Tea Garden

2500 E Beltline Ave SE, Grand Rapids
(616) 575-9196

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Global Trust Solutions

Should be 5? on here! I can't find anything a customer could complain about. The service was friendly & the food is wonderful! I always order extra to have left overs, it is quality. ?

Rose Black

Average Chinese take-out. Portions were fair/equal to competition. Pricing is about $2/entrée above competition. Customer service was friendly and efficient. I would order here again.

Justen Bowden

My new favorite Chinese food in the city. Family run.

Jennifer Grant

Fav chinese take out place in town !

Sara Burri

Food came out relatively quickly and was nice and hot. Got the orange chicken, fried rice and crab Rangoon and everything tasted great! Will definitely be back!

Christopher Osorio-Torres

It's been a few years and this place only gets better and better! They take pride in what they do, uphold great customer service and even better food that you know is purchased quality and all made fresh!

Cody Myers

One of the best places for Chinese in the area. The food quality and consistency is what keeps me coming back. The owner and her family have done an amazing job running this restaurant and are always providing amazing food and amazing service.This is also one of the cleanest restaurants I've been in. They do a superb job at keeping it clean.


I had chicken dumplings and shrimp shumai! Good shrimp flavor, nice and crunchy. And the steamed dumplings were good too. Sauce was tasty. Thank you!

Cassidy Pleiness

Got a carry out of the sweet & sour chicken w/ fried rice & the yum yum chicken appetizer. The sweet & sour chicken was alright, nothing special. I was expected some form of vegetables in there like green peppers, onion, and pineapple like other places have it as but there wasn't any. The fried rice was not very good as it was not fried, but it seems to have been just been steamed rice that was mixed with butter and soy sauce. And, the yum yum chicken could have been better, but there was hardly any sauce on it which made it very bland. The food was disappointing.

Jai Woolworth

My favorite Chinese food and the workers have known me since I was lil

Kelly Gardner

The food is fun! We really enjoyed the Honey Toast. Delicious, toasy, and creamy perfection! The Beef Bulgogi nachos were ok; the presentation was lacking, and the sauce was overpowering. They appeared to be understaffed on a busy Saturday, so the dining room and bathrooms were super clean, but the staff was friendly and the service was fast. They even waited for us to eat the nachos before preparing the Honey Toast, which was very kind and much appreciated.

Chey S

That was the most tasteless food I have ever tasted in my life. The only reason I’m giving it a 1 star is because the food was fresh. If the sesame seed chicken or the general tsos chicken didn’t have sauce, I am 100% positive they would also be tasteless. How in the heck is the food hot and fresh but have absolutely no taste?!? The egg rolls came with sauce and it tasted like fruit punch! The egg roll was as dry Arizona heat! What little I ate is just sitting in my stomach like a brick. I basically donated $45, never again.

Sean Ferguson

Veggies were fresh, if a little repetitive across dishes (carrot, broccoli, onion, sometimes a green bean). They did a free add of tofu for one dish, very appreciated. The spiciness level of the Szechuan was nearly non-existent and I didn't get the telltale numbing typical of the genre. But, it was pretty tasty. The fried rice might be the best of the things we had, flavorful without that gross cheap oil flavor of so many other restaurants.

Elliot Gruszka

I don't like to leave negative reviews, but I kind of feel compelled to in this case because there is so much better Chinese food available all over GR. We got a menu in the mail after not going to Tea Garden in probably 10 years. Prices have gone up everywhere, and Tea Garden seemed like it might be a good value.[Ron Howard Voiceover: It wasn't]The sauces on our dish tasted weird, like they came from a giant can. Definitely not fresh tasting. It was kind of like a glorified frozen Chinese meal you might find at Costco or Sam's. Very disappointed. I'd say spend a few more $ and go to Grand Lakes in Breton Village or any number of restaurants on Division or Eastern south of 28th Street.

Curt Andrews

Had orange chicken and fried rice.Rice was just brown, not fried and taste very old, I couldn’t eat. Only doing a review because I really wasted 10 bucks.

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