Restaurants in Winnipeg

Best Restaurants

Mesob Ethiopian Eats 121 Osborne St #200, Winnipeg Ethiopian • $$
121 Osborne St #200, Winnipeg

“It was an amazing experience in Mesob. Firstly, the establishment is very clean, we were greeted warmly and friendly. The food is very tasty and unusual, that's what we came for. We ordered a coffee ceremony, great respect and gratitude to the wonderful woman, whose name I did not ask, who told us interesting stories from life in Ethiopia. The coffee is amazing. I wish you many generous customers, prosperity for your restaurant, we will come back to try your entire menu. Thank you.”

4.9 Superb107 Reviews
Spice Circle East Indian Restaurant 2015 Portage Ave #1, Winnipeg Indian • $$
2015 Portage Ave #1, Winnipeg

“the chicken combo was absolutely amazing. the appetizers were so filling. the chicken biryani is so fantastic. will be back for sure. our server was wonderful. this is a gem.”

4.7 Superb192 Reviews
Chilli Chutney Street Kitchen 1663 Kenaston Blvd, Winnipeg Indian • $$
1663 Kenaston Blvd, Winnipeg

“A very tasty anniversary dinner. Ordered the dinner for 6 and there was so much tasty food. Also came with naans,popadoms,tamarind sauce and lots of rice. Would definitely recommend and will be ordering again.”

4.6 Superb260 Reviews
La Crêperie Ker Breizh 267 Sherbrook St, Winnipeg French • $$
267 Sherbrook St, Winnipeg

“Britany has come to the 'Peg in a fantastic way! Many Winnipeggers might know of the lovely little Creperie on the Provencher Bridge. I was delighted to hear that they have settled in with even more permanent roots right in my backyard of West Broadway 'SoPo' on Sherbrook. It is absolutely delightful. En pointe specialty coffee, en pointe savoury crepes, en pointe deserts and en pointe service. They have managed to take what I consider a rather cold, modern styled new building and warmed it up with all the goodness of a French Patisserie and Restaurant. Outdoor cafe tables and all the goodness of indoor seating as well. You can grab and go, or settle down for a lovely crepe meal with beverage. There was so much eye candy and love for Britany everywhere you looked. But the owners, Kitty & Yvonnick bring there love of their home town Britany together with their love of our Winnipeg together in one of the most trending streets in the city. You must check it out! I feel so lucky to have this a 5 min walk from home”

4.9 Superb77 Reviews
Promenade Brasserie 130 Provencher Blvd, Winnipeg French • $$
130 Provencher Blvd, Winnipeg

“Yes, agree with most other reviewers, absolutely fabulous Eggs Benedict & prepared & served quite uniquely! Served on Bannock, (a nice & tasty change) but their version of hollandaise sauce is all their own and is truly divine. Likewise, for their smash potatoes, they came with an Aioli sauce drizzled over them, and the taste was different, but so so good! Will absolutely keep coming back and have also been telling everyone about this place.The space is quite small though, so is a little cramped. We were seated in front of the counter, which is near the door, and every time someone entered, which was a lot as they're so busy, it was quite chilly so that made for some of the experience not being ideal.All of the staff seemed very professional, kind, and aim to please.”

4.8 Superb90 Reviews
Clementine Cafe 123 Princess St, Winnipeg Breakfast • $$
123 Princess St, Winnipeg

“I was only in Winnipeg for a few days and I ate here twice because it was THAT good. highly recommend the mushroom toast, fried chicken on toast, and rootbeer pudding. unique flavor combinations, excellent service, fair prices. and the drinks were great. my husband said that's the best mocha he has ever had. 10/10”

4.7 Superb119 Reviews

Restaurants by Cuisine

529 Wellington Steakhouse 529 Wellington Crescent, Winnipeg Fine Dining • $$$$
529 Wellington Crescent, Winnipeg

“I recently dined at this restaurant and was thoroughly impressed by the luxurious ambiance reminiscent of Europe. The dish I ordered, the steak, was impeccably prepared – cooked to perfection without being overdone. The wine selection lived up to my expectations, complementing the meal wonderfully. Moreover, the service provided by the respectful and attentive staff truly enhanced the overall dining experience. I highly recommend for anyone seeking an exquisite dining experience."”

4.6 Superb174 Reviews
Nonsuch Brewing Co. 125 Pacific Ave, Winnipeg Brewery • $$
125 Pacific Ave, Winnipeg

“We booked online for the dinner and a show both last Saturday and tonight. You can book just the dinner. It is 4 courses with delicious and thoughtful artisanal beer pairings. Pleasant and passionate folk guide you throughout.The food is exceptional and very creative. High end. Not what anyone would imagine in a brewery . Truly an amazing experience. Best meals we have had out for a long time including our travels to several other “foodie” cities.A beautiful venue just tops it off.Do not miss this hidden gem in Winnipeg!!”

4.8 Superb81 Reviews
Next Stop Cafe 333 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg Cafe • $$
333 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg

“Never even knew this place existed, are the Iranian owners new?? Always thought it was some greasy diner. Great food, we all had burgers, hearty patties, very filling and tasty. Shakes are thick and delicious. Can't wait to come back for breakfast and make our way through the rest of the menu.”

4.7 Superb106 Reviews

Restaurants with Delivery

JOEY Kenaston 1550 Kenaston Blvd, Winnipeg Canadian • $$
1550 Kenaston Blvd, Winnipeg

“Jess did a super-dooper job making my birthday dinner very special. She is an warm and personable server!! The fish burger was a 10 the chef did a very great job and elevated a simple pleasure to a new level.Way to go!!!”

4.6 Superb147 Reviews
Rae's Bistro 9-925 Headmaster Row, Winnipeg Bistros • $$
9-925 Headmaster Row, Winnipeg

“My daughter and I enjoyed our first visit. Top notch service and delicious food served with a beautiful smile. Next visit will be dessert first. Thank you for the lovely lunch we will definitely be back again.”

