la Madeleine

242 Crown Park Ave, Gaithersburg
(240) 449-4879

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Evan Nevermore

La Madeleine manages to achieve consistency in all of their restaurants. It's what places like Panera could only wish to be. The food is always good. The building is always clean, including the bathrooms. Service is nothing to complain about. It's a little expensive for the portion sizes, but if that's all I have to complain about I think we are ahead of the game. The tomato bisque is the best tomato soup I've ever had. Very flavorful and good texture.There are only gendered bathrooms here, it would be nice if there were a third for everyone else or if they just made all of the bathrooms into single occupancy.Vegetarian options: There are several vegetarian options. I got the Tomato bisque and Quiche Florentine.Parking: We found parking on a nearby side street. Don't park in the alleyways.

stephi graterol

My omelet and buttery croissant order were both excellent choice. The restaurant is also really roomy, which was fantastic. The service is rapid, and they promptly bring your food out. I'll be back shortly.

Zoya F.

Baked goods are delicious and salads and sandwiches are nice. Unfortunately, this location is understaffed or has service issues. Whether you order at the register or order through the app, you will never get your food at the time that was promised. That problem wrecked my work schedule at least twice, causing me to stay later at work to make up time lost to waiting for lunch.

Jamie Banks

Love this place, however I am a little disappointed today, I ordered the pasta and they forgot my side salad ? a little bummed out about that. Also ordered an Almond Croissant it had barley any filling in it. I just feel like my ordered was rushed. I ordered a large lemonade and it looks like they gave me a baby cup with lid.... totally disappointed today.

Gillian C.

We were served quickly and our food was brought to our table shortly after that. Hadn't tried the strawberry crepe before and it was delicious! We also got the macaron box and our favorites were the lemon and the coffee macarons. Nice little brunch spot!

Reviewer K.

I decided to return to la Madeleine after not eating here for a while. The food quality has plummeted, as well as the service. Food: I ordered the Chicken la Madeleine which used to be a favorite of mine. The chicken is not even a full piece of chicken anymore. The chicken is cut into small slices which makes up 10% of the dish and it tastes like a school lunch (cheap, dry, and doesn't even taste like meat). The mushrooms were not full mushrooms, it was similar to cream of mushroom soup. My sides made up 90% of the dish and the rice tasted like Uncle Ben's rice. My boyfriend and I ended up leaving more than half of our plates (He got a salad, but it was drenched in balsamic vinaigrette. It was too acidic.) Service: We chose to eat outside. I wanted to sit under the umbrella, but I was only able to pick ONE out of the FIVE tables they had outside due to used dishes on all of them. I took the pictures attached below as we were leaving, and they were still not cleaned up. Also, the waiter was wearing AirPods and could not hear me, so I had to yell to ask him if I can have utensils. His response was "they're in the back." Why can he bring us our food, but not the utensils? It is a bit inconvenient to have to walk through the restaurant, to the back, while I'm sitting outside. Overall, I will not be returning to la Madeleine, unless I'm craving one of their pastries. The empty plate on my table was the only promising part of my dinner - the chocolate tart. I would also like to note that the lady working the register was nice, which is why I gave 2 stars instead of one.

Elizabeth Church

The cappuccino is delicious along with the eggs. The avocado toast is on a buttery brioche type of bread. Was wishing it was a little more like French bread. The staff were friendly and they have outside seating!

kasey rosen

Always delicious! My favorite is the avocado toast. Highly recommend their pastries as well.

Cristina Perez Vega

I got the caramel macchiato and the Nutella crepe and was satisfied. The crepe was light and fulfilling. Will definitely recommend this cafe.

Devon N.

Their baked goods and tarts are delicious and fresh. We've tried many varieties and prefer the plain croissants, Coconut cake slices, and tarts. We've ordered the hot meals & the spinach quiche is outstanding. We like the wild rice & chicken & broccoli meal too even though it's on the salty side. The only issue is that it can be a hit or miss preposition. For example I have ordered the coconut cake slice about five times and one of those times it was dry and stale so you can't trust that what you receive one time will be the same the next time. Also the spinach quiche that I've had multiple times has been excellent but one time it wasn't - it was over cooked and not good - so give them a second chance if you get an item that isn't tasty and fresh because most of the time their items are tasty and fresh.

Peter T.

