Papa Joe's Birmingham

34244 Woodward Ave, Birmingham
(248) 723-9400

Recent Reviews

Emma Geib

everything in prepared foods is all breaded! Need new options and more fish!

Joe Azzopardi

Good food, great people watching!

John Campbell

Great place great food !!

Rebecca H.

The table I was seated at overlooked the section where the prepared food/deli is sold. One of the market employee that was tasked with removing all the prepared food (it appeared that she was storing them for the following day) displayed improper food handling. The employee had no gloves, mask, and worse of all was claiming into the area where the prepared food was displayed to remove the plates and the bottom of her uncovered shoes where touching the containers of food that were out for sale on the shelves below. This is truly discussing!!!

Joanne Vaillancourt

Excellent service and food! Would definitely go back.

Peggy Goodwin

Wonderful floral and gift "tower" arrangements! I'll be back ☀️

Angela T.

Papa Joe's had always been my favorite supermarket in the past. Although it's not terrible, it's not the best anymore. I stopped shopping here because I noticed the quality in their products was declining. The fruit was often times not fresh. My friend actually noticed this too and mentioned it to me. The store seems like it isn't being kept up anymore. Furthermore, sometimes the shelves are empty. I had to go to Whole Foods because they were out of some items that I wanted and while shopping at Whole Foods I realized how much Papa Joes really overcharges. I found some of the same items that I had just purchased at Papa Joes for significantly less at Whole Foods. The main reason that I went to Papa Joes first was to purchase salmon. In the past their salmon has always been very fresh and they had several types of wild caught salmon. None of the fish looked fresh today. I decided not to purchase any and instead I just purchased chicken at Whole Foods. I may stop by again to see if their salmon is more fresh tomorrow, otherwise I will probably just go to Plum Market.I was also very disappointed that they didn't have any wax beans because they usually do.

Ben Jerry

Fast, friendly service.Huge selection with lots of unexpected things you can't find in many other places.

Veronica Bullard

I didn't find what I was looking to buy - a black diamond watermelon. Otherwise, the store was well stocked and attractive with a variety of items that you won't find everywhere. They even have chanterelles, and ghost peppers.Gourmet foods.Enjoy yourself.

Erik Peace Mixx

Good food, location & reasonably priced!

Autra Maholmes

It was different from the store in Rochester, but also different since all the things that have been going on. The staff was polite and helpful. Will be going back.

melissa godzik

This was my first time there. Lots to choose from. Very impressed with the layout and helpful staff.

Kyle Starks

Love this market. Very clean and organized . Meat selection as well as fruits and vegetables great quality.

Ryndee Skillman Carney

Highly recommend; best take out during the days of Covid 19 (and super during “normal” times, too). We ordered cedar plank salmon and lamb shank tonight. My husband picked it up but they forgot to give us our wedge salad. We called and they delivered the salad in 15 minutes with dessert included gratis. Over the top customer service and food. Has helped make quarantine palatable.

Jacqueline Coleman Manzo

Excellent food and great service!

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