Langano Ethiopian Restaurant

8305 Georgia Ave, Silver Spring
(301) 563-6700

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Michelle A.

We stopped in for lunch today and had a great meal! The restaurant was almost empty, so plenty of booths available. The restaurant itself is nice- coffered ceilings, huge stocked bar... it's clearly a nightclub at night... but a nice one. The food was really good. We got beef tibs, and it was so crispy and flavorful. We also got the veggie platter with six different vegetable dishes. My favorites were the lentils, and the potatoes and green beans... but honestly they were all great. These two dishes easily fed me and my husband, and while we didn't finish everything, we were totally full and very happy with our meal. The kitchen was fast and our server was friendly and efficient. We will definitely come back!

Stephen Outterbridge

This was a different experience for us and I found it a very nice experience.These people have a lot of camaraderie among them.

Turquoise Afro

Great special kitfo. Sporadic service depending on who's on.


The most terrible service that I’ve ever received. They made me wait an hour just to pick my food and I ordered it a good 30 mins before getting there. To make things worse they didn’t get my order right even after waiting for that long. Please don’t pay for your food until you see your food in front of you, that way in case they take very long you can leave without paying. Don’t pay until your food is in sight. WORST SERVICE EVER SEEN!!

paloma T.

Ok the food was good I have to admit but the customer service is absolutely trash, there is a short girl with bleached dry blond hair that totally had an attitude the whole time we were dining she kept almost flopping the food on the table and giving half ass answers to any question asked it seems she really did not want to be there but she took away from my first time experience in your establishment and then when we tried to explain we have like a gift card we were issued for the Resturant that we wanted to redeem we were told the only person who knows how to redeem the gift cards are only managers and there is no manager here tonight wow and no one is trained to do that was very unprofessional to say the Least yes the food was good but ambience and experience are all part of the dining experience for me so for that reason I will not be coming back to this establishment there's tons of other Ethiopian restaurant that have better customer service and twice as good as food so I'm going to go there thank you for the experience

Gordon B

I stopped in for a cocktail while in Silver Spring. They staff did not acknowledge my presence as I waited at the bar to order. They were not busy and I had to make an effort to draw their attention to order. Other patrons seemed to have priority. I did'nt think they were particularly friendly or welcoming. I would not recommend.

adnew niguse

No words! Wawiwaa

Connor Darlington

Authentic food and large portion sizes. Staff were friendly. However, our waitress mixed up several of our orders and completely forgot one of them. But great experience otherwise.

Ryan Livingston

It was great. Everything I tasted was great. If you don't know what to get just ask! Fast and friendly service as well.

Fikadu Angasu

Langano is the best in authentic Ethiopian food. My favorite one is Special Kitfo. You can order raw or cooked. I have known it for the last six years. Amazingly consistent.

Jason Downing

Great food. Terrible service. I don't think I've ever had to wait 15+ minutes and ask for the check before. That's a first.I'd love to leave an amazing review, but the servers are clearly overworked. And the chef(s?) too since it was clear the food took a while to come out.

Victoria N.

Atmosphere: 5/5 Food: 5/5 We went here on Saturday night as a walk-in. We were seated right away. Reservations were not required. There was music playing in the background, the lights were purple/ish in color and dark, and it felt like a fun hangout place. In the back, there was a hookah/bar area. At the front, there was an incense area where a worker was burning something. I enjoyed the vegetable platter plate, with the spicy tomato being the most delicious aspect for me! It tastes fresh and it was filling. My +1 ordered some kind of beef/ground meat/minced meat dish, which was also delicious.

Kenneth K.

Langano was the first Ethiopian restaurant I went to in Silver Spring as I joined a few friends several years ago (back when I lived in DC interning for a summer), using a coupon. I remember the food being excellent and the service slow but it was on a busy Sunday evening. One of our best friends who is now sadly gone took me and my fiancé back here a few times in recent years and the food was still great (perhaps better than before) and service has definitely improved. After trying most of the places, this became his favorite and one of ours. My father came in late this past Thursday night and my fiancé and I came back with him as it is now open past midnight again, and among only a couple places that are. It was quite busy (being the the night before Juneteenth), yet our server was very prompt and attentive. We were very impressed with what ordered Yebeg Lega Tibs (one of my late friends favorite), Yebeg Girogiro (my personal favorite), and Fish Dulet. All the food was excellent as always. They even took a coupon when the platform rarely has been used since the pandemic started which was great. I think both Langano and Debab are now our top two favorites, followed by Beteseb. We'll definitely be back and are grateful for Langano and the many other excellent Ethiopian restaurants in our neighborhood.

shakib pourifarsi

Fun first time Ethiopian experience! Very interesting authentic food. Server was nice and helped me through the menu.

samuel gezahegn

I just ordered a food by phone and I was told it takes 15minutes (They don’t wait until what you hv to say abt the order) hang up on me ! Then I arrived after 20minutes , food was not ready and they tell you lot’s of reasons ! I waited for an hour and one of the server came , said to me something is changed .. like that and she told me to wait another 5 minutes can u belevie it !! I think the owner should look another business ideas . Shame on you langano ????

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