Taco Bell

8311 Harford Rd, Parkville
(410) 668-1434

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Tiffany Brooks

Sylvia the General Manager is horrendous in her position. She will surely cost this business customers and money. She's very rude and very unprofessional. She also seems to think that her position gives her the right to be rude to Door Dashers but here's the thing about that who's to say that a Dasher isn't a future customer? We eat and spend money too especially out Dashing. She's a fool to say I couldn't have the corporate office number because I am just a Dasher but no hun we can complain too because again whos to say I'm not a customer too as if I can't be both. I actually eat at Taco Bell frequently by my house on Eastern Blvd. With this rudeness I will not go to any of your locations. Yeah maybe my little dollar doesn't matter to her but it surely should matter to Taco Bell. Please fire her immediately. I bet there will be more bad reviews mentioning her rudeness. It's truly a shame for the restaurant in which she works. She don't seem to care though because she figures she's still going get her little pay check no matter how many customers she offends. Trust she won't be getting that paycheck long. We all reap what we sow eventually.

Ann Marie (Cai)

Who's ever really in charge here truly need to fire Sylvia the supposed GM although I don't think she's competent enough for the position. She is very rude and totally unprofessional. You mark my words she won't be there long and if she doesn't change her nasty attitude she won't be at any job for that matter. Karma is real and I send all the bad karma her rude way. If she reads this I'm sure she won't be worried but I guarantee that day by day her life will surely crumble and she going to remember this review. It's already gotta be crumbled partially with an attitude like hers. Taco Bell there are plenty of good respectful workers who put customer service first so why not get rid of Sylvia and find someone that won't cost you valuable customers during the beginningof a darnrecession. Not smart. No wonder the stars are not high for this location.

Jason R.

Ordered a value meal and extra food. Doordash shows up with a bag, no drink or sauce for $9 more then wasting my gas or time with this location. Dont stop there or at least go to another location with better staff and better hours. Half the time there closed due to staffing issues.

Katy Zukowski

Order a 3 burrito combo when I get my food it's cold.Three other people come in about thier orders being messed up. Wont be going back to that one.

Christina Solomon

I have been coming to this Taco Bell ever since it stopped being a horrible Burger King location. Now that Taco Bell has only a skeleton of a menu anymore, and at this location, a skeleton of a crew, the quality of their food has gone down even more. We used to only have to deal with burnt items from the fryer, i.e. chips had a terrible burned flavor from the oil that was probably never changed; we now regret every time we don’t sit at the window and confirm every item in fact is in the bag and correctly made. I brought home my food to only find that it was incorrect, yet again. The french fries were sad. It’s unfortunate that this location can do nothing to help Taco Bell which obviously seems to be going through troubles with its lousy menu choices anymore. If you must have Taco Bell, I would recommend going to the Joppa and Old Harford Road, location or the one on Belair Road, since there is nothing really positive to say about this location.

Jason Newton

Every now and again I love to get a wad of food from Taco Bell and I appreciate the free colon cleanse that comes with it. Guilty pleasures...

jeff grueninger

Everything single time i try to get food here it’s absolute garbage. Whoever works here and has for the last 2 years just shouldn’t have a job. Good is always slopped together, messy, missing ingredients and or missing. This has to be the worst Taco Bell in Md by far. Id give them a negative review if I could.

Shelly McKinney

WOOOOW! What a difference from the belair rd taco bell! The employees that waited on me were very friendly/nice. My order was actually correct & HOT! I will drive the extra 3 miles to come back to this taco bell! Thanks guys!

Shayla Mason

So I went to tacobell last night Harford Rd they gave me chicken chulupas instead of beef so I came back in line the manager came to the window a young child shall I say her mask wasn't even over nose u could tell she was so pumped to say she was manager if im not mistaken her name was shakinah I think but she was rude and told me next speak more clear and my food would b right y'all need to do better Tammy and nell we're great and they did apologize for my food and on behalf of the ignorance of their manager Nell tried to say sorry about the mix up and the "manager" said stand back from window he's not the manager well maybe he should be cause you have no clue how to speak to people problem solve or be sympathetic to the situation your rude and do NOT deserve your position...I will only be back cause of Ms Tammy and mr Nell n wen i come back I want to speak to another manager about that lil girl and how she needs to be retrained

Catherine Tomoney

SO friendly, so fast, wish more fast food places could be like this Taco Bell. I really like how they seem to care ?.

Rob Stuart

Went there tonight around 9pm I was pleased with my food and the drive thru service I met the lady Tammie she was very nice and helped with everything she overall did a great job and that is tacobell at Harford Rd parkville>

Jordan Hoffman

The last two times..... the staff has forgotten half of my order... the first time I cut my losses, this time I drove back after returning home. The part of my order they did complete was a mess. The bottom of the paper bag was soaked and there was loose beef and lettuce all through the bag... when attempting to correct my order, the staff had to ask multiple times which items were missing.

Andre Anderson

My first time coming to this location & I was surprised how hot & fresh my 12 pack of Doritos tacos were.

Fred Gorman

Store policy is that you WILL order BEFORE you are permitted to use the men's room. Regardless of politeness. Regardless of urgency or poor customer service. In my hast to keep the floor around me sanitary I ordered the cheapest thing on the menu and wound up throwing it away. I essentially paid a dollar for the restroom and they lost the sale of a family meal. I took my business elsewhere.

Teena Hallameyer

The breakfast burritos were very good. Really enjoyed having a hot sandwich from a fast food restaurant.

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