Kelly's Cajun Grill

701 Russell Ave # Fc105, Gaithersburg
(301) 330-8722

Recent Reviews

John Wells

I LOVE this place. What I get is double noodles, broccoli, and double bourbon chicken usually. The bourbon chicken sauce on the noodles make them twice as good. The lemon chicken and bourbon chicken here are very popular. I also enjoy the Cajun chicken and Cajun shrimp. Both come combined with diced peppers, onions, and zucchini chunks. Their fried rice is ok. They are also very kind with portions. Sometimes so good they have to rubber band your tray closed lol. The mall is closing soon, so give it a try while they are still there.

chris lawhon

The staff was courteous and prompt. Their lemon chicken was fantastic.

eathb aetn

One of the best Asian resto in town. The service was also quick, and the servers were all courteous. Great food at a great price.


The food at Kelly's Cajun Grill was great, and the price was reasonable cause the serving was also big.

works toomuch

This was a favorite when I used to work at the mall!! swift and delicious One of the best Chinese fast food restaurants I've ever had.

Top Teens

One of the best Asian resto in town. It was really worth it!

Camie U

Used to work at the mall and this was a favorite…!!! Quick and tasty.

Gregory Henry

Fresh options and kind people!

Quentin Haas

Had a great experience here with my son. The food comes out quick and the customer service is just good. Prices are affordable.

Francis Marsh

I sent my friends to this place with my warmest recommendations. I visit this restaurant often. This recommendation is always successful. The the food there is tasty and the stuff is welcoming and cooperative. Every time we eat in this place we have a cheerful time. I warmly recommend this restaurant.

Derrick Valdez

A top spot for delicious cajun food. came in on a thurs. quick, helpful, and friendly service. the place has a good feel to it. feels similar to a restaurant in new york i loved.

Dominic Hurst

Good place for Cajun food. it's so savory. this place has an awesome feel to it. feels similar to a cafe in chicago i loved.

Frank Hernandez

I love it

Robert Pond

The place offers a large variety of fresh food. I like dining here. Employees are always friendly, prices are reasonable and the spot is always neat.

Sutton B

This restaurant is my preferable site. Of all restaurants I know I love it most. I never miss an opportunity to go to visit this place. Whenever I want to go to a delicious lunch, this is the place that comes immediately to my head. exeptionalgorgeous and all sorts of food and a rich cuisine.professional crew, and great atmosphere. Also, the price is affordable. I praise this restaurant with great pleasure.

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