Ye Olde Towne Cafe

22685 Washington St, Leonardtown
(301) 475-5151

Recent Reviews

Allen lape

Best breakfast and lunch in southern maryland the staff and owners cook fresh food right in front of you the prep cooks are the best in the business it feels like family the owner Irene is the on the job as well providing fresh food and great employees also would recommend her realtor company

Cat Mei Ling

Very kind staff and delicious food! If you're looking for breakfast I reccomend coming on a Tuesday since Tuesday they do breakfast sandwiches with hash browns. Was a little expensive but that's expected since it's a privately owned local buisness so we don't mind paying a little moreFood: 5/5

Billie Jo Grassinger

My sister and I are in town for a wedding and we wanted to get lunch. Tried Ye Olde Town Cafe and we were not disassociated! The servers were so nice and were not bothered when I changed my order! We had a club sandwich on rye and a Cobb salad. Both items were delicious and the homemade chips were great with the sandwich.Food: 5/5

Lj Williams

Very nice people. Good location and atmosphere but the food is forgettable. The cookies they have near the register tasted very old. The texture of something that is supposed to be moist was quite dry. There was no flavor in another item and was basically pointless to eat unless I just really needed the calories for the day. One of the sides I ordered was served at room temperature. I realize I came in near the end of the service but still, it wouldn't hurt to heat the food back up properly for a paying customer. Really don't see any reason to actually eat at this place ever again if this is the normal quality of their food. I am sorry to say it bc they have a lot of potential and are nice people.

Jeremy Corey

Very friendly staff, delicious food. The country fried steak was a real steak. Chef Reggie was wonderful to watch and is clearly a master at his craft.Food: 5/5


Too pricey for the quality. Food did not have much flavor and service was kinda gloomy. I can see now why it wasn't busy specially for a weekend. Chili dogs from DQ look way more appealing than the ones at this place. Anyhow, not a place I want to visit again. First and last time. ?

Isaac Mhene

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Food was Great! Staff was very friendly! I know there are older reviews about bad service and small portions. I can only speak to our meals and experience yesterday and it was great. I believe they have some new staff. I really liked the local diner vibe. The cook was singing. The servers were friendly and working together to help each other. I haven't been around restaurant staff this welcoming in a while. It really made my day. The food was very good and the portions were big. I am a big guy and I wasn't hungry when leaving. The price is what I expected since everything has gone up so much everywhere. I do however think that $4. for a glass of chocolate milk or hot chocolate is a lot but that could just be me. Not sure of the soda price. We had water. We all had the special $12.99. Scrapple gravy over 2 biscuits, 2 eggs cooked our way with choice of hashbrowns or home fries. So the price seemed fair to us for freshly cooked food considering what fast food cost now. Everything tasted great and was hot and fresh! We will go back. I suggest giving this diner another try now that they have fixed some things.

Courtney Johnson

My family and I went here this morning for breakfast and had the most incredible server, Belinda. She was so kind and we all just fell in love with her bubbly personality. I'd go back just to hang out with her. The food was good too!

Sarah Landmann

I have enjoyed going to this diner in the past - the food is pretty standard diner fare, but it generally has a good atmosphere and the wait staff is always super friendly and helpful. On this day it was obvious the kitchen and wait staff were experiencing a few glitches, but were trying very hard to make everyone happy. The owner/manager, however, was completely out of control. She was loudly berating the wait staff who were already visibly upset, and at one point screamed at an employee over the phone so loudly that we all heard as she suspended them. After she hung up she continued to loudly complain about the staff and at one point asked me "Do you want a job?" as I stood in line to pay the bill. (I wanted to respond "Not after the way I just saw you speak to your staff!") I have been into the cafe many times and have never seen her before, and I hope for the wait staff sake she stays away! Thank you Meghan for being so positive in such a stressful atmosphere and trying so hard to make our visit a good one.

Z. Eubanks

The food was so good! The staff accommodated me and my family. They are veteran and active duty friendly/supportive which is always a win for me!Thank you for an awesome experience. We will ve back. The cookies and brownies are so delicious!

Megan V

We waited 1 hour to be seated and then 2 hours to get food. It wasn’t even that good. We never left a restaurant so quick

John Ledford

Belinda our waitress was wonderful so friendly and inviting. Food was delicious in everyway.

Shane Cole

PURE TRASH!!!! Please don’t waste you money or time here, you will be disappointed . Food was overpriced and served ice cold. My wife and I ordered the omelette. They simply scrambled a eggand put spinach and cheese on top. None of the ingredients were cooked together like a traditional omelette. Also asked for turkey sausage. They chopped up one cold link sausage and threw it on top. Also ordered a pancake. It was so cold , it had to come out of the refrigerator, seriously. Then we got the check and went to the front to pay for this GARBAGE. Then the waitress ran up to the cashier, not realizing that we were standing to the side waiting to pay. SheSaid “ we’re did that BLACK COUPLE GO,they left without paying for their Food “We nicely watched her spaz out. Then theCashier stated “ The black couple standingright there” Then the waitress walked off totally embarrassed and ran to the back. I will never give this place a dime of my money. I Wouldn’t feed my dog with food from this place. You have been warned.I would give a “ 0 stars if I could.

Ron Stephenson

Went to this morning, had biscuits and gravy, biscuits were tough gravy was salty eggs were over cooked, and I noticed the chef going out for a smoke break, then coming back in and not washing their hands. That’s not good.

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