Charles Street Brasserie

120 Charles St, Solomons
(443) 404-5332

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Some pretty tasty tapas. Monday was half off glasses of wine with two tapas for $26. Pretty good deal. The filet mignon bruschetta was amazing! Not the best atmosphere but if it’s a nice day, sit outside and enjoy the water view!

Justin Manry

Our server Amber was great!We did tapas and had a slice of Smith Island cake, and it was all quite good - especially the crab fondue...We sat out on the deck with some beautiful weather and a scenic sunset.It's the perfect spot for a date - a bit pricey, but if you're looking to splurge you can't go wrong!


After trying different restaurants on Solomons Island we were pleasantly surprised with the Charles Street Brasserie. By far the best evening we had. The atmosphere is upscale and cozy. Theres also outdoor seating. Beautiful view. Food and drinks were delicious - we had the Charles cocktail which we all loved - and the service also very good. The staff was super friendly and helpful. If you want to get away from the hectic restaurants on the island this is the place to go for a beautiful relaxing evening.

Katherine G

We loved the tapas : lamb, duck, oyster, crab and returned the next night. The view of the water is spectacular. Our servers were very good.

Steve Y

We've tried a few times to eat here and, honestly, we don't think it was worth the effort.They're the kind of restaurant that will reserve a table and keep it unavailable for hours. I'm not joking, they had little chalkboards on the tables with the name and time of the reservation. We were there when they opened at 5 and walked past several tables with 7pm and later reservation times. Really? You don't think it's possible for a patron to have a meal and pay in 2 hours?Even though we had a reservation, the only place we were offered to sit was an outside picnic bench overlooking the unkempt fire pit area. And with the restaurant being in a working marina, there were also several competing unpleasant odors eminating from the surroundings.Although our waiter was friendly and accommodating, he made it quite obvious that he wanted us to eat and go quickly.They have a decent bourbon menu, however, every one that I requested either was not available or was no longer offered even though it was on the menu.He kept pushing the fact they were known for their tapas and that we should order several ones from the menu because they're small. We thought he meant you only got one tapas per menu item. It's a good thing we weren't that hungry and ordered just one item each because both of ours came out with 2 each.They were just OK and definitely not worth a special trip from home.Parking: You're parking in a marina's lot with no real parking spaces. Even though there are 2 paved handicap spaces, the lot is gravel and difficult to walk on especially if you have mobility issues.


Excellent Tapas, great location and beautiful views from the deck outside. I had the andouille sausage which was excellent.


Good food. Good wine list. Beautiful view, on the water. It's a little small for a pianist to play 50s music during dinner, so it seems a little loud. They had the temperature indoors too warm for my taste, but it was very hot outside, and there are a lot of windows letting the sun in. Mainly, I wanted to mention that although my sister was assured it was handicap accessible when she made the reservation, it is not handicap accessible in a traditional sense. What I mean is that there is no way for a wheelchair to enter the restaurant without being lifted or lowered over multiple thresholds and steps. Luckily, when we went last weekend, there were two strong, kind customers who lifted my mother in her wheelchair into the restaurant. Once we were in, a waiter had to help lower her wheelchair down a step to get to the dining room. The seating is quite close together, so a wheelchair doesn't fit comfortably at a table. So, if you're the type of handicap that has a tag hanging from your rearview mirror but actually needs no assistance ambulating, you'll be fine getting in. But, if you're the type of handiap that needs a walker or wheelchair, you will have to endure a number of struggles to get into the dining area. In addition, there is no way for a wheelchair to get into the bathrooms, and a walker would be difficult. It was inconvenient enough that we will avoid it altogether in the future if we are accompanied by a handicapped guest.

Phil Kraft

Called to see if they had outside seating for 4 plus 2 small dogs and they said could seat us in 20 minutes, great. Sloane was our server and she was great, very knowledgeable and helpful with the menu. Monday special was 2 tapas for $26 and 1/2 price wine by the glass. We had the blackened scallops/ smoked salmon tapas and the stuffed shrimp/ fried oysters Rockefeller, all very good.

