664 Portage Ave, Winnipeg
(204) 949-6035

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Mr.RdSSmith Mrs.RdSSmith

McDonalds is great place to eat at and to bring kids for the happy meals.

Nxrth Night

Difficulties with communication. However the food was still warm and all items were accounted for.

michelle watt

Very rude and dosent help at all, and dosent make food, can't follow instructions

William Bradburn

Fed the monsters. I swear every time they see those huge yellows arches

Connie Marie

Pretty forgetful with food. Even if it's in dinner rush or even lunch rush when they'd have full staff.The fries are limp and cold 90% of the time.Last time it was good was over a decade ago. New management I guess.

Raghov Das

Quick service great

Sylvia Perkins

Service is just ok staff never smiles I go for their iced coffee with a flavor shot and so many times I have to take it back cuz it just tastes like cold coffee with a bit of cream in it.. shame on u McDonald's add another squirt!!

Tannis Power

Feb 15th, 21 - 25% cappacity on re-open. They're clean, have it portioned off wonderfully well for in-house seating customers & have a manager out on the floor directing Skip the Dishes delivery drivers & customers in the rstaurant ordering & reminding them to keep the 6' distancing. They're right on top of things! It's great. Plus their little sweet donuts are absolutely awesome!

Rachel-Lynn Normand

Mc Donald's.... what more can I say. It's so good !!! ???

Wade Razella

Coffee is great ? Food needs improvement

Christy Lalic

Drive thru was great, no troubles and friendly staff.


tasty burgers and fries, also had a milkshake and it was very delicious

Robel Sahlezgi

I was very disappointed, order a quarter ponder with cheese, was given the quarter pounder with the wrong bad smaller than the burger, the bun was for a mcdouble size burger on top of the that, my meat was raw! Ill go back with the burger and see what the manager has to say!

Robel S.

I order a quarter pounder with cheese to be given the wrong bun and the burger itself was raw all the way! Will never drive by there let alone order food there!

Varun Patel

I am a delivery driver and I had to wait for 10 mins outside the door cause the person on mic said to come inside but when we go inside they are saying use the drive thru and after sometime other girl says that uber forget to update the information to come inside they dont know what their own team mates are telling the customers hate the night shift workers morning workers are better

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