Chipotle Mexican Grill

219 Memorial Ave, West Springfield
(413) 736-1005

Recent Reviews

James Walsh

The fattiest chicken ever... gave them a second try - OMG it was worse... daughters told me to never order the chicken... shame, it would have been a hell of meal.


This is my favorite location! The staff are always friendly and the food is fresh and consistent.


I hadn't eaten here in a while because there isn't one close to me where I live. It is fresh. There are not as many options like say Moe's but the ingredients seem fresher.

D Evans

I hadn't eaten here in a while because there isn't one close to me where I live. It is fresh. There are not as many options like say Moe's but the ingredients seem fresher.

Numbers Madrid

If you are looking for a quick bite to eat in the Springfield area near Rt. 22, this is the best place to go. When I am in the area and I am looking for a quick bite whether during lunch time or dinner, this is the place I go to. The have a good variety and the food is very good. The staff is also very nice. and if you are looking for a little more spice they do have hot sauce including Tabasco. I would advise that this place at times is extremely popular there have been times when the line is out the door but the quality of the meal is far better and more satisfying then any other of the fast food restaurants.

Yariann Cintron

If I can leave a negative star I would. I ordered a chicken bowl and I started eating it. Then I realized that there was a BUG in my food! The food that I was chewing I immediately spit it back it out. I never felt so disgusted. It was a waste of money coming here. I’ve never been to this one before and I was coming here to give it a try. But I will never come to the one in west Springfield. I rather take the drive to Holyoke instead.

Andrés Rosado Jr.

Staff is great, attentive cautious and my order is always ready waiting for me.

Jerry Carr III

Took way to long to prepare an online order. They even acknowledged they are overwhelmed.... Go to an good authentic MOM N POP restaurant..

Craig D.

Chipotle is great. Not too expensive and it's quality food. Not too unhealthy and it tastes amazing. Burritos or burrito bowls will give me 2 meals and the mild tomato salsa is A1.

Robert J.

Went in the other day and not one employee was wearing a mask properly. Everyone of them had the mask sitting below their chin or they had their nose uncovered.

Rosa B.

My order gave me food poisoning. I am never going to eat there ever again. I dont know if it was the guacamole on my rice bowl or something else. Weird because i had chipotle a week ago and I was totally fine with the same order. Hopefully no E-coli over there

hiLâL kavafoğLu

So professional stuff. A clean place and delicious Mexican food.

Walter White

We ordered two bowls one was half full the other was floating in sour cream couldn’t even eat it

Carolyn Beggs

I was at the West Springfield MA store on March 10 around 3-3:30 I was in line and witnessed a young female employee washing her hands. She lathered up, washed about 1/3 way up her arm for a good 20-30 seconds, rinsed off, wiped her hands dry and using the paper towel turned off the faucet, and then put her gloves on. I think this speaks highly of the infection control policy of the store.

Shay 25

This is hands down my favorite place to eat. I have a gluten, wheat and dairy intolerance so finding food that I can eat that I like is hard. Chipotle is my go to and I eat there 3x a week. The staff is amazing in West Springfield and East Longmeadow. They will wipe down the line and change there gloves if you ask them too to avoid cross contamination. Im so thankful for places like this that are healthy, good and allergy friendly!

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