Allo Cagps

Very well known tapas restaurant at the island. They have piano brunch every Sunday. Price wise tapas from $13 to $19 and entrees $24 to $44. Their filet mignon Mediterranean tapas is the most famous one and well seasoned and cook, the stuff shrimp was balanced perfectly between shrimp and crab meat. Blackened scallops was blackened perfectly in cast iron skillet. The spiced meatballs also perfectly cooked. Their special Monday is 2 tapas for $26 and 1/2 price wise by the glass. Wednesday but 1 entree get another one equal or less value for half price and Thursday 3 tapas for $39 ,$10 off wine by the bottle and 1/2 price craft beers


Phenomenal food and atmosphere. They have a live piano player.It's beautiful and quaint. You can see the water. In warm weather there is outside seating.The food is excellent! Wonderful steaks and the crab Mac N cheese is above expectations. Fresh baguette bread comes with it.I highly recommend this restaurant! Make reservations to secure a table!

Daira R.

Came here for a friend's bachelorette dinner, and am so glad we did! The service (hi heather!) was impeccable. She came out and snapped candid pics of us throughout the evening, kept the bride's drink filled, and overall went out of her way to make us feel very welcomed. We were able to take advantage of the Thursday night tapas special. We ordered 6 of the tapas, and the ones I could eat were really good. The only one I didn't love was the meatballs. The andouille sausage was fire! From the group, the feedback on the ones I couldn't eat (I have a food allergy) were also great. They said the crab Mac and cheese was the best. We also ordered dinner and we were so stuffed after the tapas, we absolutely didn't need it. My steak was cooked as desired, but I didn't love the seasoning on it. Next time, we'll stick to the tapas!

Marcy O

We had a lovely dinner, wait staff were friendly and knowledgeable. Food was delicious. View is gorgeous.

Harrison A.

Foods fine (I guess) as I still haven't gotten it. Sat in the restaurant for 2 hours, without receiving my entree. Waited over 25 minutes to be acknowledged after having been seated. Watched my beer and a friends drink sit at the bar for 20 minutes before receiving it. Waitress said "tapas are like large appetizers", the tapas couldn't feed a bird. Honestly PO'd. I rarely give bad reviews, but I have too. Some of the worst service I've ever received. Restaurant isn't crowded, it's a Sunday night, we had a reservation. Never coming here again, and I will actively tell people to not come here. Edit: Fries weren't cooked all the way, girlfriends bun ;) was cold, and a larger group that was seated 30 min after us, had finished their entrees before we received our appetizers. This place seriously blows. Very disappointed. Edit again: complained for the second time in my life. "All they could do" was 15%. The manager didn't come over and apologize, which is absolutely unacceptable. Poor leadership at this restaurant. Literally went to McDonald's for dessert, as I know the food will come out properly made and in a timely manner.

K H.

My husband took me here for Mother's Day brunch, our reservation was 11:00 am. We've eaten here quite a few times and it's been mostly good but not spot on. This was not their best sadly. I ordered the Belgian waffle with the cinnamon apple caramel sauce, which I had them serve on the side, and a side order of turkey sausage patties. My husband ordered the Chesapeake crab omelet and oysters Rockefeller- which were not on the half shell but lightly breaded and fried topped with what is on the traditional recipe. My meal was underwhelming to put it kindly. The sausages were cold, literally cold. The plate was cold as well. The waffle was so over cooked it was brown, crunchy, dry and crumbly, not fluffy and light like Belgian waffles should be. I asked for butter which was ice cold and rock hard and did not melt on the cold waffle. The caramel sauce was super sweet so I'm glad I got it on the side to dip in. The waffle was sweet as well like it was sprinkled with brown sugar. I did complain about the sausage and the server discounted them. I got two cold dry waffles for $12.00. At least my husband liked his Mother's Day brunch.


We had a lovely outdoor experience with a view of the water and shorebirds. The menu here is more varied than some of the nearby choices. Service was cheerful and excellent. We had tapas, including a filet mignon over spinach and portobello. Serving sizes were generous. We also enjoyed a simply prepared rockfish. Smith Island cake is a must have here.

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