4.7 Superb96 Reviews
Cafe Carlo 243 Lilac St, Winnipeg Italian • $$$
243 Lilac St, Winnipeg

“There's a reason this place is always busy. Excellent food and attentive service are the hallmarks, and they did not disappoint on our most recent visit.The fett chile pasta is the signature dish, and it definitely is delicious. For us, we ordered one and shared it amongst our group of four, because we wanted to try other things.The broccoli starter was very good - an Asian ginger sauce, but complemented interestingly with pecans. Not a usual combo, but it worked well.Spring rolls aren't something I'd normally order (they're often quite plain), but these ones are different and tasty. Worth a try for sure.Bruschetta again can sometimes be fairly ordinary, but this one was really good because it contained more than the normal ingredients.The mixed green salad was fine - not anything spectacular, although the dressing was quite good - but hey, it's a mixed green salad.Prices are on the higher side for the starters, but the entrees are reasonable for what you get (the fett chile for example is a good portion for the price).Service was attentive and friendly, and she had good suggestions. The atmosphere is fine, but due to the small space it can get noisy - if you're looking for a quiet intimate place for a conversation, this isn't it.All in all, a wonderful restaurant that deserves its reputation - and the reason it is nearly always full of patrons.”

4.5 Superb243 Reviews

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LOCAL Public Eatery Garry Street 274 Garry St, Winnipeg Canadian • $$
274 Garry St, Winnipeg

“I liked it.Close to Canada life, good happy hour special to get in for drinks couple hours before game. Bustling but not too busy, food out on time.Coming for visit from out of town, would recommend come in couple hours before Jets game for happy hour. And go upstairs for Basketball arcade with friends, which has seen better days!Also, kid friendly which is pleasant surprise (at least during day)Kid-friendliness: Yes! During daytime/before games”

4.7 Superb92 Reviews
Marion Street Eatery 393 Marion St, Winnipeg Canadian • $$
393 Marion St, Winnipeg

“I liked the menu selection at lunch. ordered the perogy grilled cheese. portion was good but quite bland in taste. also had the mushroom soup as a side... also very bland. service was great! have heard other comments about bland flavor which is too bad because great comfort food menu!”

4.7 Superb91 Reviews
Ramallah Cafe 1111 Munroe Ave #108, Winnipeg Middle Eastern • $$
1111 Munroe Ave #108, Winnipeg

“We ordered the 4 Sharma platter special from the Munroe Have location. The 4 of us were really impressed with our meals. So full of different flavours and generous portions. Ramallah Cafe is now high on the list of must have take-out. Soooooo good!”

4.7 Superb78 Reviews

24 Hour Restaurants

Harth Mozza & Wine Bar 980 St Anne's Rd #1, Winnipeg Wine Bar • $$$
980 St Anne's Rd #1, Winnipeg

“Such a divine dining experience. Customer service goes above and beyond. The food and ambiance are both top notch. The pizza was excellent. The dough was wonderful airy with delightful burnt bits, giving it that perfect crunch. The salad and dessert were also great. Staff are very knowledgeable about the menu and ingredients. Highly recommended for anyone seeking an authentic Italian dining experience.”

4.6 Superb105 Reviews
Little Brown Jug 336 William Ave, Winnipeg Brewery • $$
336 William Ave, Winnipeg

“Hosted a large party here for about 70 people and every bit of it was fantastic! The event coordinator, Jensen, was extremely quick to respond to all my questions and the tap room staff, Jet, Jessica, and Jon, were unbelievable throughout the night! They all absolutely rocked it! We would definitely book this place again in the future.”

4.9 Superb50 Reviews
K&S Island Grill 2069 Portage Ave, Winnipeg Jamaican • $$
2069 Portage Ave, Winnipeg

“Celebrated my birthday here with friends, and the owner was kind to host us. The food, music, and service were great. Thank you so much for letting us use the space.”

4.9 Superb48 Reviews

Takeout Restaurants

Roughage Eatery 126 Sherbrook St, Winnipeg Vegan • $$
126 Sherbrook St, Winnipeg

“Meat-eaters, be not afraid, your taste buds will thank you!My boyfriend loves this place and today was the first time I've had their food. I'm not a vegan myself but I'm no stranger to vegan foods. I've even baked and cooked them. But after eating here, I've been shaken to my core!The tat-chos were easily one of the greatest things I've ever had and I would happily consume them for breakfast every day until I die if that were feasible... The vegan queso on them was amazing and we went home with a container (and a thing of cashew pepper cheddar).My boyfriend got the I bagel to differ brunch special and I had a couple bites and it was also incredible. It was spicy, sweet, and the best hollandaise I've ever had!If you're on the fence about checking this place out, leap! You won't regret eating here.Vegetarian options: The whole menu is plant-basedParking: Parking in front of restaurantWheelchair accessibility: There's a ramp up to the establishment”

4.8 Superb57 Reviews
Feast Cafe Bistro 587 Ellice Ave, Winnipeg Bistros • $$
587 Ellice Ave, Winnipeg

“Visiting from Ontario we discovered this place and I wish I could go back. The staff were so gracious, the atmosphere is amazing. Sunlight, plants and great vibe. Food was delicious. Highly recommend this place.”

4.6 Superb90 Reviews
James Ave Pumphouse Food & Drink 2-109 James Ave, Winnipeg Cocktail Bar • $$
2-109 James Ave, Winnipeg

“Great place for lunch or dinner. I love the historic building and atmosphere, awesome menu, something for everyone. We both enjoyed every dish we had. Service was excellent. I have eaten here twice (once for lunch and once for dinner) and had a wonderful experience both times.”

4.6 Superb90 Reviews

Drive-Thru Restaurants

Boston Pizza 1475 Henderson Hwy, Winnipeg Pizza • $$
1475 Henderson Hwy, Winnipeg

“Boston pizza is a great place to be. Food is good, service is great. Servers are friendly and polite and always know what I’d like. Danish, Lexi and Sara and the servers and bartenders are a pleasure to deal with every time I’m there.”