Service zero I am not talking about food worst service I ever see in my life employee disaster disrespectful they don't know nothing cashier he was talking to his girlfriend with the phone and doesn't pay attention to the customer this is Verizon my first time first time I ordered online after one hours I was over there they don't even have my ticket I already pay for it this time was my second time I've been there I showed them my order with the phone after that they say he's not ready few minute I come back after 20 minute still not there cashier disaster talking with the phone with her girlfriend and they don't pay attention with a nobody I got a fight over there he was so stupid customer service zero professional zero I don't give a shit about the food Service is below zero

Martin D.

I recently visited the La Madeleine, I have been coming to this location for years now. On Saturday, June 18th. I arrived at around 8:00 am. This location is close to our home. I have been coming here for breakfast for the past five years but I have recently noticed the service gone down significantly. My experience was not a positive one. I ordered an omlette and waited 30 minutes. I watched them serve other customers meanwhile. I even enquired about my food twice. When the food finally showed up, it was cold. I asked to speak to the manager, but was met with someone very rude and disrespectful. Almost dismissing demeanor. I had to walk away from the restaurant after talking to the manager. Not ideal way I like spending my Saturday mornings. In the past, the restaurant has been great. We have other breakfast choices within walking distance. I pay a premium for the service and the food. We really do enjoy the food at the La madeleine. If improvements are made, we would be more likely to meet here again in the future. I typically visit at least once a month with my friends here.

Ronald L.

Unsure if it's because of inflation but the last time I came here I ordered a whole chicken Parisien and the size was definitely what they used to serve for a half sandwich. They basically took half a sanwhich and cut that in half and then said heres your whole sandwhich! It was by far the smallest sandwich I ever got for 14 bucks. It's a shame bc it tasted great, it was just a rip off how small they make their servings at this shop. I wish I took a pic to show how small it was.

S F.

La Madeleine was a fixture of the DC metro area for some years, particularly the 90's and early 2000's, each with a unique architectural feature such as fire places, library like rooms, and even large water wheels (ie, french countryside farm decor). The chain was popular, providing a fancier alternative to a diner to hang out in or a market place for bakery goods. La Madeleine provided (still does), french pastries, bread/baguette, excellent soups, and some plate items. There was also the all you can drink coffee and soda, now a feature of places like Panera, and they did offer bread slices and jam as well. However...take a deep forward twenty years and the chain has largely disappeared from this metro of 7 million+ and its offerings quite dated. While it can still be a place to hang out and get some tasty items, the prices are a bit high for the mid grade food and limited offerings. I admit I do not know much about the background of this company or its status, but in the DC area at least, they hire largely workers from sub-Saharan Africa who vary widely on their skills and English comprehension. I say this because this caused a lot problems during my recent visits. Purchasing a couple of drip coffees with two pastries took 36 minutes! The decaf coffee carafe in the next room was empty. The ordering area had one young African girl who was struggling to process the tasks. The line quickly grew to extend outside the front door. None of the other workers could be sequestered to help, and responded with the deer in headlights look when I simply spoke to them over the counter to make decaf coffee. They would just disappear. Finally, a young African American gentlemen came forward to tell me they were making the coffee and it should be about 10 minutes. I returned in 15 minutes and no one could be found again. The coffee was not out yet. The line still extending outside the door. Finally, after another 10 minutes the latter individual emerged again and said the coffee is coming out. It did. But...they didn't make requested decaf! He apologized and said "They don't really speak English. It'll be about 10 more minutes. Sorry about that..." Okay, you get the picture. Having an ill elderly woman outside with a dog waiting added to the frustration. So, by the time it was all ready, we had to leave because our time out due to the wait. My strong criticism is heavily directed to the management and owners. Aside from the aforementioned issue, the place was quite dirty with trash on floor, food debris on tables, supplies out, etc...I became the defacto manager bringing out creamer, napkins, and sugar for customers. This is a middle class/upper middle class area with many international patrons. I doubt they are impressed. In conclusion, the management/ownership should be embarrassed by the state of this place. I do not know if they are importing cheap African labor and running a "hope to survive" bear bones operation (I hope there is something good in it for the Africans, other than the low wage), but shame on them. Why there is no pride of ownership makes the mind boggle. La Madeleine has so much potential and desperately needs revitalizing both in its now 25 year old dated decor and food offerings. Panera or similar places are better run and largely have overtaken La Madeleine's former turf. A more forwarding thinking company owner may offer hope for this chain. Someone please buy the company! I am rooting for you!

Marta Vasquez

Service is good food is yummy my favorite are desserts ?

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