18010 Georgia Ave, Olney
(301) 570-1704

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Charles-Stephen Laubhouet

Typical McDonald's , drive thru has 2 lanes to order but it becomes a single lane to pick up and pay. I found it inconvenient

Tom J.

Quarter pounder tasted old stale same with fries..manager brought out fresh replacements...not too bad overall but quality is uneven

Moy Moy

My experience @ this location was not a good one. I felt very rushed when I was placing my order. When I asked a question in reference to my order I was overlooked. The person said "next window please" with out answer my inquiry. When I got my order from the next window I couldn't get any ketchup, napkins or anything bcuz of the language barrier. While on my way home I start to eat my chicken sandwich which had Nothing on the bun EMPTY, DRY. NEVER AGAIN WILL I PATRONIZE THAT McDonald's. You guys need professional training on how to run a respectable business. Taking an English 101 class won't be such a bad idea.I won't be in a hurry to return there for any reason!!

Cyneathia AJ Gray

Tasty. Hit the Spot! Great ☕?

Nikki Wars-Hayes

I enjoy going to get slushies,shakes,ice cream and some food for the most part the restaurant is close to my job and I normally am in and out within 5 to 10 minutes depending on my selectionMy only issue is the language barrier and if you are ordering inside the employees including management are More Concerned with Drive Thru than Front Counter.

Mary Johnson

I ordered the breakfast sandwich of sausage well done egg and cheese biscuit BUT when I got home I had a dry chicken on biscuit sandwich instead. That is totally unacceptable!!!

Brent Mears

They were friendly and courteous very clean

Angelique T.

The fries were not fresh on 2 occasions. CHECK THEM BEFORE YOU PULL OFF

Kaitlyn A

Best freaking McDonalds I've been to. Got our order 100% right and even gave my mom a fork for her burger with no bun. I dunno if I'm just hungry af but the food is amazing

Eric C.

Okay, one of the reviews of this franchise summed up why we can expect good service but may not get it. McDonald's will always meet or exceed their profit margin no matter what. Folks will always buy their fries, burgers and other popular menu items. This franchise is and has always been one of the worse when it comes to customer service at yet they still are in business. Does this mean the case being made for them to improve is hopeless? No it does not. It will require discipline on our part. Stop spending your money at this location. Keep writing reviews. Contact the corporate headquarters. Tell the on call manager that poor customer service is not acceptable and ask for a refund. Make sure that manager knows that you are going contact the franchise owner and/or the corporate office. The best thing about fast food places, we have lots of options.

Henok Workneh

A little busy on the drive through at 9:00pmThe staff are good and friendly though.

Bob Alouie

Fast curbside service but order was incorrect, as others have noted for this location.

AdMan The “ATLR” Lab Rat

It's McDonald's or even the trainee and the drive-thru late at night get your order right because this is McDonald's and that's the way they roll they're consistent they are high-quality highly informational folks where if you read your nutritional information you can find yourself a fine meal at the McDonald's establishment close to you so remember the dollar menu is also the $2 menu which is also the $3 menu don't you know when it's just a dollar menu and trans fats was in everything well no more. However McDonald's still insists that their Coca-Cola products come in the metal containers and not that plastic bag stuff so they don't have real sugar in it but at least the Coke tastes better ice cold out of McDonald's cup and straw than anywhere else except for the Coca-Cola factory Just me saying.

Josephine B.

This is ridiculous. I was scammed period period, it's not this, ok? Drop the worker dropped the f bomb in front in front of my child period, I was extremely upset, upset about this disrespectful behavior and will not be coming exclamation point hey kid reviews by friends. My friend Haley says, speaking honestly, I only come here as a last resort, the girls who work here are beyond rude and disrespectful Kama, I had one person at the drive through used to take my money, because I had a dog in the backseat, I hate coming here period, I definitely agree with my friend Haley, as this was that's the f bomb, the worker also dropped the f bomb 4 times in front of me, my child and my dog period. My friend Bob ordered a chicken and it was horrible Kama, the lettuce tasted like, oh, wow, and who is brown, ha ha ha, poor, Bob, ha, ha, ha, ha ha, the bread was as hard as a rock I can't, I couldn't finish it period, how f u percentage? You would think someone would notice explanation marks period exclamation, oh wait, is it point for Mark, I don't know submission point. Lastly, I was be founded by the service, because the Luka movie kids meal toys changes color which is inappropriate also this speaking Luke drops the f ha ha ha toi dropped the f bomb in front of my child period, because of this I've not only disappointed, what is this McDonald's, but I'm also disappointed in the Luka movie. The Pixar movie and the producer of this Pixar movie, I hope to watch the movie and leave a bad review it exclamation point. That is all if my review, I hope you loved reading this don't forget to not visit this McDonald's period, thank you period.

Matthew J. Bowerman

Very polite and friendly window staff; food was hot and fresh as it should be. Clean exterior...this is a Golden Arches trip that is worth it.

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