Frankfort Dairy Maid

1017-1021 Forest Ave, Frankfort
(231) 871-0126

Recent Reviews

Shay R.

I still think about the ice cream flurry even after returning home from vacation. Frankfort Dairy Maid does not do small portions. You can get a small and they will give you what would be a large. During my visit to Frankfort I visited Frankfort Dairy Maid two days in a row. It was unbelievably delicious. The ice tasted like it was homemade unlike what I was used to from my local ice cream shop. I was surprised by the amount of toppings they give you. Be prepared to wait in a long line because this is the place to be. Luckily the line moves really quickly so you have enough time to review the menu and be ready to order when you get to the front. The staff at Frankfort Dairy Maid are impressive. I observed them handle large groups like a pro and not skip a beat. They have a system that makes the ordering and receiving of your ice cream smooth. I wish they had other locations within the US because this would be my top ice cream shop. I highly recommend visiting even if you're driving through Frankfort because it's worth the drive.

Lorie Compton

Always great icecream

Whit Stroben

Great place to visit in Frankfort Michigan. All kinds of ice cream. Friendly staff and fast service

Laura Lee

Great prices great soft serve. They have gluten free ice cream cones! They also have Dole whip which is dairy free the flavor changes weekly. My partner loves their lemon custard! They offer these really cute doggy Sundays and they'll size them for your dog. They're all super nice there too! If you're planning on getting ice cream to watch the sunset and go early there's usually a line.


We've been coming here for years and they're still one of my favorite places in Frankfort!! They have plenty of options and are always friendly, and the cones are huge, so you definitely get your money's worth. Flavors of the day are always good, too!!

Randy Arndt

One of my favorite summer ice cream shops. Great service and friendly workers always.

Eden Rose Anderson

Literally the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced. If they mess up your order don’t expect to have it fixed. And don’t expect them to be nice either.

chris mcgraw

So good. If there is a long line, it goes fast.

Emmie Musser

Friendly and helpful service - answered all questions about ingredients/allergies with patience and kindness. Many options. Fair prices. Homemade strawberry sauce ♥️

Austin Dietzel

During the warmer months, this place is busy with customers! This is some of the best ice cream and my whole family loves going here after a long day in Frankfort! Prices are cheap and smiles are free! Friendly staff and great customer service! Definitely recommend you go get some ice cream here!

heather nichols

Friendly help and priced just right. Enjoyed

Sara A.

Every summer my family has made a trip up to Michigan and every summer we have made sure to visit Dairy Maid at least nightly. Dairy Maid is an iconic spot in Frankfort not too far from a view of Lake Michigan and the Frankfort Lighthouse. This little ice cream shop has service down to an art for decades. They have seamlessly rolled into taking cards and started their own punch card reward program. When you plan your trip to this establishment don't be deterred by a line, the staff will breeze through the line and next thing you know it's your turn to order. Make sure to speak up so the employees can hear you above all the hard at work ice cream machines! After you pay, wait by the window to hear your order called out. Once you get your order, get to work, the portion sizes here are no joke and you'll need to focus to keep up with the licking of a cone! The flurries come 3 inches over the top so don't wait to dig in! For years I have tried to find a place that matches the rich flavors and service of Dairy Maid. But every time I come back, Dairy Maid outdoes themselves once again! If you want to get your money's worth in ice cream, head on over to Dairy Maid. You'll never be the same again!

David Sovis

Fantastic ice cream and awesome staff! We love this place, best in 5h2 county!

Tracy Hock Ward

Best custard ever!! Went there every day on our vacation!!

Tobias Smith

Lovely place, very friendly service! We go here whenever we can.

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