Bruster's Real Ice Cream

100 Railway Ln, Hagerstown
(240) 382-1213

Recent Reviews

Ted L.

Favorite place for my daughter & I to get an ice cream treat! Delicious flavor options that rotate, big portions, friendly staff, and plenty of tables outside to sit down and enjoy it.

Sandy Brown Seman

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle is amazing!!

Nanette Malcolm

A fun outdoor experience. There is no dining room here. The outside benches are clean and in good condition. The ice cream is delicious and there are many flavor options. You have to ask for napkins, though.


We usually go to the Frederick location but while we were in Hagerstown we saw there was another location. They didn’t have the big waffle cones so we got the small cones and it was a mess. We were sitting enjoying and suddenly I heard a loud crack in my mouth. There was a small piece of gravel in my salted caramel. A little rock was in my ice cream. I asked the girl there why there would be gravel in the ice cream and she just said she doesn’t know. I called the Bruesters number and was unable to get ahold of anyone. I left a voicemail with their operator and no call back.

David Smith

Good ice cream nice sizes will def go back again for a cool treat


Real Ice Cream made on the spot! Their Butter pecan is unmatched!! Great location and friendly staff and service!

Topaz Stars

This is genuinely the best ice cream I have ever eaten.It is creamy and flavorful, my personal favorite is the chocolate and peanut butter and it is to die for.

Chad Sprohar

Bruster's has some delicious ice cream available. They have a good variety of products and sizes. We went and got the regular size ice cream cups which has two or three scoops of ice cream. I got strawberry ice cream with chocolate fudge for the chocolate covered strawberries taste. The girls working there were a riot. I would definitely recommend them and will be going back. The inside location allows you to get ice cream anytime of the year.

Kevin S.

This is a throwback into time. Great service and great ice cream! Highly recommend this place

George H. (JediMan)

Awesome selection and service.

Danny Biondi

I have made several attempts in the past 4 days to order a cake for my daughter's 11th birthday next week and no one picks up the phone, it goes right to voice mail n thats full , you can't even leave a message.

Barbara Griffey

Good ice cream friendly staff

Mama D

Delicious & super friendly staff!!

Brannon Evans

We arrived at this Brusters (family of 5 with 3 small kids) at ten of nine. (10 min before closing) The staff took the order of the family in front of us gave them their order and preceded to lower their window. 5 min until closing time and we’re still waiting to be waited on. All lights on, All staff clearly see us but trying to avoid eye contact. At 9:02 I ring the bell, questioning why we were never waited on. The girl grind and smirked as a younger gentleman came out and explained they were now closed. Not only did they not wait on us when we arrived BEFORE closing time but they blatantly ignored us until after closing time. Not one even had the decency to come to the window and say a word. If your NOT going to do you job and wait on the people in line before closing time then at least have the courtesy to tell them. Instead you leave three young kids anxiously awaiting for ice cream they won’t get, as you stand in the back and giggle and laugh about it. These staff need a lesson in customer service and common courtesy.

Dottie Helman

Not good flavored ice cream at all…..Threw mine in the trash…..

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