Dean's Shaved Ice

8402-8404 Harford Rd, Parkville

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Great service, delicious snowballs and always made the way I like. The marshmallow topping is the best!!

Nakeria Williams

Snowball was good, a little more flavor on top would've made it perfect but it was all waiting in the middle. Owners were very nice.CASH ONLY!

scinell collick

Snowballs was very good old fashioned tasting

Daniel DeWald

Love it! An absolute must on hot days.

Dae Park

Outside of how nice the 2 that were working, the snowball wasn't that good. Syrup was good, but not enough used. And they give you a standard spoon, even when an. X-large is ordered. This will cause you to get your fingers messy. Especially, when you order it with a topping.


Such a great guy, his wife is really nice too. Shaved ice tastes amazing. Just the right amount of alsyrup each time! Recommend 100%!

Cheryl Dishon

Great snowballs and friendly service!

Christina Solomon

Dean is really nice and his food is delicious

Laura D.

Great owners, so kind and helpful, always in a good place for a good conversation and I love there snowballs!!! FANTASTIC LOVE THE ATMOSPHERE VERY NICE AND WELCOMING! Thank you for all your kindness and having a great way to make a person smile,when they really don't feel that way inside. Thank you See you soon!!

Robert Briggs

Very nice and sweet old couple couple and gave me ni Mo bottle melon juice for free

David Wach

We've been patronizing this business for 15 years. It's always a treat to see Mrs. Azar and Mr. Dean behind the counter - Super Friendly! My kids and I agree, there is no better place to get a snowball, and believe me, we've tried them all. Best snowballs in town. Thanks Mr. Dean and Mrs. Azar!

Cursed Orange Juice

I love the flavors as well as the marshmello topping. 17/10 its the best small snowball stand

maylen rix

Great service, clean, great snowballs! Don't drive too fast, you may miss it

Nathan Thacker

the price is so expensive

Yeet Skkrt

I go there all the time they are amazing I do recommend

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