, Tasty taco.One of the best taqueria in the Boston area. The restaurant is small and best for a party of 2 to 4. I would highly recommend dine-in here. Their salsa is fresh and flavor packed. the tacos are delicious and made fresh with soft corn tortilla, the preferred choice of meat, avocado, and cilantro.The Chorizo taco is worth not missing.

Judie K.

One of the better and favorite taco shops around the Boston area!! Definitely worth the drive out for. If I must choose one taco, it would definitely be the cabeza special tacos for sure. It is just filled with so much juicy flavor and it really moist. The special tacos says the tacos are small in the description but it isn't that much smaller than the regular individual ones. The four cabeza special tacos that also come with avocado Inside are definitely worth getting for $10. Already have been coming here a few times and will continue to come back.

M. Mazz

Best tacos in the Boston area. Done the right way with a soft corn tortilla, avocado, onion and cilantro. Make sure to get their hot sauce. Also their carnitas is my favorite.

Mark G

Excellent food great prices. Great food. Great food. Very local. I highly recommend this place for tasty Mexican food. Did I mention great food!!!


I am Mexican, so I hope you take my review into consideration over others on here who are NOT from Mexico.I just moved to the Newton area from California and I promise you that this is the most authentic taqueria place I have found in this area. I have been to so many restaurants around here claiming to be authentic and have left disappointed as they cater to white/American customers instead of their own people by having non-Mexican ingredients on their menus.I came into this taqueria not expecting much but was very shocked at how flavorful their taco meats were. I walked away from El Amigo Taqueria feeling like I just walked out of a families home. The staff is super friendly, they play Mexican music and their menu is authentic (not American). Their tacos are also not ridiculously overpriced (for the quality of their tacos they should probably be worth more though, I’d pay double for these kind of tacos vs all the other places serving fake tacos at high prices). 10/10 - I come here all the time.

Jonas T.

This is a hole in the wall that has the best tacos/burritos I've had in Boston so far for value. Lengua and Al pastor are a must try.

kim goldberg

This is the best Mexican food I have ever eaten. I moved here from Southern California and it took me 3 years to find this place. The people are always friendly and helpful and the food never disappoints you

Luke Malone

I looked at my Google timeline, I've been here 4 times in a month. It is that good.

Jonathan Carnino

Some of the most authentic and flavorful Mexican food I've had in MA. Will definitely become a weekly stop for lunch. Today I had the carne asada plate with chips and guac.The portion of carne asada was HUGE. 3 massive slices of tender meat, a nice side salad, and some very good rice and refried beans. The hot sauce (which I assume is homemade) is a must. I put it on everything. If I could, I'd buy bottles of it to bring home and put on everything there too.The guac was super fresh and tasty, although the chips would've been a little better if warm. Still awesome though.This is the best Mexican food you can get in this area. Small little place but come in at an odd time for a table or get it to go!

Ron P.

Food was ok, but, just ok not really good. Service was poor. Not a good experience at all.

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