664 Portage Ave, Winnipeg
(204) 949-6035

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Thomas Osei-Aning

The best part about getting McDonald's is that food is made quickly. However sometimes you are not sure what you're going to get in terms of fresh fries and fresh nuggets.

barb rielle

Staff are friendly in spite of lineups. They should be paid more than minimum after all we pay. Overhead costs bunk. Pay staff well and sales skyrocket. Do not count on the name. Competition is strong!

lee dyck

They consistently get the simplest orders wrong. My last visit they served me spoiled food and I got food poisoning. I will NEVER go back to this (or any other "Raunchy Ronalds").

Tim H

Good staff and you can finally order take-out inside!

Jakub Woźniak

Great meat. Good prices.

Darryl Field

Good coffee and better deals than Tim's

Craig Sharpe

Place order and emphasize correctly what I want. Missing 2 hash browns and when I bring it to their attention, I get a snarky "Oh sorry but you weren't charged." attitude by drive-thru attendant. What should have been the correct response, "Oh I apologize about that and here's the 2 more." Not my fault they weren't listening correctly.

Brenda Pankratz

Very busy over lunch with huge drive through line ups. Food was pretty good. I had the crispy seriously chicken blt sandwich. It was passable with not much flavor.

ryan kohut

Never fails with this location. The only positive thing about this time was I ate it in the parking lot and never drove away.

Jordan Fisher

Prompt service. Friendly and efficient. At least with the drive through.

Jim Sutton

Fast food that doesn't taste like much. Although you have to give them points for consistency; a Big Mac always tastes and looks like every other Big Mac you've ever had. (Tasteless and looking nothing like the picture that advertised it). The coffee is always scalding hot which necessitates a stop at the soda dispenser for a couple of ice cubes.

- A

this location is horrible.

Neko Dragon

I asked for honey when I went through the drive through and got sweet and sour. Went back and asked for honey and explained what happened. The person who I talked to wasnt happy that I had for the honey instead of keeping the sweet and sour sauce. Not exactly impressed with his attitude. He didnt even say sorry for the mix up either.

David Grace

Sat in line for 15 minutes without any cars moving at the drive-thru. Then received our meals which were basically mildly warm fries at best same with the burgers. Turns out a large order from skip the dishes was more important than the customers that came to the restaurant. What do you have to do nowadays to get a hot hamburger and french fries from McDonalds.

Erick Garcia

If the McDonalds coffee wasn't so good I would not go to any of them at all. Order gets billed wrong after telling the order taker twice what it is I am ordering and food looks like it was thrown together. At least the manager was polite and rectified the situation but I should have to go in and make a stink about something so simple if people would pay attention.

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