4 Best Bubble Tea in Winnipeg

Banza Noodle & Tea House Asian Fusion •
102 Sherbrook St, Winnipeg

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Banza Beef Noodle Soup and Tonkotsu Shoyu Ramen
Crinkle Cut Fries
Spicy Miso Ramen
Marinated Egg
Beef Ramen

“Just like bruno mars once said - I am too hot, call the police and the fire men ; I am so hot, make a dragon wanna retire. This place has some hot god damn options you must try.This is one of those places that puts money where their mouth is. Their food is delicious and their service is prompt. They are a mix of different noodle dishes from japan, china and korea It's a good thing that they are not making loads of dishes, focusing on a few and making them great.Food:They have around 10-12 starters, 10-12 dishes and some desserts. From the mains hey have 5-6 soups and 5-6 dry noodle dishes and a few rice dishes. I had the spicy miso pork belly soup bowl and it was a blast of spicy flavour and i am so so glad they didn't skim on the spice. The pork belly pieces were well done and great, only that they were cut in pieces, I would prefer whole pieces and have that meat with a fat oily bite. The noodles were nicely slimy and chewy. The soy fermented eggs were nice with a jammy yolk. One of the places where i didnt need to add anything else to differ the flavor of the soup as it was perfect the way it was.Ambience:Plenty of seating with a great minimal yet distinct decor. The place was clean and everything seemed to be in place.Service:Prompt, courteous, and fast.Why you should eat?:If you want to eat at a place that makes food without skimping on ingredients is timely and not too heavy on your pocket.“

4.4 Superb69 Reviews
Gongcha 贡茶 (Bubble Tea) Pembina Bubble Tea •
1875 Pembina Hwy #4, Winnipeg

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Panda Milk Foam
Milk Foam Tea

“Earl grey 3J is my favourite. They're one of the best bubble tea places in the city for real tea bubble teas. The tea is brewed properly and not watery and the boba are cooked perfectly. I just wish they had a small table or two to sit at.“

4.6 Superb33 Reviews
Banh Mi King - Winnipeg Vietnamese
510 Portage Ave, Winnipeg

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Lemongrass Beef Steak Sub
Charbroiled Pork Banh MI
Chicken Pho and Beef Pho
Fried Chicken Poutine
Charbroiled Pork Sub
Pork Belly Baoger
Beef Vermicelli
Vermicelli Bowl
Spring Rolls
Stewed Beef

“First time ordering from this restaurant and wow so happy I did!! Very reasonable pricing compared to other places ive ordered the same dishes from. I ordered lemongrass beef vermicelli, extra beef, spring rolls and iced coffee.First of all it smelled amazing, large portion of beef, I only ordered extra beef in case there wasn't enough in my bowl but I definitely did not need to order extra, I'm so full I put the extra beef in the fridge till im hungry again later and I'm pretty excited about that. Perfect portions of veg and noodle too.SO much flavor in the vermicelli dish between the beef and veggies, and the fish sauce was so good to pour all over. The spring rolls are long and crispy, i got pork, great taste, reminded me of growing up beside a vietnamese family who always gave us rolls and these have the same taste :D unlocking happy memories achieved! The iced coffee was sweet but not too sweet, balanced perfect in my opinion.Cant compliment enough, very happy i tried a new vietnamese restaurant, and even more excited to order again! Side note, I called after placing my order to ask them to relay a message to the delivery driver about calling before door drop off, and the lady who answered the phone was extremely polite and sounded happy which is always appreciated :) 10 stars YUM!“

4.5 Superb42 Reviews
KHAB Tapioca - Pembina Bubble Tea
2-2790 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg

Customers` Favorites

Taro Slush with Coconut Cream Plus Pudding & Strawberry Mojito
I Need a Lychee Beat Boy Smoothie Mix
Brown Sugar Milk Tea and Taro Slush
Hit Me Berry One More Time
Mango Slush and Taro Slush
Pineapple Smoothie
Peach of My Heart
Peach Ain't One
Taro Smoothie
I Make My Man

“Title: Delightful Bubble Tea Experience: Taro Smoothie with Boba in WinnipegIf you find yourself craving an unforgettable bubble tea experience in Winnipeg, look no further than [Bubble Tea Haven]. Nestled in the heart of the city, this cozy establishment offers a tantalizing array of bubble tea concoctions, but none quite as mesmerizing as their Taro Smoothie with Boba.Upon entering [Bubble Tea Haven], you're greeted by a warm and inviting ambiance, perfect for unwinding with friends or enjoying a quiet moment alone. The menu boasts a diverse selection of bubble tea options, but it's the Taro Smoothie with Boba that steals the show.From the first sip, you're transported to a world of creamy indulgence, with the velvety smoothness of taro perfectly complemented by the chewy goodness of boba pearls. The balance of flavors is impeccable, with just the right amount of sweetness to satisfy your cravings without overwhelming your palate.What sets [Bubble Tea Haven]'s Taro Smoothie apart is the quality of ingredients used. Fresh taro is blended to perfection, resulting in a rich and creamy base that's simply irresistible. Each boba pearl is cooked to perfection, ensuring a satisfyingly chewy texture with every bite.Moreover, the presentation is as delightful as the taste. Served in a charming cup with a wide straw perfect for enjoying the boba pearls, every sip is a treat for the senses.In addition to its exceptional taste, [Bubble Tea Haven] prides itself on excellent customer service. The staff members are friendly, knowledgeable, and always eager to assist you in finding your perfect bubble tea match.Whether you're a bubble tea aficionado or a newcomer to the scene, [Bubble Tea Haven]'s Taro Smoothie with Boba is a must-try. With its unbeatable combination of quality ingredients, impeccable flavor, and welcoming atmosphere, it's no wonder why it's considered the best bubble tea in Winnipeg. Treat yourself to this delectable delight and prepare to be enchanted.“

4.5 Superb38 Reviews
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