Papa Johns Pizza

17249 Cole Rd, Halfway
(301) 582-6277

Recent Reviews

Victoria Fairchild

Terrible customer service with lack of communication and ICY cold pizza. Yum yum! What a garbage store, this is why franchises fail. Use Door Dash and get some Pizza Hut instead. Total dumpster fire.

Gerald Haubert

Never really cared for their pizza. Can't really give a great review

David D.

Placed a order for Delivery. Tech said 45 min. Showed up in 20 min. Hot and fresh and the way I ordered it. Perfect.

Robin McCarter

!!!DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!!! Elise, the store manager, refused to speak to me after she cancelled my order because they were too busy. This would not have been an issue had it been completed early in the process and not 1.5 hours after I placed the order and another 30 min after she assured me the food was in the oven being prepared. This cancellation left my own retail team without food for the evening. Very disappointed. I would give negative stars if possible. Employee Pat also hung up on me while I was trying to get to the bottom of the cancellation | trying to escalate the issue properly. Unacceptable and very poor customer service all around. DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!

Omar Gomez

Really good pizza, and on top of that they get the orders done really quickly!

Jack Givens

Rarely mess up orders, and 100 times better than martinsburg. They do a great job and care

Jody Crosco

They started using door dash and I never use door dash, my order took 1hour 45 min. To be delivered 5 miles away, the same reason I don't use door dash,pizza was cold and had to put in oven to heat it up, contacted the manager and got a refund but next time I'll ask how it's being delivered , if it's door dash, I'm ordering somewhere else, best part of the day the STEELERS BEAT RAVENS!!

AnnKate Hopewell

This was always our go to for pizza but they’ve gone down hill over the last year. Tonight we tried the new NY Style Pizza. When it arrived it was very overcooked, the bottom of the crust deep dark brown and no moisture was left in the sauce, cheese or toppings. It was inedible. It was also nothing like NY style pizzas I’ve had. Overdone pizza has been an issue the last few times we’ve ordered. We’ll find somewhere else to get our pizza now.

Kyle Thurmont

Always stop by for lunch when I can.

Matt steenhoven

Absolutely Horrible. Picture on the right is what I ordered.. Picture on the left is what I received. We have ordered this same thing from multiple locations. This one is hands down the worst Papa Johns location I have been ordered from. All three looked just like this.. Straight to the trash, will not order again. Papa John's cole road. Hagerstown MD

Jeff Haines

Called them couldn’t understand the girl on da phone! Ordered Shaq a roni I told the girl Ex large , and ordered cheese sticks with sauce!! My pizza had lots of pepperoni, hardly no cheese? It’s supposed to have extra cheese!! I got a box of round bread sticks no cheese?? Unbelievable I definitely won’t ever go back


Very unprofessional. Very sad this company has gone so downhill.

Earl B

Call-in take-out order was not made as ordered. Check before you leave the store.

Dennis Bertling

My stuffed crust pizza was stuffed with air...


Fast and friendly service. Perfect looking pizza as well. Thank you!

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