COOP Caribbean Fusion

474 Peterboro St, Detroit
(313) 789-3023

Recent Reviews

Debbie Baldwin-Iam

I love this restaurants jerk ribs but last night I got some that I couldn't eat all of the due to them be charcoal black.. I had to take pictures and still have them because I couldn't ear them. The rest of my order was prefect

Cp's Kitchen Pantry

I had no idea of what I was about to experience...the flavors of the Carribean was phenomenal! I can't began to describe all those flavors that were going on in my mouth! The corn was the best! The chicken stayed crispy even with the cold slaw! Fries had a sauce that didnt require me to use ketchup. I even ate the Cauliflower! An experience i dont want you to miss! The "Coop" means shared space and that is because it shares space with at least 4 other small venues. There is an upstairs that serves/sales coffee. There is plenty of seating inside and out. There is a full bar inside. Eating inside a shipping container was kinda cool. Thanks for inviting me Chef Max!Vegetarian options: At least 4 other restaurants to try. Definitely has vegetarian food.Parking: Parking is goodWheelchair accessibility: Yes wheelchair accessible

Tiffany Peart

I tried here with the understanding that this is a Caribbean fusion place, not authentic Caribbean restaurant (I like trying Caribbean fusion). However, most of the dishes offered include elements that aren’t used in Caribbean cooking (old bay seasoning, fresco cheese, mandarin oranges??)The chicken sandwich lacks flavor, if I could give it 0 stars, I would. The bread was soggy, the tenders had zero seasoning. An absolute ridiculous price for a bad sandwich!The plantain wasn’t sweet, nearly spoiled on the inside but fried golden brown on the outside.If you’re looking for something Caribbean inspired, look elsewhere.

Kory Kopchick

I ordered one chicken sandwich at 6:20pm.I was told my order would be ready by 6:35pm.My order wasn’t ready until 7:10pm.

Jason VanderPloeg

Food pick up is very confusing than the other restaurants within Detroit shipping company. The cauliflower wings had to much dough for my taste. The flavor wasnt really for me.

Ms. Shaina Jones

Can't wait to eat this food! The owner, when I spoke to her, was so considerate and kind, especially because I couldn't figure out how to order online.This is a great establishment!Update 7/17/22:PLEASE UPDATE THE PHONE NUMBER. We had a HUGE order we planned on placing (at least $200 worth) and the number does not work! It's been like this for a while. The food is excellent, but you will lose customers by not updating. Online ordering is not always the best option, especially for older users.

Tricia WA

I'm seriously done with this restaurant. I've ordered from this place three times now and the third time was the last time. The first time I ordered from this place everything was great and wonderful, but they were out of corn, I replaced it with something else and set out to order again. My second order everything was literally burnt, the ribs were burnt the brussel sprouts were burned the plantin was burned. And they were once again out of corn. The third and final time, they were once again out of corn, out of plantin, and they provided my Dasher misinformation about replacing the missing items. So I ended up basically with ribs and chicken tenders and no sides, because they did not replace the items that they didn't have available. How does a restaurant that has an extremely limited overpriced menu constantly run out of items? Seriously?? If you continuously run out of items, there's something wrong. Whoever is ordering the inventory is doing an awful job. What am I supposed to eat with my entree if there's no sides available? I am absolutely done. I couldn't recommend this place to anybody and I'm somebody who constantly tries to support black businesses, but I won't be back. It's simply a waste of time.Update: My ribs were also missing. This place is a joke!

Arelis D.

This is an experience! An explosion of flavors in every dish. Go with an empty stomach and get ready to enjoy a delightful meal. The brussel sprouts, corn on the cob, chicken wings, fries and cauliflower were all amazing.


Absolute favorite place to eat at the Detroit shipping company hands down. Food is always good and the workers are great. Can’t complain.

Soleil K.

Came here on a Sunday afternoon. This entire place is a great spot for sure. The vibe and music is very fun, chill, and comfortable. The variety of cultural food spots is awesome. And there's a bar which is also a plus! The inside is kept clean with industrial decor. Parking is a challenge though. That dirt and rock parking lot on the side of the building that's free, is EXTREMELY small. So be prepared to park somewhere on the street. From COOP, we ordered the fries, mac&cheese, Brussel sprouts, corn, curry shrimp, and wings to share. The best part of the meal in my opinion was the curry shrimp. Reason being is, I felt like some of my food was burnt (the wings, Brussel sprouts, and corn). Like it stayed on the grill a little too long for my liking. The flavor was good, but I feel like I prefer the flavor of other nearby Caribbean restaurants.

Alex T.

Coop's J*** Wings are excellent. There was only one problem with the wings...I didn't order them. I ordered ribs, but got wings. The place was too busy and chaotic for me to bother returning to have it fixed. This is the most popular spot in DSC and your wait will be longer than the other food stalls.

Tj Palmer

Awesome place to eat. Cooks know what they are doing and the food is definitely tasty. Much love from Miami

madison d.

Good a** food, a little over priced for food portion sizes but good as f***** Recommend to all my friends

Jessie B.

I hate giving bad reviews but this is definitely the majority American version of Caribbean food. I was really disappointed with everything except the plantains. I Brought the curry shrimp home to put it over rice. Unfortunately, the sauce is in the bag due to the cheap container. As much as this little dish cost ($16), they should be able to supply containers more suitable for saucy dishes. LOVE Jamaican food but this didn't fit the bill. Very disappointed.

Alexandria L.

Oh man, Coop has some amazing flavors! You're going to love anything you order from here, from fries to chicken. There is an option when ordering to pick up your food curbside but we've always eaten inside Detroit Shipping Co. Coop is my husband's favorite as he loves a certain level of spice in his food. I will say when ordering from Coop they have taken longer than initially planned. We've waited over an hour for our food before to find it sitting on the counter downstairs. It's certainly worth the wait, though, just plan accordingly.

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