Chef BobbyD Restaurant and Catering

4032 Falls Rd, Baltimore
(443) 449-5434

Recent Reviews

Mimi Senghor

Food was excellent! Great customer service! Rasta Pasta with salmon πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

Patricia Marsh

The service that you receive is awesome I love the reggae music. My boyfriend took me there tonight and chef came over and asked did I enjoy the food. When you make it personal it means alot

Darnell Davis

First time visiting Chef Bobby D's. Food was authentic and delicious. Proper portions and reasonably priced. Great Job!

Mark Leonard

Fresh and flavorful food at fair prices! Super stoked on this place and I’m happy to see they have some vegetarian options !!

John Profit

Took 30 mins reading the review before I made a purchase on DoorDash. The food was still hot on arrival even after an hour. The food was excellent, well prepared, and seasoned to perfection. I got the Blackened Chicken Pasta which was a little dry but still hit the spot. The one thing I would suggest to management is that your pasta absolutely needs a breadstick πŸ˜‚ seriously. The cheese and the sauce just needs something to stick with. Great food. I'll be back again

Emma Sembly - Brodie

Such a neat little restaurant! Great menu, reasonable prices, good service, fresh and flavorful food. The interior is SO much more welcoming than seems possible when viewed from the street. My husband and I took a "gamble" (we thought) by stopping in, but were very pleasantly surprised. I chose the Jamaican Jerk Salad and my husband selected a half rack of ribs. Both turned out to be excellent choices. We're definitely going back: compliments to the chef!

Reynelle Sterling

Food was excellent!!!! If you’re in Baltimore this gem of a restaurant is a must go to!!! The service was good and personal. The lobster bisque was tasty and flavorful. The shrimp stuffed crab is AWESOME!!!!! The energy is very welcoming

Alan Sneed

U can enhance Ur order and get it Ur way. Always accommodating! Peace

Joel Williams Undeniable

He and his staff are very welcoming and the food is good and clean. Ohhhh and tasty

John J.

Literally everything is amazingly good. The salmon the best ever crispy yet soft perfectly seasoned and moist in the middle coconut shrimp Amazon.

Felicia J.

Ribs and Chicken are always a hit for me. It's a nice spot to grab a quick bite to wait but it's ideal for carry out. The coconut shrimp is good too. I'd stay away from the mixed vegetables/green beans they've been pretty bland each time. I wish they had more veggie options that were tasty. Other than that - I'd say you should give them a try.

Tiairra Thickathanasnicka Fuller

BYOB. Excellent food great service and great ambiance. I definitely recommend the coconut curry shrimp and coco bread!

Joey Boyko

I love this place go here all the time . all the food on the menu is top notch . service as great , the casheirs are awesome nice and remember you !!

David Carter

Food is delicious and the service was great... the wings are good

Jeanine M.

Food was so good, I forgot to take a picture. Big favors...jerk chicken with coconut rice was right on point. My sister had Salmon Rasta Pasta and it too was delicious. Food was pretty and tasty. Although it's a small place, it's very intimate and server was very attentive. We found a gem on 41 St. & Falls Rd and we will be back.

Lori Hardy

super savory. the service here is great. food is like a restaurant in jacksonville i liked.

E. Always

Went to an event they catered. The food will have you coming back for more and MORE!! Awesome staff. Great food ! Thx Chef BobbyD!

Patrick W.

Got the rib and chicken wings combo it was fantastic. I got bbq beans and Mac and cheese for side both were also good. Finished the meal off with peach cobbler

Jason Heiserman

Really enjoyed this place. The food is delicious and a lot of care goes into the presentation of the dishes. Good seafood options along with chicken, beef, pork, etc. Nice Jamaican flavor in many of the selections. Only downside is limited seating and parking. Definitely recommend!

William Archer

So I had been here a while ago when they first opened and was underwhelmed - but I'm so glad I went back and gave them another chance because this place is fantastic! Every dish my party ordered was well priced and busting with flavor. I got to try most things since we all share. I have to say that the Jamaican jerk wings and the entrees were the stand out stars. The salads and sandwiches are good but if you're coming to an island fusion place get the island flavored dishes because they spice them right. I'll be getting a lot of take out from here in the future.

Cynthia Woodham

Food delicious, fresh. Jamaican jerk BBQ wings . You'll never be the same. I'm so glad I found this place. 😁

Charm Wal

This is an awesome dining option...pleasant staff, clean area... Nice neighborhood, great ambiance...large it

italia01139 .

This place rocks. It's a little hidden he., And bossy with it's charms makes everything better.


The best of the best. If you want Island fusion mixed with bold flavors and seasonings, Chef Bobby D's is it. The service was wonderful and inviting. Definitely a place that I recomend to all.

Bob J.

Small restaurant with Jamaican influence .. I had the Crab-cakes which were nice (not great as I had crab-cakes at Pappas which in my opinion are the best in Baltimore area).. Wife had grits and shrimp which was nicely done.. One of our picky eaters had Blacken Chicken Pasta which he said was excellent. Parking can be an issue so have patience.. Might be a better take out option.

Linda Smith

Bobby D catered my housewarming in December 2018 and all my attendees prefaced their critique of the affair with "that food sure was good!" Staff and food presentation was professional and elegant for the occasion...Thanks Bobby D...I am planning my next affair for you to cater! Linda

Ayesha N.

We wanted something different for dinner and thanks to my local sister, found this place! The crab/lobster soup is so tasty! I had the Barbacoa beef entree and it was very filling and tasty! The service is great and the place is cozy for seating!

Rakeya B.

