George's Hot Pot & Korean BBQ Restauran

24 Bureau Dr, Gaithersburg
(301) 208-6868

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Golf P

George's hot pot has the most friendly service and quality ingredients for hot pot and Korean bbq. In addition they serve an amazing Peking duck; the duck is crispy and fresh and is a must get. $35 for a whole Peking duck when you eat in and spend minimum $20 on hotpot or kbbq

Gayani W.

Yummm! Great hot pot. The ingredients were all amazing. Food was fresh and super hot. So good!

Carroll N.

7.27.22 I had read great reviews online about this restaurant so was excited to give it a try. We arrived at 11:40 not knowing that they don't open until noon. The woman who may have been the owner was wiping down the glass door and said they didn't open until noon, but that we could come in early. She brought out the menus and told us about the discount on a whole peking duck with the purchase of two entrees. I love that they offer peking duck, Korean bbq, and hotpot all under one roof. It has something for everyone. My colleague and I ordered half a peking duck and the Korean bbq combo, which included Beef and Pork Bulgogi and Korean Style BBQ Chicken. I realty enjoyed the beef and pork and wouldn't have known the difference between the two. The marinade was delicious! I didn't like the flavor of the chicken and it was a little too spicy for me. I'm sure mildly spicy to the average person. The duck came out in a cute serving plate shaped like a duck. The portion size was perfect. Enough for us to be full, but not overstuffed. The two staff members (male and female) were super friendly. The male chatted with us a bit. The female came by several times to refill my colleague's cup of water. At the end of lunch when we were given our check, they brought out complimentary orange slices and warm cleaning towels. I am definitely a fan and I look forward to coming back in the wintertime to try their hotpot. Note: They are closed on Tuesdays.


If you like peKing duck this is a great place to go , reasonable price , good Quality! The hot pot I don't recommend since you have to pay every thing you order not like other places you pay per person all you can eat could added up a lot . Nice and quiet atmosphere , owner George and the waitress Diana are very friendly .

Ronald L.

Ate here tonight with my fam. Got the Peking duck recommended by the owner, it did not disappoint. Duck had crispy skin, minimal fat and came with super thin pancakes. Got the veggie mushroom and spicy pork broth hotpot, both great. Veggies and seafood were fresh and they have a grill for kbbq as well. Staff was super nice, this place is great!

I O.

Been here for hot pot, Korean BBQ and other Asian dishes. Their food is good, real good! Usually go when I have a coupon Because their prices are a little steep normally. For Korean BBQ, the services is ok, and the meats do not seem to be totally fresh and you can usually tell that from the flavor. All in all, get menu cuisine or hotpot, you will not be disappointed.

Trang P.

After reading all the positive reviews, my boyfriend and I decided to check out this place. Spacious place perfect for family gatherings or getting together with friends. The food was super fresh and the broth was delicious. I got the spicy ox tomato soup and it was so yummy, I got it mild so not super spicy! Also the portions are very large so I'd recommend order extra as you go. The owner was super nice and we even got complimentary fresh fruits afterwards. Please support George's Hotpot if you are in the area.

A. F.

We recently tried George's for my son's birthday. We had a great time, and the food was good. It can be a little pricey if you don't know how to order, which we didn't. Two people can share one order as long as you both like the same broth. We had so much food left over, but we were able to take it with us. Next time we will know how to order.

Julian B.

I usually got to the all you can eat spots around Rockville and they're great. This spot is fresher with a better selection. Prices end up being the same but you get to choose better options and ingredients. Razor clams? Fresh octopus? Yes please. George is a good dude as well. Highly recommended

Vu L.

