Anthony's Pizza

420 E Antietam St, Hagerstown
(301) 665-1100

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Ashley Kendall

Thanks for my yummy, brown and rotten salad. How disgusting. Also ordered a large cheesesteak and they barley put any meat in it. Smallest hoagie I’ve ever had. I ordered two large fountain drinks and they gave me smalls. The male delivery driver was super nice although the woman on the phone taking my order was very rude and seemed very annoyed.

Rich Loinz

These people cost me 20 dollars because they lack the capacity to keep up with the orders that come in. If you're someone who is casual about life, waiting 50 minutes for an order may be fine. If you're a busy person and time is money, avoid this place.

Melissa Heaton

Ordered a cheese steak, bacon cheese fries, and garlic knots. Everything was perfect, but the garlic knots were definitely the best part! I’ve had their pizza too and it’s also great!

Alison Shumaker

I usually love ordering from Anthony’s. Tonight has changed my mind about them completely. I ordered online a 12” ham and Pineapple and a 14” pepperoni pizza. When they delivered I received two cheese pizzas. I called and they refuse to fix this despite it being their website that glitched. I was not trying to get free food and offered them their cheese pizzas back. I spoke to three different people and the last one basically said it was my fault. It’s just sad that when people provide a service, they’re not willing to fix their own mistakes. Poor business for sure. Even though this was a website glitch, it was their website, not mine!

Danny Biondi

Blah , fake . I ve been to Anthony's 4 times over a 3 yr span, the first time the pizza was hot, fresh and i was very satisfied with the people that helped me. I however noticed something odd, the meat balls are not real, they are a filler product used by the owner because od there religion. I asked to taste a meat ball, the lady whom was the manager at that time was puzzled by my request to try one n I noticed it right off as she was taking it out of the microwave, yea meatballs are supposed to be in a sauce holding on a warm temperature that's what gives them there flavor. It was frozen and I find this to be an insult to my Italian heritage.

Deborah O'Neil

We were extremely disappointed. The pizza arrived late-56 minutes -when told it would be a half hour to 45 minutes. And when it was delivered it was barely warm. I live 3 minutes away from the business. I do not recommend this place for anyone.I


3 stars because the price is low but that is because their cheese is where they're cutting costs. Absolutely no flavor in the cheese and the sauce is definitely also on the medium to lower end but not horrible. There's a reason it's under 11 for a Large even with half topping. It's because of these two things... its a step up from Little Ceasers but still nothing special. They should consider better cheese, even if they charge more they have a higher standard. LolI personally won't order from here again, both Rockys and Cafe Del Sol have way better pizza for just a few dollars more. At this point I'd rather pay the extra for delicious quality pizza. I know not everyone can afford that, but if you can its recommended!

Margaret R.

This is normally a good place to get pizza. Today was the exception. We used a coupon to get a large, 3 topping pizza and the toppings were skimpy. It had a good flavor, but it was mostly crust and sauce.

Nathan Moore

told my boss about @anthonyspizza yesterday and he bought the whole crew pies for lunch today! Best pizza in town and the cheapest, this is sorcery of the best kind.

Barri Hutchins

Always friendly service and this is some of the best food in Hagerstown.

Timothy Sparks

Pizza was a simple pepperoni and bacon pizza. If you can look at this and say that the bacon isn’t burnt you should be fired. I almost feel like calling back and complaining but I’m worried they would spit in my food. Poor quality going back to our regulars (brothers pizza express for anyone else with a bad experience)

Underground Thirsties

Love ordering lunch for delivery from here, they have great combos. The cheese steak with fries is delicious - hot crispy fries, chopped steak with melted cheese and fried onions piled on a fresh roll. Can't beat it!

Katherine Beiler

Food was cold and it was smashed, driver piled sodas on top of it and after waiting over a hour for the food in the first place,they told us they would replace it in 40 mins.Bu the time it arrived my family was sleeping.Our dinner was Ruined.

Jeffrey H

I happen to live within a few blocks of this place but would make the trip even if it was across town. They have no problem making my non standard pizza and it comes out the way I want it each time. The cheesesteaks, fries and pizzas have been great consistently. In our house, it is referred to as "The regular place" and that is a very good thing.

Dustin Schultz

Anthony's is a great place I order there three to four times a week mainly because Pizza is fast but sometimes pizza gets old I just realized that they have broccoli pasta on their menu so I'll be trying that but they do have a great menu it really doesn't cost much at all and I found out that they have butter garlic sauce which is a good thing because people like butter garlic sauce with their Pizza but always remember to life my reviews so that I can bring you more

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