Mekong Restaurant

5378 Division Ave S, Grand Rapids
(616) 530-3380

Recent Reviews

drew bolliger

the service was great! the spring rolls were fresh. and the chicken Pho was delicious. I'll will go back.

Angelica Jackson

Horrible management very rude ..

Sarah Gillman

Delicious, and not expensive!

Raymond T.

10/10 Would definitely come here again. I ordered the Pho Dac Biet (pho standard), and the broth and noodle soup was already delicious. Not too salty or sweet, and not overfilled with animal fat. Go definitely try out the nuoc mam wings. They're a family business, so please go and support them.

Tim Peppard

I had the Pho Ga, this is the only place I've had it where they used dark meat too. I was truly impressed.

Kayla DeGraff

Always delicious!


Loads of meat and the garnish is always fresh and clean. Restrooms are also very neat and clean. Nice clean and friendly restaurant

Mike Chappell

Excellent food. Great service.

vanessa flores

The food is amazing & the service is great!

Vy Le

Best Vietnamese restaurant around hands down !

Dave K

I love this place. They have really good food and there very friendly.

Jenna Slye

I went in on a whim this afternoon as I've not had pho in AGES. I order chicken pho to go. Waited about 15 minutes. The way it was packaged for my to go order was PERFECT! If you've ever had the rice noodles in pho get mushy then you will be happy to know they put the broth separate from the noodles, chicken and herbs! There is cilantro, culantro (different herb but just as delicious!), jalapeno, bean sprouts, red onion, spring onion, thai mint...etc in there! Absolutely delicious!

Carlos Salcedo

They make very good fresh food. My favorite is the shrimp fried rice.

Cameron V.

The wife and I went here for lunch December 2019. I ordered some pho and two bites in I noticed a roach in my food. I got the pho removed from my bill but my wife still had to pay for hers. When she went up to pay another one was running across the counter and the lady tired to kill it while processing her payment. I talked to a few coworkers about this and they all said they stopped going to the pizza place right next door for the same reason a few month earlier. That whole strip is infested and clearly nothing has been done about it. I called the health department.

Maya D.

We ordered the Mekong Special Maloney which was a chicken broth noodle soup with lots of seafood including shrimp and squid with pork meat. The broth was very flavourful and the portion was huge as well. This is our go to restaurant for Vietnamese food in Grand rapids area. It is worth the drive from Kalamazoo !!

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