Burger King

17532 Valley Mall Rd, Hagerstown
(301) 582-4447

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Mary Winterstine

Mexican chicken sandwich is not good at all & the bun was hard.poor restaurant to be serving a hard bun/roll. Fries, drink $ whopper Jr was ok.Food: 3/5

Jennifer Farrow

Just had a wonderful bacon cheeseburger delivered by Grubhub from here! I tried to leave a survey feedback, but it says the fields are wrong from the receipt- anyways, you guys are rocking it! Keep it up!


I want to recognize an employee at this store. His name is Kenney. When we ask the cashier about the way we should order the items we wanted in order to safe some money, he realized she was having a hard time trying to figure it out and quickly jumped into the scene and figure it out him self. Even after I asked for fresh french fries, he was very pleasant; then I watched how he care by making sure his coworkers understood the order and meet my request. In addition he jump back to the kitchen to help speed up and straighten up what appears to me, a confusion with some orders while cars were awaiting at the drive-through. He deserve recognition and I hope someone will let him know that some times little thing matter. THANK YOU KENNEY! and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Kevin Mangan

The store was closed for walk-in at 8:46 despite being listed for 10:00PM. That’s ok. Drove through. The nastiest, driest whopper I’ve ever had. I’m 44 years old. That’s saying a lot. Close out is at 10:00 so it wasn’t end shift. Nasty.

Linda Zerkle

Went thru drive through. Food hot and good. Nice staffFood: 5/5


My daughter likes burgers and we stopped to get dinner at Burger King at the Valley Mall. When we tried to place an order the answer was, " we are out of hamburgers." Huh? Is this BURGER KING, or did I misread the sign.

mandy m

Absolutely horrible made me wait for food that wasn't ready only to give me cold old food and coke with no ice

faye hose

Worst food ever from this restaurant !! Saw a employee walk outside to smoke a cigarette....she came back in and she did not wash her hands before continuing her job at the drive thru ? sad , just sad !!!

Greg Settle

Spoke to 2 people at the drive thru order box, didn't make my food order to my requests, forgot the sauce for my child's nuggets (common fast food problem), handed us wrong items at the window and everyone in line was moved forward beyond the food window to receive their food. Although, staff was friendly and food was outstanding.

Bob Halula

Can't get an order right. Four wrong items in one order.Jalapeño poppers for the nuggets in a kids meal.Missing a fryMissing a large sandwichNo cheese on on of the WhoppersAfter waiting 18min.

Jan Goldman

The hamberger on the Whopper Jr. has gotten very thin over the last few years and doesn't have that nice charcoal flavor either.

Christopher Betts

Food was cold and missing half my order after waiting for 20 minutes. Step your game up

Bridget Markley

I am giving 2 stars because customer service I waited about 7 mins and was told she has to get her phone she rang us up still on her phone chatting away.this is unperofessional.her name was shanell

David Guinther

When I went there I knew there was a twofer deal but couldn't find it on the menu. I ordered a whopper then went to the window. I asked the lady about the deal and asked to change my order. It wasn't taken well. She said in a loud eastern European voice, "he changed his order". She then asked me to pull up to the front. A man brought the order out and had a kind of weird look on his face, like something was up. After that I was sick for 3 days. I will never go there again & would advise anyone against it.

Soul Paranormal

Everything was perfect for a burger King except that they ran outta whopper patties only Jr's no problem with that lol

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