Putt-Putt's Bar

1148 Fulton St W, Grand Rapids
(616) 774-9129

Recent Reviews

tim wilson

First time here. Great experience. The staff was friendly, treated my friend and I like we were long time regulars.Excellent food, including burgers made with Sobie Meats.Will definitely come again.

Carol Cross

Everyone thier is so friendlyTreat u like family. Great food! Will always go back & recommend anyone to go thier. ❤❤❤

Jim Valykeo

Better than 5 years ago. Stepped up there game.?

Greg Wickstrom

Good food, cold beer!

Dean Scharphorn

Friendly's staff plenty of parking, out door seating with fire pits. Food was good

Susan Clare-Williams

Love the fireplaces!

Emily W.

Nice place but the workers are so fucking rude!! Some friends and i visited a few bars and I left my wallet at one. When I got to putt putts I stepped outside to call the previous bar and sure enough they had my wallet. No big deal! I was pretty much done drinking anyway. So I just go sit with my friends. After they grab a second round, I grabbed an empty drink to chew the ice. Then the bartender came over. Admittedly, I shouldn't have grabbed the glass when I didn't have my id, but I don't believe that is ground for the bartenders behavior. First he was rude to me at the table, only to then pull me aside and be completely rude to me again. This whole time i'm being reasonable with him because I understand that I did something wrong. After i leave the bartender takes it upon himself to sit down with all of my friends and berate them as well. Every single one of us is over 22 and half of us work in restaurants. The situation was blown extremely out of proportion and I have never been treated so rudely by staff, even before I turned 21 and tried to use a fake and got caught! In my years of working in restaurants, I have never seen a bartender treat a guest so rudely. Your job is to serve drinks and check ids not be a total dickhead to patrons and make girls cry for making a mistake. This is just the cherry on top of stories i've heard from my friends and my sisters friends about the bartenders at this place.

Sandra Otte

Really cold beer with friendly service. Chicago dogs are great they just need to get rid of the French mustard and get something like a spicy mustard but the hot dogs serving sizes were great

John W

Wackie chan haha

Adam N

The stiffest drinks at the best price. Plus, normally in non Covid times, there's free popcorn and that's always good

Bret Carlson

Good service, friendly staff.

Dan Rademacher

Friendly staff, great service, excellent food prices


Great water pressure in the bathroom sinks

Tammy Bowman Van Dam

Putt Putts is such a fun filled place to hang out. The staff are very friendly and love to socialize with the customers. Food is fantastic and it is so nice to see so many familiar faces from the west side. This place is a hometown pub and it is a great place to connect with friends and family to just chill and have a couple drinks. Seating outside on their patio is the best place to be. Thanks Putt Pitts for being a great family pub!

Brent Cooper

Amazing atmosphere and even better staff! Love this place!

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