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A'shonte Jones

I ordered from Chef Bobby for a large event last minute and he was able to fulfill the order and delivered it ON TIME, HOT AND FRESH!! Chef Bobby D and his team are very professional and the food is AMAZING!!!

Kris Ten

Ok seriously this is probably the most first place EVER! I ordered during the pandemic and I ordered the wings and ribs and 2 drinks plus a dessert and they called to tell me that they didn't have the drink flavors I wanted and I just said that's ok just give me 2 of the best flavor surprise me! I opened up the meal and they gave me 4 drinks 1 if each kind! I ordered only 2 but I guess they wanted to get it right which was seriously the nicest and most generous thing especially during this time. And I didn't even know when I ordered but it's Grace brand which I believe is a jamaican brand because I have ordered online from Grace and I could only find it on the internet. So they definitely imported these drinks. LlA girl named Chantel is the 1 that called me and hooked this up she was very professional and clearly wants to bring joy to customers. Thank you Chantel! I also was so surprised by how beautiful and tasty the food is!! Probably the best food I have ordered.

S S.

Ordered The Ribs and Kicking Bourbon Wings with Garlic Mashed Potatoes and all I can say is all three were absolutely outstanding. First time ordering take out from Chef Bobby D but it won't be the last.

Candice S.

I decided it was time to get a break from cooking and order some carry out from a local business. Chef BobbyD's did not disappoint. I ordered the meal from UberEats and it took about 30 minutes to arrive. The food was packed nicely, still warm and absolutely delicious! It looked so good I wanted to put it on nice plates instead of eating out of the to-go containers. Fresh ingredients and well seasoned food, delivered to my door made me happy! I absolutely recommend Chef BobbyD's for carry out and plan to visit once the restaurant is fully open.

Miranda Jessup

My first time trying chef BobbyDs was via delivery during the pandemic. It was amazing! Bought the ribs with 4 wings, garlic mashed potatoes and a side salad. The food delivered was just like getting it hot off the grill as if I were eating in.

Kathy H.

The one good thing coming out of this Coronavirus crisis is discovering amazing food around the city. Ordering out Chef BobbyD's cooking was delightful! The food is perfectly seasoned and so tender it falls off the bone. Can't wait to try the other stuff on the menu. Ribs and wings combo - absolute must get. So much flavor and so tender in a bbq like sauce. I'm licking my fingers after I eat. Comes with two sides, we really enjoyed the corn which was dabbled with old bay and the fried plantains. Chicken quesadilla - very meaty and cheesy and the black bean addition was a nice compliment

candace shea

They and their customer service is amazing. Please if you can during this time, grab some carryout and enjoy it with those you love. Shrimp, Chicken, sides are all wonderful

Marisa M.

The wings are the best! They aren't fried. The jerk wings favorite flavor. The ribs are good and the baked beans. They aren't your regular baked beans they have peppers and onions but still sweet and good. Always great customer service when I go here. Small eating area. I think they are closed on Sunday.

Brandon C.

Well I had a takeout delivery order of the Jamaican Rasta pasta it came with chicken, peppers on penne pasta with this signature creamy parmesan sauce that just brings it all together, First I was a little bummed out cuz the Grubhub always take forever with the food but when it did get here, it was still extra hot like it came straight from the kitchen.. so happy about that I took the lid off and the delicious aroma of the seasonings and the chicken hits me right away. First but was quite delightful, just enough jerk seasoning, I get this creamy slightly cheesy hits off the sauce.. the noodles cooked to perfection and the chicken... maaaaaaaaaad tender u feel me? They wasn't selfish wit the chicken so much so.. I had some to smash on for later.. All together man I gotta say the pasta was too quality.. hittin on every level and takes ur taste buds on a unique adventure. I mean only thing I would add to make it more Jamaican would be more jerk seasoning but that's jst my personal preference, I imagen if u do that then it would throw off the banging flavor of the sauce.. but anyways 5 star all day.. when the virus stuff blows over I have to dine in and review something else great. See y'all then Brandon C. Aka The snow

Kevin G.