4.5 Superb132 Reviews
Thailand Foods 1619 617 Selkirk Ave, Winnipeg Thai • $$
617 Selkirk Ave, Winnipeg

“Came in and got a #10 "Golden Bag" for $10.99, a #35 Pad Thai (I chose pork as my meat of choice, but there are vegetarian options including tofu, as well as chicken, beef, and seafood options, too) for $12.95, along with a Thai Green Tea for $3.99. They also were quite nice and provided three sweet banana spring rolls as a nice little dessert to top everything off.When asked for spice on the Pad Thai, I told them a 7-8, and they went with a 7, and when I dug in, it was absolutely delicious, at just the right heat for my tastes but not a lingering heat, either. My only complaint is that the noodles were all stuck together and the toppings were either below or to the side of the noodles, instead of pre-mixed, which meant that transporting them for any length of time other than immediately opening them up, you're going to get a big mass of noodles that doesn't break apart very easily, and have to fish the toppings out, or you're just going to get a mouthful of noodles in sauce, which is why I docked a point from the food score. Now, that said? The noodles, even just on their own with the sauce and the peanut topping was absolutely DELICIOUS, and all the other toppings were great, too. I thought they might do just some ground pork or something, but no, they did full-on slices of pork that had obviously been marinated in the same kind of sauce, and the veggies were still crisp and chewy, not soft and soggy, 15 minutes later.The "Golden Bag" appetizer, taken at the suggestion of the staff, was delicious stuffed wonton dumplings filled with shrimp, pork, and veggies, paired alongside a delicious sweet Thai chili sauce, and they went down easy; a nice satisfying crunch on the pure wonton ridges that remained crispy and stiff, while the dumpling pocket was much softer and juicier even without the sauce, providing for a wonderful texture variance in a single dish.The Thai Green Tea was absolutely not what I expected it to be, but it was a pleasant experience nonetheless; it was a sweet chilled tea, almost like a green tea iced capp without all the cream; plenty of ice to chew on or to fill your cup up with water or another drink afterwards, if you wanted.All in all, absolutely delicious food, and it'll fill even a ravenously hungry belly no problem. The reason I docked points for the service is that even with the sign open I was standing at the front for a bit waiting for someone to come out, having to call out for staff a couple times before someone came out from the back; once a staff member actually came out and we began talking, she came across as friendly and helpful, and service otherwise was fine. I docked two points for atmosphere for two main reasons: the first is that there's a bunch of TVs and a commercial drink cooler sitting turned off while their 'Open' sign is active, which combined with the workers sitting in the back outside of customer view gives a fairly desolate feeling. The second reason is that they've transitioned to only doing take-out, a reasonable proposition with Covid still a latent threat, but here's the kicker: they just immediately bar the way once you get inside with a chair and table, which makes the place look even more closed and abandoned-feeling than it did otherwise, and really doesn't give room for more than one or two customers before feeling really cramped by the doorway. If all you were doing is coming in to pick up a previously-placed order, a la Skip The Dishes, then it makes sense, but for a customer walking in off the street, I felt pretty weirded out by this, so fair warning to anyone else that visits; it looks rough, but tastes amazing!”

4.8 Superb54 Reviews
Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse & Pub 189 Carlton St, Winnipeg Japanese • $$$
189 Carlton St, Winnipeg

“Our family came to celebrate the birthday. And we glad we came! Our chef ‘Roger’ showed us a great cooking procedure and made us feel so comfortable! And we loved his jokes lol. If you want a fancy dinner, come and enjoy:)”

4.6 Superb85 Reviews

Fine Dining

Alena Rustic Italian 3670 Roblin Blvd, Winnipeg Italian • $$
3670 Roblin Blvd, Winnipeg

“Absolutely outstanding. A table of four of us went to celebrate a birthday. We had a bottle of prosecco & an amazing mock tail. Calamari 10/10, mussels & focaccia 10/10, shrimp appetizer amazing but small. Pasta carbonara was the best pasta we've ever had 1000/10. Our server was funny and professional and knowledgeable and fast. It's a gorgeous lil spot. It really was the absolute best experience. We were all raving all night and can't wait to go back.”

4.5 Superb116 Reviews
Peasant Cookery 283 Bannatyne Ave, Winnipeg French • $$$
283 Bannatyne Ave, Winnipeg

“We celebrated our 28th Anniversary and we had such a great time. The food and drinks were all delicious and the waitress was awesome We also liked the atmosphere”

4.5 Superb111 Reviews
Cilantro's Restaurant - Gateway Rd 725 Gateway Rd, Winnipeg Indian • $$
725 Gateway Rd, Winnipeg

“We dined at the restaurant and overall, the food and service were good. The one feedback I’d like to share with the restaurant management is about the lack of cooling inside the restaurant especially that it was very hot that day as it was very hot inside the restaurant. On such hot days, it’s important to provide a good customer experience by keeping the dining room cool early on and not wait for it to become and before customers arrive and ask for it. We had to pack the food snd leave hungry!!”

4.5 Superb108 Reviews

Cheap Eats

Corrientes Argentine Pizzeria 137 Bannatyne Ave, Winnipeg Pizza • $$
137 Bannatyne Ave, Winnipeg

“Love the pizzas here and the salads are great as well. Good selection of wines. The decor is charming. If you can share a large pizza between 2 people it’s pretty good value.”

4.5 Superb105 Reviews
Montana’s BBQ & Bar 1574 Regent Ave W, Winnipeg Comfort Food • $$
1574 Regent Ave W, Winnipeg

“We were confused by the menu but Ben navigated us through the storm. He explained our options, clarified our concerns and exceeded our expectations. Bonus points for the skill to write upside down.”

4.4 Superb174 Reviews
Flying Pizza 400 Edison Ave, Winnipeg Pizza • $$
400 Edison Ave, Winnipeg

“you won't be disappointed!They serve a really good pizza and the Tandoori chicken one is Fab. I recently ordered from them for the first time and i am really happy with the price, taste and quality.”

4.6 Superb74 Reviews
Boston Pizza 1615 Regent Ave W #210, Winnipeg Pizza • $$
1615 Regent Ave W #210, Winnipeg

“We are never disappointed in the food. The drink prices are very high, ended up spending $20 just on 1 fountain drink for each person, no refills were brought. We will stick to water at that price, but the food is fantastic and great value.”

