Tropical Smoothie Cafe

554 N Frederick Ave, Gaithersburg
(301) 987-7373

Recent Reviews

Neicy H.

The food and the smoothie were tasty! And the ladies working there are so nice and personable. Great place to pickup a meal.

keep thinking

Great daily place for a nice movie only problem is sometimes you get there and you're standing at the register with all these people walking around talking and no one takes your order very aggravating

Roxana Fuentes

I came here to get a smoothie with my son and boyfriend. First thing I noticed was two customers irritated with their receipts waiting for their order. We walked up to the cashier who looked like the manager (spanish older lady) on the phone. She didn’t even greet us and we stood there for about 5 minutes. The staff were two little high school girls playing with brooms. One of the guest asked what’s going on she’s been waiting for her order and one of the little girls caught an attitude for being asked for service ? Like why do you hire little kids if they arn’t going to take their job seriously? The manager had to ask the girl to help the other guest but she still didn’t pay me or my family any mind so we walked out. I don’t suggest anyone to come here until they work on their management of this restaurant.

Ron Ray

Wow this location does a good job on making your food and serving you. For the most part the place is clean. I have a one for this young generation not having and people skill and communication skill. I enter the store and the young female who was running the register and taking orders was talking to an older woman for about 4 minutes. I just stood their looking at the female patiently. When she finally decided to stop taking she asked me what do I want. Wow. I was never greeted by the person who took my order. After my order was placed she did not say thank you for come. These kids need to learn how to talk to customers.

Usman Rajput

I ordered a smokey grilled cheese from here, and among the food options on it I pick no bacon. I picked up the order and look at the labels and it says no bacon. I get home open the food and bacon in it. It's so frustrating because by the time I got home and I checked on my food by physically opening it I got met with something I did not want and made the food unedible for me. Not cool at all.

Peanut Buttercup

Looking at these other reviews, they must be very selective about who they want to serve. Every time I go there, they ignore me. Even if there is NO ONE there and several staff members just standing behind the counter. They will look me dead in the eye and ignore me. They will even look past me and serve someone that came in after me. I've never been rude or impatient with them, so I really don't get it.They will never get my money again

Candice Bello

My family absolutely Tropicsl Smoothie Cafe. This is my new go to place for breakfast and lunch. I love the selection and variety of smoothie and actual entrees.

Neo M.

Slow service for online order. Food was sitting on counter for 15 minutes with no staff acknowledging orders are ready for pick up!

David Chiao

Employees waited until the line dispersed before helping with online order. What's the point of ordering online if customers just get shafted for others that ordered in store?

jack kreigal

Mango Berry Cosmo Smoothie is what I ordered. It was scrumptious. Interesting is the sugar straw. It functions like a straw.

Stephanie Williams

Please talk to your team about what good customer service is all about. We were ignored by every single one of your staff on duty. When we asked for help from each team member, they either walked away or kept turning us over to another team member. All we wanted was to pick up our order. We wasted so much time just for a pick order.

Noah Chen

Went a few weeks ago and was greeted by Jackie. At first she was friendly and the interaction was quick. While waiting for my smoothie some of the cups fell on the ground and rolled around in filth. She picked the cups up and washed them with only water and used one of the cups to make my smoothie. When I requested that she use a clean cup that had not fallen on the floor she refused. When I asked for a refund or a manager she told me that the establishment does not do refunds and that there was no manager to speak to. This location is disgusting and doesn’t deserve business with the way they operate.

Natalia P.

Every time we come in here the staff is really nice and they take the time to learn your name! I've had every smoothie on the balanced fusions and they're all amazing! The chicken pesto flatbread is to die for! Must try!

Sakinah Diane

Ordered from this location a handful of times. Today I ordered a veggie hummus wrap. Why is there chicken on my veggie only sandwich? So much chicken! Yuck!!!

Elisha Howell

My boyfriend has been going to this Tropical Smoothie location for about a month now since he has moved to Gaithersburg and each time he goes in to request a smoothie, this location is always out of berries. Each drink he attempted to purchase was unavailable due to this outage of fruit. The employees will say that the ingredients are not available for certain drinks but then want to upcharge for changes and additions to drinks. At this point it's pretty ridiculous to be a smoothie restaurant but have no berries whatsoever. Who is doing the ordering for this store? I understand that there may be supply chain shortages at this moment in time but customers should not be upcharged for having to change their smoothie due to the shortages. My boyfriend always ends up walking out without any smoothies because nothing is ever available. Very unfortunate.

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