The Jamaican Grill

23105 Three Notch Rd, California
(301) 904-2517

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Good Nyamins!!!! My husband and I are new to St. Mary’s County and were excited to see a Jamaican restaurant in the area, esp since he’s from JA. The food was perfect the jerk pork was well seasoned and the perfect spice, curry goat was great fell right off the bone. My hubby was also excited to see they had dragon stout. I’d post a pic of the food but it done! LolThank you for giving us a taste of home ??.

Mariano Gonzales

Was a fan of the old place and their truck. First time I've checked out their new spot. Food is still top notch and the restaurant is laid out well and clean. Prices have gotten a little steep, but I don't hold that against them as prices have risen everywhere and they serve some rather unique dishes.Food: 4/5

Ashley Fox

If you are looking for authentic food in California, MD you will love this place! Sadly, this area is surrounded by so many chain restaurants so finding this restaurant was a real gem! GREAT QUALITY FOOD! My favorite is the curry chicken with j*** mac and cheese - heavenly! This place deserves a 10 star rating! My new favorite restaurant.

Michael Edwards

I got the j*** chicken sandwich and the j*** Mac and cheese, let me tell you it was amazing! If you haven’t tried this place you need to, the food is delicious and the staff is outstanding!!

Lauren Edwards

Food was quick, fresh and delicious! This is the curry chicken with rice and peas! So good. Definitely going back!


Service was good, the staff was very friendly and our food came out at a reasonable time. I ordered the half j*** chicken with mixed vegetables and fries the j*** chicken lacked that spicy taste but the j*** sauce was very good. Overall i had a great experience for my first time.

Johnny Ford

Beef patty was flavorful, rice and peas were excellent and the j*** chicken tacos were curiously delicious. My girlfriend had the j*** club sandwich and sang high praises for it. Cooked to order, so it takes a minute to get it, get some coco bread and a beef patty to hold you over until the entree comes. Great service and atmosphere. Highly recommend checking it out!

Salima Saleh

Food is not authentic. Overpriced for poor quality taste. Oxtail was not seasoned enough and had no spice. Mac and cheese is not the Jamaican Mac and cheese, more like the box Mac and cheese. Needs to change their name of restaurant because this is not real Jamaican food.

Matt Parlett

Amazing food, friendly service and great atmosphere.

Jan B.

Omg!!!! The food here is sooooo amazing and authentic! The food is prepared once you order it and it’s just really good!! I plan to go back and try everything on the menu; I’m going to take advantage of the lunchtime buffet during the week. Did I mention that they have a full service bar, as well? I had the cutest and tastiest drink

Rodney Smith

I got the buffet, with the fresh pineapple ginger drink.Everything was delicious.Real food for just a little more than you would pay for fast food.Definitely worth it!

Alex H

This place is amazing. My boyfriend and I discovered their amazing food when we went to Mulley's Brewery in Calvert, their food truck was providing the noms. The food was so delicious we had to see if there was a restaurant and there is! The Jamaican Grill has wonderful service, a great atmosphere and the food is wonderful! Cannot recommend this place enough!

Lynda Waymer

Am still here, this place is the best omg. I enjoyed the meal my baby did and husband. Wow try visiting this place is the best.

Chris M

Food is amazing.I got the curry goat which was cooked perfectly. The portion sizes are pretty large. The prices are slightly high however you get what you pay for. Would definitely recommend to anyone that wants authentic Jamaican food

zakaria fister

Got the Jamaican Trio for takeout dinner. Food was still piping hot, generous portions, delicious and fairly priced IMHO considering the amount of food I got. The grill and cooktop were the cleanest I have seen in a while. Looked brand-spankin' new. Definitely well maintained and 10/10 will go back. Would upload a picture of what I got but... well.. it's all gone. I thought at first that $5.29 for a "side" of fried plantains was high, but was WELL worth it as well. You should definitely give this place a shot.

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