4.4 Superb166 Reviews
Edokko Japanese Food 532 Waterloo St, Winnipeg Japanese • $$
532 Waterloo St, Winnipeg

“The atmosphere here is lacking but the food more than makes up for it. The food is prepared by Winnipeg’s only fully qualified Japanese trained chef. Try it out and you will know exactly what I mean. Chef Masa above and beyond to bring authentic Japanese food to all of ”

5 Superb34 Reviews
Beaurivage Bistro & Cafe 788 Corydon Ave, Winnipeg Lebanese • $$
788 Corydon Ave, Winnipeg

“We dined at Beaurivage last night with our good friends celebrating our 28th anniversary! Oh my the meal was fantastic, George brought the courses out himself explained what each item was it was excellent!!! Fresh, tasty, presentation was excellent, spices were mild enough to savour every bite!!!! Highly recommend.”

4.7 Superb56 Reviews
JOEY Polo Park 635 St James St, Winnipeg Canadian • $$
635 St James St, Winnipeg

“Mandeep was our outstanding server with a great sense of humour. Food is always excellent, but made that much better having Mandeep wait on us. THANK YOU, Mandeep!!”

4.5 Superb98 Reviews
Sous Sol 22-222 Osborne St, Winnipeg French • $$$$
22-222 Osborne St, Winnipeg

“Recently had dinner here for a family celebration. The food was excellent and the service was exceptional. The atmosphere was so unique. We will definitely go back.”

4.7 Superb55 Reviews
Sushi Ya 659 Corydon Ave, Winnipeg Japanese • $$
659 Corydon Ave, Winnipeg

“Nice, relaxed atmosphere.Fast and friendly service!Menu has many different innovative features and items!Like Winnipeg roll,Winnipeg dream roll and many more.Kid-friendliness: They had a large chalk boare for kids to doodle!”

4.7 Superb54 Reviews
Baan Thai Restaurant 3111 Portage Ave Unit F, Winnipeg Thai • $$
3111 Portage Ave Unit F, Winnipeg

“We just discovered this lovely place. Got a Pad Thai and a Thai Basil Eggplant. The dishes were clearly fresh and tasted fantastic. Didn’t realize they were in the neighborhood, but highly recommend them. Going to be back for a dine in experience and looking forward for their desserts too. Check them out the price and food are definitely worth it.”

4.6 Superb68 Reviews
Tito Boy Restaurant 730 St Anne's Rd unit M, Winnipeg Filipino • $$
730 St Anne's Rd unit M, Winnipeg

“I finally had the chance to try this restaurant out. I got the sisig nachos and the tapsilog. I found that, although I normally dip my tapa in vinegar, I didn’t need to since it was flavoured just right. I loved the sisig and would have preferred plain nacho chips or maybe a lightly flavoured lime one rather than the nacho flavour only because I think the sisig deserved more of the spotlight. It had great flavour. The service also was great, the girl is super nice and welcoming and I didn’t feel embarrassed eating alone. My only wish is that I had more people with me to be able to try more dishes. Maybe for next time I’ll bring a few people and have the big kamayan dinners they offer. Thanks for a great meal experience this weekend:) See you again soon.”

4.6 Superb67 Reviews


Nola 300 Tache Ave Unit 101, Winnipeg Canadian • $$$
300 Tache Ave Unit 101, Winnipeg

“Really great food and great experience.Dietary restrictions: They asked us if we had any dietary restrictions.Parking: Park on Marion, Taché or one of the side streets in the area.”

4.5 Superb90 Reviews
Bonnie Day 898 Westminster Ave, Winnipeg Cocktail Bar • $$
898 Westminster Ave, Winnipeg

“Walking into this place was delightful, the young man and women at the door had huge smiles on their faces and greeted us . Food was absolutely fantastic :) Loved the jackfruit salad. Awesome ”

4.6 Superb65 Reviews
Preservation Hall Eatery + Wine Bar 655 Empress St, Winnipeg French • $$
655 Empress St, Winnipeg

“Amazing atmosphere, food and cocktails. my wife and I have eaten here twice now and have not left disappointed. Creativity sets this place apart from the rest. Their custom cocktails are a must to start you evening. followed by any number of their menu items. I personally love the sea food croquettes. The mood is calm and inviting and the staff are attentive and accommodating. The owners are doing an amazing job adding a bit of elegance to the corner reach of the Westend neighborhood. 100% DO recommend!”

4.4 Superb137 Reviews
Shorty's Pizza 53 Maryland St, Winnipeg Pizza • $$
53 Maryland St, Winnipeg

“Amazing pizza and we LOVE the banana pudding and kale salad with hickory sticks. Atmosphere is always a bit loud, but you get used to it.Vegetarian options: White pizza and margarita are both good vegetarian options here. You can also get the delicious kale salad without bacon.”

4.5 Superb88 Reviews
Cibo Waterfront Cafe 339 Waterfront Dr, Winnipeg Mediterranean • $$
339 Waterfront Dr, Winnipeg

“one of if not the best restaurants in winnipeg great service and amazing food I was very impressed if your looking for a great date night restaurant this should be on the ”

4.3 Superb300 Reviews
Nicolino's 2077 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg Italian • $$$
2077 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg

“I can't say enough good things about Nicolino's. The food was perfect. The pasta was fresh and perfectly prepared. This is a must see for Italian food here in Winnipeg.”

4.4 Superb132 Reviews
Boston Pizza 1160 Taylor Ave, Winnipeg Pizza • $$
1160 Taylor Ave, Winnipeg

“Madison was an excellent server, great suggestions and recommendations. Excellent upselling skills and such a perfect personality for the job. Our truffled mushroom pizza was to die for as well! Highly recommend!!! Will be coming back.”

4.5 Superb84 Reviews
Eat2Drink - Vietnamese Home Cook Kitchen 656 Aberdeen Ave, Winnipeg Vietnamese • $$
656 Aberdeen Ave, Winnipeg

“Ordered through DoorDash a few times already, and each time the food is amazing! Fresh ingredients and tastes so good. Also ordered bubble tea here, not too sweet and the bubbles are the perfect texture! Highly recommend giving this place a try!”