This evening my husband and I decided to try something different. We had originally planned to eat dinner at home but due to a late appointment opted to eat out instead. We were in the Hampden neighborhood and saw great reviews for this place. I had been wanting to try for a while, so I thought it would be a great opportunity to try such a highly rated place. The experience I just encountered makes me wish I had never considered this spot. I placed an online order at 6:24 pm and was provided a pick up time via Grubhub between 6:45-6:50 pm. We arrived at 6:50 and my husband went inside to get the food. He was informed that it was not ready but would be out shortly. This was a lie. The first of many time estimate lies. After waiting for an initial 15 min, he inquired about when it would be done. He was told 5 min. Another lie. 20 min later he asked that the order be cancelled and was asked to wait an additional 3 min. At this point, I entered the restaurant. I asked to speak with the manager or owner, whoever was available. I was informed the chef/owner was too busy to speak with me. He asked the hostess to ask me to wait around a little longer to talk. At this point, it has been an hour since the initial order was placed and 40 min since we arrived for order pick up. I had lessons to write and was already behind schedule due to this inconvenience. I could not afford to waste anymore time. My name and number were left. I am awaiting a call back. Now for the food. I ordered sweet chili wings. They tasted simply like bbq wings, no hint of a sweet chili flavor. Also, they were barely warm, even though they had just come out of the kitchen. The black bean chicken quesadilla was also barely warm. The mac and cheese lacked flavor and the cheese itself was watery. Honestly I couldn't even finish it all. Ruined my evening as it seemed a waste of money and time. I really hope the owner attempts to remedy this or I shall not be back. The long wait time, poor customer service and mediocre food leave much to be desired.

Alexus D.

Chef BobbyD's is a GEM!! Everything we had was amazing!!!! Wings, ribs, bbq beans, Rasta pasta, and shrimp&grits. Really amazing!!! Chef BobbyD even came out at the end of the night to meet us. Definitely check it out. Don't be fooled by size it's amazing.

Wesley G.

Shoutout to Chef BobbyD's!!!! It was AMAZING!!! I had the Rasta pasta and jerk bbq wings!! The chef came to greet my family and I!!! Great guy!!! Support Black businesses! You won't be disappointed here.


The food is good!! The blackened chicken pasta is the best. Lots of flavor! Prices are reasonable to. I need this place to stay open. I work close by and don't want them to close. :) People need to try it. 5 stars!

Tope O.

Wow. This food is really good. Like everything made with flavor. I got it again and the food is phenomenal.

Stef R.

I would call this comfort food with island flair. Delicious. Yummy. Very pleased with the ease of pickup. Colors inside are bright and inviting. Hubby couldn't stop eating his Cajun shrimp and the baby declared the mac n'cheese THE best. Sweet potato tots were surprisingly un-greasy and fresh-tasting. Heads and shoulders above Boston Market or Panera or any last minute dinner option when you're looking to feed the fam. I haven't had the bowls or the salads, but it's nice having an alternative to the usual fast food. What would be nice is a couple more options more ethnic or island to jazz up the whole thing.

Angelique G.

Me and my husband went to this restaurant for the first time January 12th. We ordered the Cajun shrimp and grits and Rasta Pasta. Shrimp and Grits was just hot/spicy. Too spicy. Couldn't eat it. If there were other flavors the heat overpowered them. The Rasta Pasta was not great, but it was better than shrimp and grits. It too was spicy. Sauce was okay. Description says their would be jerk chicken in it...nothing jerk about it. Chicken had an interesting texture. Wanted to like the food, just couldn't. Maybe it was a bad night. Not sure I'll return.

Cody H.

A little off of the beaten path, and the setting is unassuming. But don't let that fool you, the food is certified bomb AF. And for the price, WHEW! Worth the trip from Fed.

Breonna M.

I went today and ordered the chicken quesadilla ,no black beans, and also ordered the lobster bisque. Both were fresh and delicious! The soup is good enough to be eaten weekly. I think I can spare 10 bucks a week for this lol. It's refreshing to get high quality fast food, that was under 25 dollars. The portions were huge so I also have some for lunch tomorrow. I would add a picture but it's not picture perfect anymore.

Eileen H.

The food at this place is AMAZING. Note: it's a small fast-casual type place (we ordered and paid at the bar, and had food brought to us). There is only seating for a handful of parties, so it's good that service is quick. You HAVE to try the sweet potato tots - YUM. I also really liked the chicken & avocado wrap, it had a very tasty sauce. My friends got the wings and the barbocoa yardi stew - both of them gave two thumbs up as well. The stew looked particularly good, and I'll probably get that next time - because there will most definitely be a next time. Pro tip: parking is tricky, so expect to parallel park and walk a block or so. I recommend parking on either side of Falls, or on 41st St east of Falls (west of Falls, the Domino's side, does not allow parking). Almost all residential areas nearby are permit-less and meter-less.

Dan H.

Living nearby, I have gotten take out from this place several times. The worst food I have had from here is absolutely fantastic. That is the worst. It goes up from there. The wings are probably the best I have had in Baltimore, which puts them in the running for the best I have ever had. The ribs are tender, juicy and delicious. Every single item in the barbacoa bowl is fresh and tasty. I have nothing bad to say about this place.

Marla L.

Small eat-in and carry out restaurant offering some big flavors. A single server covered the restaurant, but only 2 tables were taken on a Tuesday night. She was very attentive. I got the Cajun shrimp pasta which was bursting with flavor. I like spicy, and this dish did not disappoint. Also came with 5 relatively large shrimp. My appetite isn't that big these days, but I could only eat about half. I would certainly go again to try more dishes.

Horton-Jordan Tia

Great food, great service and the restaurant was very clean.

Chef BobbyD Restaurant and Catering

4032 Falls Rd, Baltimore, MD 21211
(443) 449-5434