Burger King

2375 Crain Hwy, Waldorf
(301) 645-2055

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Fabian Scott

Not too bad.. I was sitting in line longer than I world normally expect. The guy at the drive thru almost forgot to give my card back.

loralei szymanski

It took 10 minutes sitting at the speaker to get to order food. Once we got home discovered that one of the sandwiches was missing a patty. Fries had no salt on them. Jalapeno poppers were mostly bread and a tiny bit of sliced jalapenos.

Kate Johnson

Angel was the manager at the window she was amazing and I appreciate her customer service I think she’s new to this location and I’m starting to see improvement with employees and management I will be returning .

Ghee Wiz

Friendly but they was doing good until she dropped my sandwich and tried to put it through the sandwhich shoot like it was remade couldn't trust them after that point to make it over I just gave it to some stray cats also had another sandwich deluxe paid for deluxe but received no tomato and a few bits of lettuce wth

Darius Man_Of_Faith

Have it your way, but don't always get jt my way. Shake machine is a hit or miss. It's was the closest so, you know.

Troy K.

Today January 13, 2022, I went to this Burger King establishment to buy food. They clearly did not want to make what I ordered. I go to this location for food because they serve lunch items during breakfast times. I ordered A whopper meal, the cashier said it would take 20 minutes, I was OK with it. But the manager told cashier to tell me that the belt that they cook the burgers on was not on yet and that they could not make the meal for me. So I left. I knew that was some BS. THEY'RE VERY RUDE AND NOT WELL VERSED ON PROVIDING A+ CUSTOMER SERVICE. It's always trash surrounding this place, not only that the workers blatantly refuse to make what you order. I went to chic fil-a and ordered a lunch item I knew they didn't sell during breakfast and guess what.... They didn't give me any lame excuses these workers gave me at Burger King. They gave me my food and I went about my day. The address to this horrible Burger King is 2375 Robert S Crain Hwy Waldorf, MD 20601 United States NEVER GO THERE! Thank me later P.S. Burger King will never be better than Chic Fil-a!


The staff is always friendly! Food is always hot and good! I had a problem trying to use a coupon and it wouldn't work. Manager showed me I was trying to use mobile order coupon and took it anyway. Won't make that mistake again! Service is king and Burger King....

Candra Hardy

I am here currently. I was in the drive thru. After 5 minutes I came to the window. It took an additional 10 minutes to get served. Corporate needs to pay them a visit. This is ridiculous.

David Wallace

Freshest Whopper I've had pre-pandemic... haven't been to this Burger King in years. Wife and I was very glad!

Musicjunkies Studio

They are fast and food is hot and fresh consistently!!! Could of easily been a five star

Jeffrey Utterback

Normally I do the receipt evaluation but can't do it because when I asked for a receipt they told me that they were out of paper. Food was ok but not the best burger King I have had, definitely not worth the price tag of the meal I got. These two items and other minor things is why the three stars. If your hungry try it, if you can wait, you can try a different location up to you.

Lili N

Great service and our order was made perfect! Great Burger King! I was a little confused however, we ordered mozzarella sticks but they tasted old and had cheddar cheese inside instead of mozzarella very disappointing.

Buckeroo Dan

As a truck driver, I walked a mile to their location. I was nearly starving. At the front counter, a sign read "drive through only." This was around 8pm. I called them and advised that my truck could not fit through the drive through. They refused to serve me. I ended up eating elsewhere 2 hrs later. Worst experience ever.

Danielle Wiggington

Meat tastes like they cooked it on the floor. Waited 31 minutes food “fast” dog food. Worst location ever. I blame the locals who work and live in that area. Ghetto.

Ron Just Digging Life

It's BK folks! Yes good food and also fast...Surprised???

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