1750 Sargent Ave, Winnipeg
(204) 788-2016

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It's just a perfect place for the person who likes to eat breakfast anytime of the day/night and my Friend said his burger was delicious.

Angelique Prefontaine-Gibson

Took awhile to clear a table for us but the service was fantastic. Food was hot and looked very presentable and came to the table quickly. We were checked on just the right amount of times. No complaints! Lots to food choices from the menu too!

Joan Guirado

I am from Los Angeles and travel a lot. I have been to many many restaurants by far Nancy is the best waitress I have ever encountered. Very polite very helpful made sure we had everything we needed. Please send her my best wishes! Thank you!


Denny's was alright, not a place place for breakfast at all. The staff was friendly and the place is nice and bright so it's a decent enough place if I was in the area. The fries were pretty good, but the table we were sat at wasn't quite clean enough. That is, it was wiped down but still had some oil stains.

Kellie Sigurdson

A great place to go for a quick tasty meal. From breakfast to dinner all is available. Service was quick and pleasant and prices were not to bad.


While staying at the Sandman, we visited Denny’s for breakfast almost everyday. The food always came out quick, and we were always pleased with it. Our server, Chris, is a professional server. Always friendly, engaging, and attentive. Thanks Denny’s team!

Madison Gordon

Food is always amazing and very fast! Always have good service.

Ryan Moore

Pretty much what you expect. Decent food at good prices. Nothing surprising at all. Staff was pleasant enough and food was ok


Family of 6, including 4 kids, stopped here at 11pm on July 11 2019. There was something on the menu agreeable for everyone.

Double AA Ron

It was quite busy, and we went there for brunch because Denny's is usually pretty quick, but we waited quite a while for the meal. I had the classic eggs Benedict, and it was okay, but the english muffin was quite thick, compared to other restaurants, and I found it a bit much. The eggs were cooked properly though, and I appreciated the choice of cubed or string hashbrowns.

Heather Cancilla

Wonderful service, great serving staff! Male manager very accommodating and great personality . Female manager could learn to reprimand staff in the back rather then in front of customers! Food was delicious! Salted caramel crepe definitely worth the visit!

Krista Kenny

Got the Bacon Avacado Cheeseburger and wasn't impressed with the river of watery grease that poured out of my burger the entire time I ate it, not even exaggerating. Had to use all my napkins to soak it up off my plate so my onion rings didn't go soggy, couldn't put my burger down cause my bun would have gotten all soggy, I was covered in grease, I had to go to the washroom to wash my face and hands with soap and water cause I could still feel it on me. If you want to swim in grease and like very messy, greasy and watery burgers then this is the burger for you. Fun times. Server was lovely and service was fast though.

Jenny James

The service was very friendly, polite & professional. We got everything pretty fast and all arrived as ordered. Great specials & prices! Can’t wait to see next months specials!

Karen Smith

Good service. Great food. Super nice staff. The only reason it's not 5 stars is because the waitress forgot a few things. Not a big deal. Still left a big tip! 😊

Melissa Smith

Worst breakfast I've had in ages. It looked terrible and tasted as bad as it looked. Bacon was dried up and overly salty, the sausages were cold, the eggs were rubbery, and the pancakes were too dark, leathery and so cold the margarine didn't melt. Yes, margarine. For the price they could use real butter but choose not to. They tasted like cardboard with a slight hint of vanilla. Check out the pics I uploaded. This monstrosity was $11.49. I won't be returning.

Carl Sotomil

Ordered nachos and a sizzling breakfast plate. Food was fairly adequate but not exceptional. Staff are fairly nice.

North of 54 Cinematography

We went at a busy time of the day and we were promptly seated and our wait staff attended to our needs with prompt and courteous service. The food was hot and right off the grill so to speak and the meals all tastes great.

GOOD DAY Property Services

Great vegetable skillet, amazing pot roast melt, efficient and friendly server - open on the stat holiday. Good to go!

Raven Black

I love Dennys so much I'd get married at one... if I believed in marriage and if you could in fact book it for a wedding. Anyway, this location is my favorite and it's 24 hours so it's LITERALLY *all day* breakfast. Deadly 👌

Lino Asesor

fast friendly and cooperative

T B.

Thought this was the place for breakfast as all the semi's eat there. NOPE they eat there cause they can park there. Wow terrible overpriced small cold portions. Nope never again.

Wally Malcolm

Fast and friendly service

Deejay Ben M

Female employee with nose ring invaded my privacy. She took my phone and went into my phone without my permission. I didn't know employees are allowed to do that. This should not be policy. Should not be allowed.

Chad M

Staff was very nice and very prompt with seating and service. The food was your normal Denny's fare which was filling and good. Overall this Denny's is a good one to go to. Very clean inside and out with ample parking attached to the Sandman Hotel.

Keagan S

Refused to deliver through skip even though they were open.. said they would do pick up only. There is literally no difference between the two. They also didn’t pick up the phone when I called to try and get pick up

Lambert P.