All I will say is the food was phenomenal. I feel in love with the jasmine rice, the rice was awesome. I got the curry chicken Rasta Pasta and shrimp and grits. And loved everything

Suzee Q.

Had lunch with friends, neither of them had eaten here, so it was a new experience for us all. It looked a bit hole-in-the-wall, but the woman working there was very friendly. Only one other table was eating there also the entire time we dined. I got the Blackened Chicken Pasta. My friends got the BBQ St. Louis Ribs and a plate of wings. They had Corn and Black Bean Salad and fried corn popper things, as sides. We washed things down with ginger beer and Ting! The food came out at a reasonable time. Everything was delicious and the portion for the pasta was generous. The wings were the best my friend had every had, he said. Spicy and rich! The ribs were very tasty. I had the pasta and although the chicken didn't look blackened, it had a good flavor and the pasta sauce was rich. It was a good lunch!

Angia Brissett Williams

The most authenticc Jamaican food abroad! Taste and presentation on point! The meal worth every penny!

Stacey Tate

The food was amazing!!!! We had the Sweet Chilli Wings and the Ribs that literally fell off the bone. The Chef and owner came out and greeted us with a taste of lobster Bisque that had a flavor that blew my taste buds. You will not be disappointed.

Lukas Casey

I visit this excellent restaurant often as I enjoy the ambiance that is unique to this restaurant. The staff is very loyal and skilfull. The service is certainly fast. Also, the food they prepare is good. I ate there many times and I was always joyful. The price is reasobable. I recommend this place to to all.

Evan R.

Absolutely amazing food. Great owners who clearly care about their business. Cannot go wrong with anything from this place

Latice W.

The food is always fresh and tasty. My favorite is the Barbacoa stew bowls. SO DAMN GOOD!!! The service is always great. The restaurant is clean and snug. Stop in and give Chef Bobby a try.

David Mundschenk

Their menu has standard fair executed incredibly well and creatives spins on other dishes. I'm particularly partial to the Jamaican Rasta pasta, like an Alfredo with a little sweetness and kick. Definitely also recommend their wings and Mac & cheese if you're not feeling as adventurous. Big portions on all the dishes. Quick order turn around.

Bangtan Biddo

I love this place i order online all the time and the food is amazing. Keep up the great work ❤️

Jordana R.

This place has the potential to do so much better. The plating is wonderful and the presentation is beautiful but the flavors are lacking. There was no coconut in the coconut rice my shrimp dish lacked seasoning the best part of the meal was the plantain.

Dom J.

For a good meal this is the spot to grab a seat and just enjoy some good food. This brother is not playing games

latasha wilson

Wow! Food was delicious hot and fresh! Large serving. What’s pictured here is the spicy Rasta Pasta which has jerk chicken breast with added shrimp ($5 more) but it was worth it. Call ahead to avoid the wait. Can be hard to find parking in the evening time. They have delivery, take out, and eat in options. Food is delicious, the restaurant is clean. They have small bites, full entrees, healthy vegetarian dishes as well! I would recommend this place if you like Caribean cuisine or just want to try something different!

Anthony J

Food is always excellent. I know the food is going to be hot and flavorful. The rasta pasta is a must try if you love spicy food.

A. H.

I get the same thing every time I order from Chef Bobby D's: Blackened salmon over penne pasta. I'm never disappointed. The salmon was juicy and flavorful with an extra kick for the folks who like spicy food. This time, I decided to get their fresh baked cocoa bread along with my order and it was delicious as well. The portion sizes are enough for two meals especially when you add in the cocoa bread or a dessert. I've had their peach cobbler only once, but I will say it's made especially for honey lovers. I recommend Chef Bobby D's to everyone. Please keep up the good work!

Trecia Mac

Had the bbq ribs with chicken wings very good, coconut rice was a little dry but overall food was good

Patricia Marsh

The dining experience is amazing. The food is cooked fresh service is great. Bobby is an awesome chef

Kim Dorsey

Little pricey the food is good

Nakeia Hawkins

The salmon reggae pasta was great! My date didnt like his vegetarian pasta said it lacked anything interesting but an overall good experience

Tia W.