4.7 Superb49 Reviews
Amai Sushi 1530 Plessis Rd #3, Winnipeg Sushi • $$
1530 Plessis Rd #3, Winnipeg

“Food was excellent. The atmosphere is nice.Small little comfortable restaurant. Service was good and friendly. It's just a little slow so if you go, go to enjoy and relax.”

4.6 Superb60 Reviews
Thirsty Lion Tavern 525 Dale Blvd, Winnipeg Pubs • $$
525 Dale Blvd, Winnipeg

“Went for the first time for wing night. They have a good selection of flavours and some interesting ones too. There was a sign posted at the front to wait to be seated but no one came for about 5-10 minutes. One of the waitresses came up and took the sign off. It was super busy and loud since they had a lot going on but the service was speedy and great! I tried 2 different flavours and they were good but it did appear like some of the wings were undercooked, probably because they were packed and crazy busy!”

4.5 Superb78 Reviews
fusion grill 550 Academy Road at,  Lanark St, Winnipeg Canadian • $$$
550 Academy Road at, Lanark St, Winnipeg

“Samosa appy - amazing. Vegan option - amazing. Earl grey creme brûlée - Beyond Amazing. Service - amazing. Quick but not rushed. Intimate. Reasonably priced. Best meal I have had in years. Can’t wait to go back ❤️”

4.7 Superb47 Reviews
Daanook Restaurant 58 Albert St, Winnipeg Middle Eastern • $$
58 Albert St, Winnipeg

“I ate here for my first time on Thursday and it was so good I came back Friday to eat again/Absolutely delicious food with super friendly service: I highly recommend trying this spot. I will definitely be a regular customer from now on.Thank you for a wonderful experience ♥️”

4.7 Superb46 Reviews
Cilantro's Modern Indian Cuisine - Portage 1132 Portage Ave, Winnipeg Canadian • $$
1132 Portage Ave, Winnipeg

“We ordered 2 pound fish pakora around 3:07 pm. I was told by cashier it will take 15 to 20 minutes. I reached at restaurant around 3:25 and I was told it will take 10 more minutes. I waited in my car and went in again after 10 minutes and it was not still ready. I got my order at 3:50 ish. Food is good but service is really bad.”

4.4 Superb112 Reviews


Kevin's 141 Bannatyne Ave, Winnipeg Comfort Food • $$
141 Bannatyne Ave, Winnipeg

“Had an event at the museum so looked online for restaurants in the area. Read their menu and it sounded good. So happy we chose to go. The building is amazingly beautiful. The staff is friendly and super helpful and the food. The food is deliciously divine. We will be going back again.”

4.4 Superb111 Reviews
Frankie's Italian Winnipeg 505 Sterling Lyon Pkwy, Winnipeg Italian • $$
505 Sterling Lyon Pkwy, Winnipeg

“Was my first time in. When I go to an Italian restaurant for the first time I usually opt for spaghetti and meatballs. Might seem the safe choice but in my opinion if you can’t do a good sauce with a simple meatball then you can’t do the rest well either. The meatballs lived up to the claim of made in house. These are not mass produced meatballs. They were not that close, so packed texture that mass produced can have. These were a delicate mixture of beef, veal and pork, well seasoned and not noticeably heavy in fillers. The best meatballs I can recall having. The pasta is house made also and was topped with a tangy tomato sauce. In all it was a great meal but I’m sad I was too full for desert. My friend had the French dip and the top sirloin sandwich was a hit with her. We were served by a vivacious young woman, Diana F, who ensured we had a wonderful dining experience. I would definitely recommend trying this restaurant, thanks to great food and great service, and will be back.”

4.4 Superb110 Reviews
Little Sister Coffee Maker 539 Osborne St, Winnipeg Cafe • $$
539 Osborne St, Winnipeg

“I love the atmosphere here. The coffee is great & consistent. I enjoy the natural lighting and high ceilings so much. It makes for a great place to sit down, read, study, journal, look around at the houseplants or just drink coffee while relaxing. Great place to stay off your phone tbh! ?”

4.8 Superb38 Reviews
Deer + Almond 85 Princess St, Winnipeg Tapas Bar • $$$$
85 Princess St, Winnipeg

“Had a great dinner for my birthday, all the food was great, the dNa potatoes are so incredible and will definitely be back.The only small thing I would change was all the dishes could have been a bit warmer when they arrived, but besides that the meal was fantastic and I would gladly come back!”

4.6 Superb56 Reviews
The Roost on Corydon 651-A Corydon Ave, Winnipeg Cocktail Bar • $$
651-A Corydon Ave, Winnipeg

“Love the vibe at this bar. Super chill and relaxing. It’s a perfect place to just sit down peacefully and chat one on one. Good atmosphere, good drinks, good time. Definitely give it a try if you’re in the area.”

4.7 Superb45 Reviews
Yujiro Japanese Restaurant 1822 Grant Ave, Winnipeg Japanese • $$
1822 Grant Ave, Winnipeg

“What a gem of a restaurant we discovered by fluke on our way to the airport. We had a short turn-around time before our flight out and Yujiro staff made it happen. The quality of offerings is fantastic and servers were wonderful. We look forward to spending a nice evening here the next time we’re in town.”

