Downtown Market Grand Rapids

435 Ionia Ave SW, Grand Rapids
(616) 805-5308

Recent Reviews

Sarita Frasier

Great place! All the different vendors made for a great experience.

John Halquist

Nice place. Good choices overall. No coffee in the entire place when I was there or I might have rated it 5 stars. During COVID, no indoor seating, which is understandable. Outdoor seating was available.

mark pi

Website says open at 10am, got there at 11am and the stores don't open till 12pm. Do a better job of posting information!

Caleb Smith

A very good place with many different stands. There are many spices, teas and foods that are offered here. I tried the kimchi fried rice here and I have to say, it was very delicious. Everything is made fresh and when you order so you don't have to worry about your food being under a heat lamp.

Peter DeVries

Great space with a lot of variety in the different stops and food vendors that are there. Definitely a little pricey and it’s disappointing that it didn’t live up to the solution for the local food dessert that it was originally billed as. Definitely not a place where poorer residents of the local area can get cheap groceries, but if you’re in the market for some gourmet ice cream it’s your place.

Johnny Herr

Very chill but hip atmosphere with some of my favorite foods. You can get Seafood, Thai, Sushi, Hot Chicken, Ice Cream, Tacos, Pho, Poke, Boba Tea and so much more, all under one roof! Would definitely recommend and will need to come back and try more food vendors.

Dylan Majestic

Great place to eat, hang out, take cooking classes, etc. But it's not a farmers market at all, misleading name

Kay Hanlon

Love the friendly environment and the tip on the food - try the bbbqqq && Mac n cheese yummmmmmyyy

Gannie Warrington

A variety of unique stores are located inside the Downtown Market in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Great place to stop for lunch, pickup a specialty food item or a gift. High quality products. Need a change of pace, then, go to the Downtown Market. For local residents, the Downtown Market is a good destination for out-of-town guests. This isn't what I expected but I loved it. Go here to get fresh baked goods, the best and freshest seafood and meats, cheeses, etc. There's a coffee shop and places to eat as well. Very cool idea in the city. I wish there was one close to our home.

jake miley

My wife and I rode the bus from City Flats Hotel and were pleasantly surprised; lots of food options, great coffee, energetic vibe. Definitely worth a checking it if your a Grand Rapids visitor!

Summer Bykerk

It’s very friendly and a good place to eat

Stephanie Seitz

Super fun indoor market with a huge variety of food vendors, snacks/treats, Madcap coffee, bubble tea, local/unique gifts, and a really nice upstairs hangout area.

John Plichta

I love the downtown market. There's really nothing like it in Grand rapids. I just fear that it won't be around in 10 years or so. So many businesses have come and gone since the market has opened. I fear that the rent is too high and business is not frequent enough. People should make an effort to come to the market. I know a lot of the products are pricey, but the experience and tastes are well worth it.

Naomi O.

Here is very stylish and many good foods!!!! I ate fish which was very fresh and tasty!! Sushi bar,Mexican,Vietnam food,cheese,ice cream,coffee shop and chocolate shop in here!

Cassandra Jo Koch

Variety of different restaurants at affordable prices. Fast & friendly service

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