Mai's Thai

820 Michigan St NE, Grand Rapids
(616) 451-3441

Recent Reviews

Bird Song

Pad Thai is soup. No veggies. Over cooked noodles. Two pieces of chicken in the dinner portion.

Marianna Ohaeri

6 small peices of chicken in their sweet and sour dish.

Mike Porter

Great food, reliable, fairly priced, highly recommend!

Kasey Klein

This is my definitely favorite Thai spot in Grand Rapids. The best Tom Kha soup in GR! My go-tos are the peanut curry noodles or the gang garee. My husband gets the pineapple fried rice with crab rangoons. The fresh rolls are also amazing. I haven't had anything I didn't like here!Vegetarian options: Gluten-free options!

Brittany Perlaki

Get the veggie curry with masaman curry sauce medium spice 10/10; all these other clowns just dont know how to

Russel P

I stopped by on Saturday August 12th to look at a menu and order some food. Both doors to the restaurant were locked though there was someone inside. This is my first time checking out the restaurant and needless to say, I was not impressed.


Tried to dine in many times but doesn’t seem to be an option and are closed even though posted times should have them be open

Jeff Shapter

Extremely disappointed with the food. The pad thai had almost no sauce, barely any peanuts, and only 2 or 3 pieces of chicken. $17 for a "dinner" portion of unsauced noodles wasn't worth it at all.Didn't get the side of broccoli I ordered. The crab rangoons were somehow both hard (but not crispy) and unpleasantly chewy, like they had been fried off an hour ago and sat on the bench.Roommate ordered something with shrimp and the smell was overpowering as soon as the container came out of the bag. The shrimp was definitely right on the edge of going off.

hi Ari

Ordered pho & spring roll. Pho was ok. The spring roll was full of noodles & oil. Gross! If they are trying to cut corners customers are noticing! Why would I spend my money here in this climate where everything is expensive.

Noah Paris

I stopped in here to get some crab Rangoon‘s after work one day at about 6 o’clock, got home, and I hate to say it they were the worst ones I’ve ever had, they were really hard, and the only soft spot was the very bottom where the stuffing was…. I was really hoping it was gonna be a better price is right by my house but unfortunately I wasn’t that lucky.The service was great, and everyone was really nice

Crystle Parker

First time there. Ask what was recommended. He couldn't/wouldn't. Told them I couldn't have nuts. Sprinkle of nuts. Crab Rangoon wasn't hot. Seemed like it was leftover from lunch. Afterwards I discovered the fixtures in the bathroom were filthy as was the main door leaving.


Just went here and ordered the peanut curry dish. I have been here a few times but this will definitely be my last. The person on the phone barely understood me but thats normal at these restaurants. I arrived at the window and the guy that processed the payment was vary weird. I only asked 1 question and he looked at me like i was crazy. This dish cost me $14.50 the container was vary empty with little substance. The rice was chewy and the peanut sauce with little flavor. I tried to make this place work but with red bowl a half a mile further. I will be going there instead. They have large portions and rich flavor for only around $9 a bowl.


Don’t use Uber eats it’s cheaper to call and have them deliver themselves.Very very delicious. some of the best curry pad Thai I’ve ever had. And actually spicy. You know when you order from an Asian restaurant and ask for it spicy and a lot of times it isn’t? This actually had a nice kickAlso had fried rice crab Rangoon and spring roll. Middle of the road for me good stuff will be going back

Theresa Alger

Our meal choices were delicious! We will be ordering more since the flavor is worth coming back for over and over.Vegetarian options: The tofu in our Green Curry dish was perfectly prepared. Mai Thai not only offers very affordable menu options but also manage to prepare high quality meals.

Jalonda Mills

I went in I got some crab Rangoon and some egg rolls my food was hot . But I didn’t really like the crab Rangoon and I only got 4 of them for 5 dollars definitely not worth it

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