BurgerIM Gaithersburg

200 Ellington Blvd, Gaithersburg
(301) 296-4752

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Quentin Carissimo

Best Burgers in MoCo (Montgomery County) IMHO.Also I think they are the only franchise that do these cheap mini diverse burgers combos. I personally really love eating a bunch of small burgers (duo and trio).Pretty cheap compared to the feel of high quality, care and taste.There are a bunch of healthier than most burgers places options: Avocado, Cabage, Salmon, Falafel patties then the usual better than fries the sweet potato fries and onion rings.Staff and owner are awesome, friendly and helpful. I often enjoy fruitfull discussions there.They also have good sélection of beers on tap for an additionnal $5 only.Oh and they are always trying new things like soon they will add new fried chicken menu items which I hopefully get to try before I leave this area for good ! I will miss this place.For deserts there are milkshake else I recommend you give their next door neighbors, Doku, a chance ;) them neighbour's are the best desert place in MoCo!So I usualy eat a combo at BurgerIM and finish Myself with like Matcha ice cream or chocolate French and Japanese style cakes usualy... It's the good life ?

Mike Smith

Burgers are really good. So are the onion rings and shakes. Also priced really well. Great place to eat!Vegetarian options: They have a really good falafel burger and also an impossible burger option

Josh Parker

The burger was spoiled and smelled like rotten fish, upon looking inside the shredded lettuce they added was wilted and brown, had to throw it out, the manager Nelson refused to provide a refund. The customer service is poor and unwelcoming, stay away from this location, ended up going to BurgerFI down the street they were much better.

Lawrence Berger

Great tasting burgers. French fries were cooked to perfection. Crispy and not over done. Damon was terrific as his hospitality was greatly appreciated. He served our food and saw that we had the desired condiments.

Mayukh Chakraborty

Well well well, BurgerIM is nothing like any other joint. They have a pretty exciting range of burgers in the menu. Especially their options with sliders.I love their Duo Slider box with sides, it's always fresh and juicy just like their classic burgers. Also they have good range of beer and selzers to top it up. This makes them a pretty edgy fast food joint.

Charles-Stephen Laubhouet

Best burger in crown ! Very affordable too! Loved it and service was fast, burger was brought to me . Bathroom is clean too

Nathan Chadwick

Great food. Warm atmosphere. Really enjoyed the Greek burger and sweet potato fries. The kids burgers were a perfect size and I had a real happy dude.

Joshua Snyder Sr

Great service, even better food. If you are a burger lover 10/10 highly recommended you have to stop in here. Yasmine & Damon really made our first experience at burgerIM a great one.

Jate P.

Burger is very soggy and too salty. It is my first time and last time with this restaurant. Very bad meat.

Scott A.

Came here because of a Groupon ad. We tried the standard hamburger and the lamb Greek version. Quick turn around on the order. The burgers were fresh and hot, and definitely worth the price. Parking is somewhat difficult during dinner time, but that's due to the area, not the restaurant. We will be back.

jay collins

Had the Hawaiian Salmon burger and all 3 sides. Was SOOOOOOO DELICIOUS!!! Loved the burger and the sweet potato fries. Onion rings were great too. Will definitely recommend and also will definitely be back. Can't wait for the beyond patties that can be substituted on any burger.

Alexis Patterson

Pleasantly surprised. Thought it might be another Five Guys but it was way better. My dad and I will definitely be going back. Really great experience, the owner or manager greeted us at the door and gave us the run down of the restaurant and the food was delicious!

Jaime Q. (Takato)

Good burger joint. Their Grilled Chicken sliders are perfect, and the Lamb Burgers are tasty and juicy.I have only tried them using Groupon. Got the big Family Box for less than $25, pretty good deal. Wings are good, not dry, although a bit small. Fries and Onion Rings are good.I don't know if I'll get them at regular price, but with Groupon they're a bang for your buck.


My wife eats gluten free and normally makes due with a lettuce leaf for a bun. Why? Because gluten free buns that taste good are as rare as unicorns. Well tonight my wife caught a unicorn, complete with a rainbow mane. To quote her, “best gluten free burger bun. Ever. “

Steel Products

Ordered food from here today with a co-worker. My burger was pretty tasty and fries were OK but, all the food was poorly packaged and looked sloppy. My co-worker's chicken slider did not even look like it was chicken. She did not even want to try it so I tried the sandwich. It was flat, dry, extremely poor quality chicken. On top of the very poor quality chicken patty, it tasted like it had been fried in grease that was months old. They definitely need better quality chicken and to change their grease frequently. I would not order from here again.

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