4.4 Superb101 Reviews
Capital Grill & Bar 3116 Roblin Blvd, Winnipeg Seafood • $$
3116 Roblin Blvd, Winnipeg

“I’ve been to Capital numerous times over the years and they never disappoint. We recently ordered take out from them. Highly recommend the Ahi Tina Roll appetizer and the Capital Burger the Braised Short Beef Rib which was oh so fall of the bone tender! The owners and staff are always very friendly even during these tough times! #SupportLocal”

4.7 Superb43 Reviews
Meal Set Bistro 612 Academy Rd, Winnipeg Bistros • $$
612 Academy Rd, Winnipeg

“My fiance and I came to Meal Set Bistro for Valentines Day specifically for their oyster night. It’s been a while since we last had oysters and these hit the spot for both of us - they were fresh and was complimented with an amazing sauce (vinegar?). We also ordered their soft shell crab and it was 10/10, good amount of meat per piece with a perfect crisp and the vegetables plus sauce it came with made for the perfect bite!After our appetizers we ordered a few sushi rolls, the lobster roll, torched salmon roll and the crisp salmon aburi. The salmon aburi was my personal favourite and is something I would order again!Service was great but food was a bit slow but that was something we expected on Valentines Day, especially with the crazy amount of DoorDash/Skip orders they were getting. The waiters were always attentive - refilling our glasses, checking up on us and suggesting dishes. Once we paid for our dish they gave us a complimentary rose and it made my whole experience even better! 10/10 ☺️”

4.7 Superb43 Reviews
T-town Style Pizza 308 Fort St, Winnipeg Pizza • $$
308 Fort St, Winnipeg

“Amazing food quality, taste, and weight. That's a densely loaded pizza! My freshly made Spicy P pizza was delicious ?My recommendation for you is to open a little earlier, say at 11-11:30am to capture more lunch business”

4.7 Superb43 Reviews
Tehran Cafe 1875 Pembina Hwy #8, Winnipeg Mediterranean • $$
1875 Pembina Hwy #8, Winnipeg

“I recently visited this place in Winnipeg and was blown away by the exceptional kabab and rice dishes. The flavors were rich, and the skewers were perfectly grilled. Additionally, the shisha experience added a delightful touch to the evening, making it a must-visit spot for anyone seeking top-notch Middle Eastern cuisine and a great atmosphere in the city.Parking: Good parking lots of space”

4.4 Superb97 Reviews
Captain's Table Restaurant 1823 Portage Ave, Winnipeg Seafood • $$
1823 Portage Ave, Winnipeg

“Nice little neighborhood restaurant. Food was good, flavourful but very greasy batter on the mushroom balls and fish. Service was friendly and quick to provide drink refills. Reasonable prices with generous portions.”

4.6 Superb51 Reviews
Elephant & Castle 350 St Mary Ave, Winnipeg British • $$
350 St Mary Ave, Winnipeg

“One of the best places downtown, but the service is horrendous. I don't know why, because they all seem great, but it takes forever to get a drink some times, and I'm almost always waiting with an empty glass. I go almost every week though, just have to be ”

4.4 Superb93 Reviews
KL Sushi 1100 Concordia Ave, Winnipeg Sushi • $$
1100 Concordia Ave, Winnipeg

“Although mainly a take-out place, we enjoyed our time eating-in. It was quiet and they were very friendly. The food was delicious with a good variety of options.”

4.9 Superb29 Reviews
Junction 59 Roadhouse 1615 Regent Ave W # 200, Winnipeg Tex-Mex • $$
1615 Regent Ave W # 200, Winnipeg

“First time at Junction 59 Roadhouse today and I will definitely go back. The whole experience was awesome … right from when you walk in the door to when you leave. The people that work there are great and the food is fabulous!!!!!!!”

4.3 Superb142 Reviews
Fionn MacCool's Crossroads 1582 Regent Ave W, Winnipeg Irish Pub • $$
1582 Regent Ave W, Winnipeg

“Fionn's is a great place to go to with friends. For us, a real plus is their vegetarian/vegan menu and their draught beer selection. Our non-vegan friends have a dependably good menu to choose from. This visit was a little different and scored lower. We made reservations for 6 pm and didn't find out until we got there that the whole restaurant had been reserved for a private event starting at 7. We were a bit rushed as a result, although our server was very apologetic.”

4.3 Superb141 Reviews
OEB Breakfast Co. 330 Main St #100, Winnipeg Brunch • $$
330 Main St #100, Winnipeg

“I’ve been going to OEB since they had the original little shop on Edmonton Trail with the ridiculous lines. I’m glad that they constantly tinker with the menu and add experiments but please bring back my Hogs and Scallops. I don’t care if scallops cost more now, raise the price but keep it on the menu.”

4.3 Superb140 Reviews
East Ocean Restaurant 350 Hargrave St, Winnipeg Chinese • $$
350 Hargrave St, Winnipeg

“I ordered a shrimp chow mein and the sheer volume of food I got for the price was amazing, not including the fact it tasted delicious.The building isn't going to wow you, it's a bit of hidden away spot but the historical pictures on the inside from Hong Kong made it an extremely visit.Do hesitate to stop! You will not regret it!”

4.6 Superb47 Reviews
Tre Visi Cafe 926 Grosvenor Ave, Winnipeg Italian • $$
926 Grosvenor Ave, Winnipeg

“Absolutely delicious food, fantastic service, and beautiful little spot. Everything we had was incredible. Don’t underestimate the zucchini fries! My friend and I shared that for an app and both ordered the special, which was prawns with asparagus and red pepper in a white wine butter sauce with a side of the most tender fettuccine I’ve ever had. I had tiramisu and my friend had crème brûlée for dessert and they were both phenomenal, too!”

4.9 Superb28 Reviews
Leopold's Tavern Winnipeg - Bridgwater 350 North Town Road #340, Winnipeg Bar & Grill • $$
350 North Town Road #340, Winnipeg

“My daughter and I love to go to taco Tuesdays and have the queso fries. So delicious.. CookingI love the atmosphere there sounds like it’s hockey and all ages can go. It’s great the staff are wonderful, very friendly and respectful.”

4.3 Superb135 Reviews
Classics Billiards Bar & Grill 1837 Portage Ave, Winnipeg Bar & Grill • $$
1837 Portage Ave, Winnipeg

“It was awesome! I enjoyed a date night with my girlfriend playing pool, listening to Karaoke and eating nachos! Mm goof nachos!Parking: Parking must be done on the street nearby, which can be hard to find but again not bad on the location!”

4.6 Superb46 Reviews
Sevala's Ukrainian Deli 126 Victoria Ave W, Winnipeg Deli • $$
126 Victoria Ave W, Winnipeg

“I really love this place. It has excellent and authentic Ukrainian food with some delicious extras thrown in such as lasagna, Salisbury steaks and cheesecake. The cheesecake is ?.”

