Papa Johns Pizza

13326 H G Trueman Rd, Solomons
(410) 394-1700

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Lisa Stephens

Raw dough. Overcooked cookie

Scott Stevens

Wow what happened to this place? Barely any toppings. Tasted like a bad cheese pizza. Garlic crust cost four big ones. That’s crazy.


Ordered food and never arrived I called and they said it was delivered but they delivered to the wrong house and they said they won’t re send it cause they’re short staffed..

Natasha Davis Rapert

Great food at Solomons MD but the absolute worst service on the planet. We always ask for extra dipping sauces, they read the order back to us, they charge us for the extra sauces, which is fine, and instead we only get one sauce. This has happened the last six times. When we have called to complain they have attached comments to our phone number to flag us, and instead of the number of sauces we ask for they filled the box with 10 peppers. Funny!!! NOT!!! And your credit to our "account" is unappreciated since we will not give you another try.

Laura Parsons

Ordered pizza at 7:19pm waited an hour a driver came with the wrong order told me she would go back and get our order waited a half hour called and spoke with the manager (Ben Johnson) who said that the order never went out and that they would need to make another order due to the food sitting for a while. They remade the order and waited another hour and called again speaking with (Ben Johnson) asking where my order is for him to tell me it’s still sitting there waiting for a driver to come pick it up. Food didn’t arrive till 10:30pm Terrible service and unorganized management. I will never be ordering from this location again.


Ordered at 2106, they close at 2200. Online says Comfirmed, made and on the way. Says delivered at 2150. Go check to see. No pizza. Call the store to get an actual ETA, but it goes straight to voice-mail saying this location is closed. So at this point, the store is closed and I still haven't received my food.Never again from this location.

Ingris Moreno

We placed an order and we didn't realize that it was 15 minutes before closing and they took the order and then they told me that they didn't have delivery and I understood because it was time to close. but they went out of their way to get my order to me. Thank you for your effort and dedication to your work.

Jake Novak

Hour and a half and $60 for them to refuse delivery for being outside the radius. Ordered online with no issue. They just delivered here 2 weeks ago too. Couldn't even pick up the phone to say it wasn't coming. Management is a joke ?

John E.

Always a consistant ordering experience at this location. I order at least once a month. I miss the Shaqaroni special. Great Wings!

Jo Lowry

Good, came a bit late but that’s ok

tammy kreitzer

late shift why wouldn't you stop!! your drivers delivery from going out in the snow. my son got an accident driving for you. messed his car up are you guys going to pay for it? he should have never been driving in this and now you got to clean the floors when he should be home out of the dangerous roads. what kind of company is this safety first

Shawn Stone

This is the only pizza I eat. Good food, and it's never made me sick. The price can be a bit high, but it's worth it.

Megan Pitcher

Never had any problems. Always have been good employees and great pizza

Lisa Dutton

Placed an order and was told 30 to 40 mins. Which was great for a holiday weekend. I get a text saying my order is on its way, after 30 mins and still no pizza I call the store. They tell me they had to remake the small pizza because they made it wrong. Which I thought was great they caught their mistake before it arrived.Once my pizza's arrived and after the drive left I then found out that they still did not make the small pizza correctly. The small pizza was suppose to be a small bacon and black olives, and it was plain cheese.So I call back again and was told in they didn't see that and will make another pizza and get it right out. 45 mins later the driver finally shows up with the correct small pizza.

Tori A

Awesome pizza always comes hot !

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