Eagle's Nest

100 Heron Blvd, Cambridge
(410) 901-6393

Recent Reviews

Vaibhav Mhatre

This is a golf course restaurant serving lunch and snacks all over the gold course.Serve amazing cocktails and variety of beer

Demond S.

Located at the Hyatt Regency Chesapeake Golf Course, Cambridge Md, you will fine this top notch dining facility. Great staff. Nice bar. Good menu, full of delightful appetizers, entrees, and desserts. Not to mention, the wonderful views of the property, golf course, and Choptank River from the dining area. Will definitely revisit this resort and dinning facility again. Bon Apetit.

John C.

My boys and I went to the Eagle's Nest during our golf round in late March. Unbeknownst to us initially, the kitchen was closed for the off-season, but the menu -- and the resort in-season prices - were still in the offing. Once we ordered, the bartender/waiter/chef returned several times to let know there was chilI, French Fries, for example. We then saw that he was making the few items they had on a fold out table next to the bar with a small microwave/oven and what appeared to be a blow torch or some sort of hand held heating device. The wings came out first. They were bland, cold, and cost $15. The Cobb Salad was pre-made, and served its plastic container cold. In fact, the diced tomatoes were still partly frozen. The hot dog and grilled sandwiches were were similarly disappointing. To our surprise the resort charged us the full price of these items as if they had been made fresh in the kitchen, as presumably there are in the "season." We do not blame the poor bartender, for he was put in an impossible situation and being tasked with making food without resources and pass off the resulting mash. Beware off season dining at the Hyatt.

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