4.6 Superb46 Reviews
Saucers Cafe 570 Academy Rd, Winnipeg Cafe • $$
570 Academy Rd, Winnipeg

“Sauces is an amazing restaurant. Lots of interesting gluten free and vegetarian options and theie desserts are AMAZING!Vegetarian options: Wraps, soup, salads, pizza and moreDietary restrictions: Have gluten free options”

4.8 Superb32 Reviews
Taverna Rodos Restaurant & Lounge 5114 Roblin Blvd, Winnipeg Greek • $$
5114 Roblin Blvd, Winnipeg

“We love the food at Taverna Rodos. The owner and staff are so friendly. It’s our go to place when we go out to eat with friends as well. Feels like home!!!!”

4.4 Superb81 Reviews
Wayback Burgers 2864 Pembina Hwy #30, Winnipeg Hamburger • $$
2864 Pembina Hwy #30, Winnipeg

“The food is fresh- you can watch them make it to order right behind the plexiglass. The milkshakes are a delightful treat. The French fries are superb. The staff is so kind. Very smiley. The atmosphere is clean, tidy, lots of natural light, a fifties motif, and and overall wonderful experience. The owner is a kind- hearted man of integrity - the world needs more like him. Go eat at Wayback Burger!! ?Parking: Tons of free parking.”

4.4 Superb80 Reviews
Tasty Chinese Cuisine 129 Regent Ave W, Winnipeg Chinese • $$
129 Regent Ave W, Winnipeg

“Just buried away two huge plates of tasty delicious food. As a first time customer I was unsure to try this place. I highly recommend anyone who loves Chinese food full of flavor and perfectly cooked. I will def be back ! Thanks for a great first experience.Vegetarian options: Perfectly cooked veggies.”

4.6 Superb45 Reviews
Bellissimo Restaurant & Lounge 877 Waverley St, Winnipeg Italian • $$
877 Waverley St, Winnipeg

“Excellent Pasta Carbonara! Caesar salad ordered to start as it does not come with entree was mediocre. Creme Brulee for dessert was outstanding, served with a fruit and lemon curd garnishment,Chefs kiss for that . Looking forward to returning after the renovation.”

4.5 Superb57 Reviews
Smitty's Restaurant & Lounge - Winnipeg Henderson 1919 Henderson Hwy #9, Winnipeg Family • $$
1919 Henderson Hwy #9, Winnipeg

“First time their in more then 10 yearsEnvironment and new look was very nice and clean. Colors and lights bright and welcome compared to the dark green and lights and colors they used to ”

4.4 Superb78 Reviews
Portage Deli and Meats 1032 Portage Ave, Winnipeg Deli • $$
1032 Portage Ave, Winnipeg

“Great to still have a German butcher meat shop in Winnipeg. The only one left.By far best brats I've ever had. Home made potato salad is delicious. A great selection. Too many good things to list”

4.9 Superb26 Reviews
Pasta di Casa Italian Eatery 200 Meadowood Dr 8 Unit 8, Winnipeg Italian • $$
200 Meadowood Dr 8 Unit 8, Winnipeg

“Thank you to the wonderful staff for the delicious four course meal we had the other night. Connie from Peppertree Fashions organized a Girls nite dinner for over 30 people. We were well attended by their attentive staff. Definitely recommend their restaurant and try their take home prepared meals.”

4.5 Superb52 Reviews
Affinity Vegetarian Garden 208 Edmonton St, Winnipeg Vegetarian • $$
208 Edmonton St, Winnipeg

“Honestly such a gem of downtown winnipeg! The folks that run this place are so sweet and the food is so delicious.I've been coming to Affinity for probably about 10 years sporadically, and every time I come I wonder why I waited so long.The lunch buffet on Tuesday and Thursday is my favorite as you can try a variety of foods and you pay by weight. When I eat at a normal buffet I feel obligated to eat way too much to get my money worth . This format is much better as I do not over eat ?Plus as a 97% vegetarian I am so happy to be able to eat everything off the menu or buffet without having to stick to a few menu items like other restaurants.Over the years the food quality has stay consistent and same with the portion sizes!Everyone I bring here loves it as much as I do!Vegetarian options: Everything is vegan so you don't need to worry about picking from the same 5 items every time you come!”

4.6 Superb41 Reviews
Santa Ana Pizzeria & Bistro 1631 St Mary's Rd Unit F, Winnipeg Italian • $$
1631 St Mary's Rd Unit F, Winnipeg

“I purchased one of the half bake pizzas last week. Took it home and cooked as the employee advised me to. It turned out very good! I would definitely purchase them again! Well done Santa Ana.”

4.4 Superb69 Reviews
Pasquale's Italian Ristorante 109 Marion St, Winnipeg Italian • $$
109 Marion St, Winnipeg

“I love all the food that was ordered. They were absolutely delicious, especially the spaghetti frutti di mare and pasquale's pizza. The dining area was tidy and homy. The service was impeccable ?.”

4.4 Superb69 Reviews
Inferno's Bistro 312 Des Meurons St, Winnipeg French • $$$
312 Des Meurons St, Winnipeg

“I LOVE this restaurant. We have been here dozens of times, and drive an hour just to enjoy it and to get takeout when they weren’t able to be open. The food and atmosphere are always amazing and the serving staff are fabulous. We will be back many, many more times.”

4.4 Superb69 Reviews
Chop Steakhouse & Bar 1750 Sargent Ave, Winnipeg Steak House • $$
1750 Sargent Ave, Winnipeg

“We just had a reservation for my Daughters Birthday Celebration, all her guests were very happy with the food and service. We had the room that can accommodate 14 people and had the private dining room for at least 3 hours. Would definitely recommend it!”

4.2 Good225 Reviews
Moxies Kenaston Restaurant 1620 Kenaston Blvd, Winnipeg Bar & Grill • $$
1620 Kenaston Blvd, Winnipeg

“What a reunion it was at Moxies Kenaston after a solid two decades! The nostalgia hit us as soon as we stepped into the lounge, buzzing with chatter, laughter, and those good old vibes. It felt like coming home. And the best part? The place hasn't missed a beat. We were thrilled to find it just as vibrant as we remembered, with delicious food and drinks flowing. Even our vegan pals were over the moon with the variety available to them! Needless to say, we all left with grins ear to ear and bellies happily satisfied. Moxies Kenaston, you've still got it!”