Easily one of my new favs! I initially ordered through doors dash. I ordered the Cajun corn nuggets and they were perfect for lunch. I decided to try the mac and cheese and baked beans, with my 2nd order, and I was even more in love. I wasn't expecting much but I was pleasantly surprised by the flavor in everything. The mac has onions, which isn't what I'm used to but added great flavor. The onions aren't overwhelming though, just a small amount. The baked beans has a different variety of beans with a thin flavorful sauce. I look forward to trying the wings and ribs next. I expect the flavor to be great as it is with everything else I've tried.

Jasmine Junior

This place is the truth! Great portions! Incredibly flavorful. Food arrived fast and HOT. Definitely have a loyal customer now because I’ll be ordering again and again!

Mimi Senghor

Food was excellent! Great customer service! Rasta Pasta with salmon 😋😋😋

Patricia Marsh

The service that you receive is awesome I love the reggae music. My boyfriend took me there tonight and chef came over and asked did I enjoy the food. When you make it personal it means alot

David C.

Peace I chose chef BobbyD to see how delivery service operates and I'm glad I did. As for delivery I'll try it again as it was quick and the food was warm as I expected it to be. Well the food was good and seasoned very good,I got the half-rack with wings the corn and beans. To start the ribs were very very good put me in mind of Cooking out as did the wings both of which I will do again and recommend. The beans and corn were good however to be honest they were missing something Lol lol lol lol What was missing was me putting them together then they were off the hook banging now don't get me wrong separate they were still good but not to my liking. I will try some of the other items and I don't believe I'll be disappointed Side note. For delivery the beverage could have been more colder for me no beverage next time Yes I like that I chose this place

Darnell Davis

First time visiting Chef Bobby D's. Food was authentic and delicious. Proper portions and reasonably priced. Great Job!

Deborah D.

We have been dying to try this fairly new restaurant in our neighborhood. We finally got there 8/23/19 on a Friday night. It was ahhhmazing ! I ordered take out, they were super busy, I think there was one server (I only saw one) and she was killing it !! Service with a smile ! She wasn't flustered or giving attitude she was delightful and the Chef ..., omg !! Sir, God blessed you with a gift and you are in your element !! We wish you much success on this journey!! Good vibes my friend ! We support you !

Mark Leonard

Fresh and flavorful food at fair prices! Super stoked on this place and I’m happy to see they have some vegetarian options !!

John Profit

Took 30 mins reading the review before I made a purchase on DoorDash. The food was still hot on arrival even after an hour. The food was excellent, well prepared, and seasoned to perfection. I got the Blackened Chicken Pasta which was a little dry but still hit the spot. The one thing I would suggest to management is that your pasta absolutely needs a breadstick 😂 seriously. The cheese and the sauce just needs something to stick with. Great food. I'll be back again

Liz L.

Amazing Jamaican food with the best plantains! My server was amazing as well, she checked on me frequently and made good recommendations. The wings are a must try as well as anything with coconut rice. I ate as much as my belly allowed. The lobster bisque was salty...not impressed coming from New England. Overall, excellent food.

Emma Sembly - Brodie

Such a neat little restaurant! Great menu, reasonable prices, good service, fresh and flavorful food. The interior is SO much more welcoming than seems possible when viewed from the street. My husband and I took a "gamble" (we thought) by stopping in, but were very pleasantly surprised. I chose the Jamaican Jerk Salad and my husband selected a half rack of ribs. Both turned out to be excellent choices. We're definitely going back: compliments to the chef!

Reynelle Sterling

Food was excellent!!!! If you’re in Baltimore this gem of a restaurant is a must go to!!! The service was good and personal. The lobster bisque was tasty and flavorful. The shrimp stuffed crab is AWESOME!!!!! The energy is very welcoming

Alan Sneed

U can enhance Ur order and get it Ur way. Always accommodating! Peace

Chef BobbyD Restaurant and Catering

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(443) 449-5434