Very impressed with the quality of the hot pot. This Chinese owned hot pot, Korean BBQ and Northern Chinese food is the best in the MOCO area. I got the spicy ox tail broth and it did not disappoint at all. It had a sweet, sour, tangy taste to it. Wasn't spicy to me but perfect. For this type of style of broth you don't want it to be too spicy or that will destroy the flavor of the broth. Bold choice of the chef and owner. Hats off. The most important thing about going to any hot pot restaurant is the quality of the broth and the meat. This place does not disappoint at all. I've been to a lot of hot pot trends that are mostly popping in Rockville, MD but this beats the Kpot overly priced place. 1. Price is extremely reasonable and affordable. You get to choose your own meat, seafood and vegetables individually instead of forced into getting an a la carte that includes stuff you don't want or can't eat. A lot of those restaurants will charge you $100-200 on a forced combo but the quality is sub par or terrible. The price at George's is absolutely the best in the MOCO area. Yes, the best and I'm an extremely picky eater. The price cannot be beaten for the amount of meat you get in both hot pot and Korean BBQ style. 2. Quality of the meat is fresh even though frozen. Seafood is fresh and cold. Vegetables are fresh and washed. Perfect for hot pot. The broth seeps through the meats, noodles and vegetables to enhance the flavor and that's why the broth is extremely important. Many people don't realize that but that's how you eat a hot pot in the streets of Hong Kong or South Korea. 3. Peking duck was very crispy and meaty. Although, I like Hong Kong style roasted duck, the Peking style was perfectly done. 4. The Beef bone rib BBQ was extremely well marinated and very flavorful. I cooked it myself and it cooked really fast but so tasty. 5. The fried egg is good only when you put in the broth. Overall, the food was amazingly good. The ambience is casual but I like how they only play 1980-1990s famous Hong Kong pop music orchestra part to fit the mood. I am very impressed and I say this beats all the hot pots in the Rockville area period. Too many over trendy overpriced Chinese and Korean BBQ and hot pots are popping mainly in the Rockville, MD location but this hidden gem is a must. They have so many and I do mean so many great selections. Their front and back of the menu has a lot of options. I am definitely coming back. I will try the lobster tail or the stone crab.

Angela D.

Went to try out George's Hot Pot & BBQ place with my family & it was so good. They had so many items to choose from on their menu. We decided to go the BBQ route. This isn't your typical all you can eat BBQ place, we ordered so much and had a few left overs. We ordered: beef brisket, bulgogi, pork belly, fish balls, shrimp with head, fresh oysters The fine in experience was *chefs kiss* They even had a station for sauces! The portion sizes were perfect, you definitely get your moneys worth. We got there pretty early and it wasn't too busy, so we were seated right away. Either way, the restaurant is very spacious. The service was beyond amazing & the staff members were so sweet. After our meal, they brought us oranges and even handle towels to wash our hands. How amazing is that?? I definitely can't wait to go back & try the hotpot.

Katherine Collins

This is hands down the best hot pot I’ve ever been to. If you are questioning if you should go here, do yourself a favor and go. My friends and I went there for a going away party and we ended up staying for 3 hours. The food was 11/10, you could taste how fresh the vegetables were. The portion sizes are beyond generous so we recommend either bringing some friends and sharing or not ordering quite as much as we did! But even if you do order too much the owner helped us pack away our leftovers and added more broth to our soup for the road. The service was excellent, very attentive and friendly. We definitely felt welcome, with the owner taking the time to explain to us how to order. Overall this place was wonderful and I cannot recommend it enough!

Mei X.

Absolutely love everything about this. George, the owner is very pleasant. I found this place from a simple google search for hot pot and I also wanted kbbq and how perfect that this place has both. Would highly recommend and definitely coming back.

Jeff M.

Great place to get hotpot just chose what you want and it comes out quick. Staff is friendly and helpful! We got hot towels at the end and some oranges it's always great eating something sweet after a big meal.

Jayden C.

Do not come here. I and myfriend ate 3 portions of meat, some vegies and two sodas. Meat wasnt good too chewy and didnt taste good. Look at the price $75 for two?? This is ridiculous. Will never come again

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George's Hot Pot & Korean BBQ Restauran

24 Bureau Dr, Gaithersburg, MD 20878
(301) 208-6868