4.3 Superb105 Reviews
Cora Déjeuners et dîners 840 Waverley St, Winnipeg Breakfast • $$
840 Waverley St, Winnipeg

“We visited the Cora location on Waverley Street in Winnipeg on Tuesday, Aug 16, and had the great pleasure of being served by Mimi. Mimi is outright amazing at her job, and went above and beyond to ensure that the 2 members of our party who have food allergies were well looked after. She is knowledgeable, and took extra steps to double check ingredients so that she could make further, creative suggestions. It is clear that she enjoys her job and cares about her customers. Mimi is a fantastic representative for this restaurant that takes pride in offering delicious and healthy menu choices.”

4.4 Superb68 Reviews
Shahi Flames 208 Marion St, Winnipeg Indian • $$
208 Marion St, Winnipeg

“I always get the samosas here they are delicious. And the family dessert platter is always a great variety. Manpreet was my server today and she was so friendly.”

4.3 Superb103 Reviews
Saperavi Restaurant 709 Corydon Ave, Winnipeg Georgian • $$
709 Corydon Ave, Winnipeg

“I recommend everyone to visit this establishment. It's very simple and tasty here. The waiter was attentive, sweet and guided us through the menu.As for the interior, it’s lame, lacking some “zest,” and a bit old. I would like to see Georgian notes. But it is clean and there are no foreign odors.The food all melted in your mouth! Khinkali, in general, won my heart: the thinnest dough, the seasoning is just right, the meat.. mmmm)The chef and cooks are definitely in the right place!”

4.3 Superb103 Reviews
Coconut Island Thai Cuisine 1607 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg Thai • $$
1607 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg

“Red curry coconut milk soup was to die for Mango salad was amazing Everything was very very good. Service was wonderful. I’m a total food snob and I was so impressed”

4.5 Superb50 Reviews
Shark Club Sports Bar & Grill 233 Hargrave St, Winnipeg Sports Bar • $$
233 Hargrave St, Winnipeg

“Shark club is my favourite place to go after work for a drink. The Caesars are so good with the pepperoni stick and the quesadilla/wing combo was also really great. Cole the manager is very kind and took good care of us. Our server was very sweet and on the ball. Will come here again :)!”

4.3 Superb102 Reviews
Smitty's Restaurant & Lounge - Winnipeg Kenaston 1629 Kenaston Blvd, Winnipeg Family • $$
1629 Kenaston Blvd, Winnipeg

“Nice old school quiet place to good some good home style cooking.Lady working the day we went this time was a bit annoyed about something. Guess before we got there and she was not to happy. Other then that great food.”

4.3 Superb100 Reviews
Rosé Coffee and Wine 474 Main St unit b, Winnipeg Wine Bar • $$
474 Main St unit b, Winnipeg

“Love the design and atmosphere, it's definitely one of a datenight place. Love the flight latte, well portion food and presentation was also good. Server was very attentive and informative. Definitely will be coming back, so much so that I told to my son to apply there ?”

4.5 Superb48 Reviews
One Great City Brewing Company 1596 Ness Ave, Winnipeg Brewpubs • $$
1596 Ness Ave, Winnipeg

“Our whole experience was great! Probably one o of the best restaurants I’ve been in a long time. Our server was amazing. As someone with dietary needs it’s always important to me to have someone who actually knows what the capabilities of the restaurant are, she knew exactly what I could and couldn’t have and went above and beyond to explain possible cross contamination. The food was also amazing I had the lamb sandwich and soup and both were delicious. We will be returning and recommending to all our friends.”

4.4 Superb64 Reviews
GaiJin Izakaya 1575 Regent Ave W #2, Winnipeg Japanese • $$
1575 Regent Ave W #2, Winnipeg

“Dan is the man. The rest of the staff is wonderful as well. Food is absolutely excellent and filling. Quality all the way around. If you find yourself in or near Zurich, well worth the trip.”

4.5 Superb47 Reviews
Club 200 190 Garry St, Winnipeg Bar & Grill • $$
190 Garry St, Winnipeg

“Went at 4:30pm as a joke but the bartenders were very kind and willing to serve two American college kids without really questioning it!Also gave us a lemonade tasting drink w a shot of vodka that we both agreed could get us messed up.”

4.5 Superb45 Reviews
Boston Pizza 2517 Portage Ave, Winnipeg Pizza • $$
2517 Portage Ave, Winnipeg

“I love it here, I come all the time! I eat gluten-free and I’m so addicted to the chicken clubhouse sandwich. The vibe is really chill, especially in the bar/lounge. I think it’s a great place to hangout with friends after work!Dietary restrictions: Gluten-friendly menu options such as burgers, pasta, pizza, etc”

4.3 Superb87 Reviews
Langside Grocery 164 Langside St, Winnipeg Cocktail Bar • $$
164 Langside St, Winnipeg

“It’s my first time here and it’s a small intimate spot with cozy and casual vibes. Decent selection of drinks. Especially with how awesome the bartender was. She seemed to know everything inside and out with attitude, which my friend and I appreciate fully.”

4.4 Superb59 Reviews
Tokyo Sushi 3140 Portage Ave, Winnipeg Sushi • $$
3140 Portage Ave, Winnipeg

“I have never eaten inside this restaurant, only ordered out twice. The first time was mediocre but after this second time I might consider continuing to try them!I ordered the Tokyo Night roll which was very tasty, I am impressed! I also ordered some California rolls with it and I swear that everything was better than last time, quite good! I spent about $30 total after tax and that was one special roll and two basic (Cali).The service was great, very courteous and polite, things were done timely and efficiently. I'll be going back again!Parking: Parking is either in front on Portage Avenue or the side street (Daer) on the west side at least. There's a no parking sign and fire hydrant on the east side of Daer.Wheelchair accessibility: Ground-level, no ramps or stairs to worry about, unsure if there is a push-button for the door, didn't notice. Door was easy to open and just one to use.”

4.6 Superb36 Reviews

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