This Denny's is attached to the Sandman hotel at the south west intersection of Sargent and Century. Airport hotels - I've been to a few. So many of them are the same and if you travel a lot (I only do occasionally) I'd imagine the place of rest is where you can recuperate, rejuvenate and just relax... that is until you have to wake up at 3:30am to go to the airport. Thankfully the Sandman near the Winnipeg airport is quite close so the drive is short and suite (did you see what I did there? It's not cheesy, c'mon). The Sandman hotel in Winnipeg - I've stayed here before just last year. Last year I was feeling more balling so I went to the other restaurant attached to the hotel, Chop which is a steakhouse in the Keg/Canyon Creek sort of echelon. Good place and nearby considering not having to actually exit the hotel to get the the restaurants are a huge win for the tired, sleep deprived, hungry individual like myself. This Denny's is accessible from the hotel! Just take the hallway on the first floor all the way east to the end and go out the doors and make a left. Voila! Chez Denny awaits you. What also makes this place kind of special is that it's 24 hours. 24 hour restaurants in hotels are amazing. Last time I mentioned I went to Chop because I felt like having a proper sit down meal with a big meaty dish. The thing is I did the exact same thing at Denny's for just a fraction of the price. OK sure Denny's is not Chop but it's it own thing. Denny's is faster type of food sure, it's a diner not a steakhouse but really having access to breakfast which includes bacon, sausages, eggs or other diner type dishes 24 hours a day is a pretty amazing thing to have access to. Years ago I went to a Denny's in Mississauga by the Courtney Park AMC (at the time, now Cineplex) and I was not pleased. I had ordered what they called their country fried steak at the time. This was a horrible rendition of something that is sacred in the south. That's one of my absolute pet peeves being in Canada. Where is the access to country fried/chicken fried steak? Seriously who has this and why don't we have more of it? We don't have Bob Evans, Cracker Barrel etc I get that but it's not something that should be such a remote experience that we simply don't have a proper or at least somewhat decent version of it. Seeing as how I wanted to give this place a chance for their country fried steak I did that. Last year when I stayed closer to the office at the Best Western on Portage in Headingley they had a Denny's there. I believe I had ordered the country fried steak there and it was just OK. This go around on Sargent at the Sandman I was very pleasantly surprised. This iteration was practically American. Sausage gravy on top but not too much to make the fried steak lose its crunch, beef gravy on the mashed potatoes which didn't taste like they were instant and get this... zucchini and squash as a side veggie! Gone is the corn / green been / carrot frozen type trio. These veggies were actually really good. A bit salted with pepper sure but the gravies (plural) easily diluted the savoriness of the spiced veggies with rich lubricated liquified artery clogging gunk - just the way it should be. I'll tell you what (said in that Texas accent which is a phrase that could be a drinking game if you've ever watched Friday Night Lights - TV series) this country fried steak was really good, really filling and the best country fried steak I've ever had in Canada, ever! The service here is really friendly. The staff here are smiling and happy to serve it seems which is definitely what you want when you've had a long day and all you want is a nice hot meal. Honestly I have to give it up to this Denny's and their revamped country fried steak which for me is a staple dish whether it's for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Tha

David Ratcliffe

Stopped in for a late afternoon snack and had a delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup. The staff was very helpful and courteous.

Kallie Jay

Amazing and friendly service. Food came super fast and fresh. The waiter that we had was awesome and pretty funny. Overall, I would recommend that if you want a good, hot meal, go to Denny's.

tony simard

Nice place, clean and friendly. Price is high for the quantity and quality of food. We had breakfast, the toast was over toasted and under buttered. Bacon was crispy in the center but the ends were almost raw. The eggs we're cooked well. Coffee was also good.


The service and staff are friendly and attentive. We both frequent this restaurant often and on this occasion the Veggie Skillet and Bourbon Chicken Skillet were ordered. Both meals were very tasty and fresh. We'll be back.

Skilynn Crosbie

I went to the Denny's on Sargent ave. The service was slow, she didn't hear my drink order correctly. I ordered the lumberjack and the sausages tasted like dish soap � and the appetizer we got was $14, I can't remember what it was class but it came with 3 meatballs, "garlic toast" and mozzarella sticks. Well first of all, the meatballs we're disgusting! They were so soggy. The garlic toast was so small, it looked like cheap bread with butter and garlic salt on it. I paid $55 for gross food.


Unfortunately, we had to eat our breakfasts here due to a poor experience at our nearby hotel. The food was just average. However, the staff was very friendly and the service was excellent. Overpriced.


Saturday morning and we were seated immediately, got drinks and ordered dinner in record time. Staff are friendly, efficient and attentive. Food was fresh and tasty. Great location with lots of parking. Definitely will be back when we are in town next.

Shabbir S.

Just what you should expect from a chain of Denny's... nothing more, nothing less. Open for late night meals and early breakfasts, serves decent food. Omelette can also be made as per your choice, other than the ones on menu. I had omelette with mushrooms, tomatoes and cheese... made nicely. Had the new cold brew coffee, it's good!! The service is average.

Gary H.

Decided to celebrate a birthday with a breakfast outing. Denny's has a good offer that kids with a birthday eat free so that sold us. The service I have to say was excellent. Our server did a great job and made our birthday girl feel special. The food was okay. The veggie omelet was 'okay' adn the kids birthday pancakes did not measure up to the photo on the menu. Good coffee though.

Susie P.

Went with a friend & our kids. I had the cinnamon swirl pancake breakfast. It consisted of 2 plate sized pancakes with cinnamon/brown sugar & cream cheese icing, eggs, 2 strips of bacon, hash browns. It was pretty good.Everything was cooked just right. There was very little left on anyone's plate. Price was fair for quantity & quality. Staff was friendly & service was quick. Would recommend if in the area

Dallas M.

They just opened after Reno's and it looks great inside! The food is on par with the chain and to be expected,not great quality,but OK. Check out and compare Stella's breakfast options and you will know what I mean...a little overpriced here for the quality imo.

Charlene Duval

I was not impressed we came here this morning because we were in Winnipeg for the night and stopped in on our way back home. We normally love denny's and this location had the best service we had ever had from of their female servers (can't remember her name) but husband left rave reviews for her last year ! I had a skillet without the eggs because they make me sick

Rob Elliott

Great breaky

Grant Goulet

Eggs Benedict excellent!