Dynasty Chinese Restaurant

13322 H G Trueman Rd, Solomons
(410) 394-1185

Recent Reviews

Tracie Malloy

Food was AMAZING! Fresh and the veggies were crisp and delicious.

Casey M.

When did Lo Mein become store bought spaghetti noodles? No sauce, no flavor! Pork was dry! Chicken mushy!


Just to let you guy's know spaghetti noodles are not lo mien. Since the pandemic lo mien has vanished. I have tried to find it at several different Chinese restaurants and all I get now are spaghetti noodles.

Steven Hessing

My son found a long strand of hair in the food he put on his plate! Very disappointed because my wife and mother-in-law were enjoying the food.

Lisa C

Everything in the restaurant is very good, the taste is especially Chinese, there is nothing to complain about the workers are very enthusiastic

shawn lu

The food taste ok but the restaurant is very dirty I saw the guy was grabbing the vegetable and chicken without the clip while he was making my oder and I stay there around 20 minutes he actually doing the same thing to all other customers. Hopefully the healthy department will something about it.

Susan L.

Extremely disappointing.....your veggies roll has about a teaspoon of veggies...your shrimp egg Foo young has flipping 4 shrimp in 3 pancakes!! Cheap, CHEAP, CHEAP....ABSOLUTELY NOTHING LIKE BEFORE...WHAT'S GOING ON

chris M

Staff was friendly. Got two orders of chow mein, one chicken one beef. Instead of noodles it was made with shredded cabbage, which someone's earlier review mentioned. Flavor was okay, could have been better and needed more meat.Eggs rolls were good, highly recommended those.

Michele N.

This has been a Lusby establishment for years. Always dependable decent Chinese food.

Kyle Beck

Food is excellent. In my opinion possibly the best in Calvert County. Dinner orders take a little longer to get, but worth it.

Natalie H.

Received the wrong order tonight. Call the girl to let her know. We been ordering from them for years always the same order. She became very argumentative over the phone. Very nasty. Won't be going back ever again.

John Schruben

I really like their egg drop soup.

Martin C.

Placed an order via Yelp went to the restaurant to pick it up and they have no record of it even telling us they don't deal with Yelp!!!

Christine H.

We were looking for a quick place to pick up lunch. I called ahead and placed an order for 5 lunch specials and it was ready in about 20 minutes. For the lunch specials, you get to choose a soup or a soda in addition to your entree. We got General Tso's, Orange Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork and Roast Pork Lo Mein Lunch Specials. The food was not bad at all. I had low expectations just because the few reviews they had weren't that great. We were all happy with our orders. And for only under $7 each, I would say it was a great deal.

Sue Leannarda

Ordered Seafood Delight...SODIUM OVERLOAD!!!??☹?

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