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“We ❤️ Charley B's! Our go to restaurant all summer, you definitely get what you pay for and wonderful customer service on top of that! Knowing that the ingredients are locally sourced and that Charley B's is so involved in the community makes every dollar spent here even more worth it! Winkler is blessed to have you!”


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“Amazing food! Absolutely love their spring rolls, they are so good. My other favourites are the egg noodle stirfry, pork skewers, and sweetened pork with garlic rice. The owners of the restaurant are incredibly nice and friendly and run a really good place. Highly recommend!”

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“The staff are so sweet and so patient. I get really anxious ordering things and paying for things (especially when I have to count change) and the lady was so sweet and told me to take my time. It wasn't busy when I went and I got my bubble tea almost right after I payed.”

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“Great food and fantastic service! Highly recommend this place! I would recommend making a reservation if you’re wanting to eat there on Friday for supper. You’ll be waiting quite a while if you don’t. I can’t recommend the Birria Tacos enough!Parking: Plenty of spaces in the main parking lotWheelchair accessibility: Very wheelchair accessible”


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“I have found my new favourite place to get a schnitzel in Manitoba!I was crushed when the Hansel and Gretel closed in Brandon but this place is super.The portions are huge, and full of flavour.The German beer is cold and served by friendly locals.I look forward to my next visit..”

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“Szutus (located on first Street) is a weekly stop for us! This friendly family owned business takes pride in their high quality food and it's Always FRESH!? I recommend Szutus to any of my local + out of town friends and they always come back for more. They also have gift certificates if you ever wanna treat your family or friends to some great food!”

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“Mennonite Mexican Classics, good service, good price, good food. This is Mennonite Mexican Canadian food. Not food you might have on a resort or a little village in Mexico. It has its own cultural nostalgic taste steeped in tradition. Knowing this context this place is Golden.”


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“Ate there with my fiance and the food and service were both absolutely incredible. This food was so good that no other restaurant will ever be good again. I took a few bites of the sushi here and was immediately born a new man. This place is awesome”

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“As a small city, this restaurant's food is very tasty. I love their Thali items and all their sweet items, especially their tea. I really recommend their food.All all the stuff is very friendlyVegetarian options: They have Vegetarian option.if you call half an hours before you reach then you see your food is ready to serve.Parking: Free Parking available all the time.”


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“Awesome restaurant! Waitresses are friendly and the food is great, and you get a good amount of food on your plate : ) Clean restaurant/ washroom. Both breakfast meals came to $20, including drinks.”


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“The food is quite decent for fast food. I enjoy eating the food from here. The problem comes in when I try and use the fork that they provide, i basicly have to use it as a spoon because it is so flimsy, even that it bends. If i try to pick up a piece of meat with the prongs they will bend. Spend the 5 cents and get a better fork.”


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4.2Good42 Reviews

“1000000/10 best Chinese restaurant in town! The service, food, environment, everything is amazing! I really recommend to someone who's looking for a good place to have supper or to try something new!!”

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“We got to try these at the Plum Fest this summer. We thought that the burgers and poutine tasted great, no disappointment there. We just felt the burger bun was quite small (ours were smaller than a wonder hamburger bun), the patty was thin so we weren't anywhere near full after just 1. We would eat these again, but order more burgers. Thanks for the great service, all the best.”

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“Hey there!I just had to tell you about my experience at Outpost Grill. I went there for the first time yesterday with my husband, and let me tell you, our server was absolutely incredible. She was so friendly and kind, it really made our visit special.I was a bit unsure about which soup to get, but she recommended the taco soup and it was amazing. I absolutely loved it. And to top it off, when our taco fries arrived, she pointed out that one of them had a heart shape in it. It was such a sweet touch.I can't wait to go back to Outpost Grill for the amazing hospitality we received. Seriously, if you want to be treated like family, this is the place to go. The food is fantastic, but the staff is even better.Parking: The spot was in front of the restaurant it was very nice”

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“Good food for decent price. Friendly service. Crust is almost always the perfect crunch. If you enjoy a good crunchy thin crust with just the right amount of sauce you'll like Winkler Pizza's pizza.”

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