Terra Bagels

1413 Lake Dr SE, Grand Rapids
(616) 805-3740

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John Catlin

It's almost impossible to find a parking spot or a dining table in Eastown on a Sunday morning but this place has some damn fine bagel sandwiches and an available place to sit. Good eats.

Cate Fortenbacher

Bagels and schmear are my favorite thing to eat. It can be tricky to get your hands on these if you don’t come early, but for only $3 you get a real bagel with seasoning on BOTH sides with a very generous helping of the best schmear I’ve ever had. Tons of flavor choices, gluten free and vegan too!

Nabil J.

Good place, overpriced, especially the lox ( $12 )...the density of the bagels needs some perfection. Good selection. A bit pretentious for a bagels shop. Support local business

Liquid Wayno

Really great service and they always keep it nice and simple.Bagels, coffee, perhaps a smear.That's it.Nice clean bathrooms and a good location.Street parking only which can be a pain at peak times.Everything is always fresh and everything is always good.You can even order ahead of time and just pick it up at the counter when it's ready.Very efficient and contactless for the most part.

Stacy Roelofs

The vibe of the store is fresh and their food is just as great.

Stephanie E.

Placed an order online for 5 different bagels with cream cheese for a pick up. Parking was easy, They were ready by the time I got there, set to the side with my name clearly marked. They have gluten free everything bagels and plain. I would love to see a sweet GF bagel with something a bit different then the standard two, a sweet one would be nice (hint hint). The gluten free bagel was fluffy!! Tasted like real bread and the cream cheese was soooo creamy. My daughter got a blueberry with strawberry cream cheese and loved every bit along with my son who got the cinnamon sugar one. An excellent bagel breakfast! Great quick breakfast on our way to the zoo!

Nicole Strobel

Very wide selection of delicious Bagels, soft and airy on the inside with a nice crisp outside. Their Bagel sandwiches are delicious as well and you can get them on any flavor Bagel they make. The only reason this isn't five stars is because their coffee and tea service leaves a little bit to be desired. Their special coffees are fine, but the regular coffee tastes a little burnt, and their tea is definitely brewed at the wrong temperature and for too long so it tastes burnt. Great place to get a breakfast sandwich or a dozen bagels but if you're a tea lover steer away from their tea.


Delicious locally made bagels with a great variety of flavors and spreads. The poppyseed and pumpernickel bagels are my personal favorites ☺️

E. Anderson

Super good bagels and bagel sandwiches! My only disappointment was that the only dairy-free milk option they have is oat milk which is still a big allergy problem for a lot of dairy-free people.The food is good enough tho, that I'll still come here for food and get my coffee somewhere else on the way.

Caitlyn L.

Absolutely delicious bagels. I wish I had known about this place sooner, as we are moving from GR soon and I would've spent many weekend mornings here. I got the maple cinnamon bagel and it was perfect. Sweet not too sweet. My boyfriend got the everything bagel and it was probably the best bagel I have ever had. Tip: ask for cream cheese on the side if you don't like a heavy serving on yours.

Rick G.

Thank God for Terra Bagels. We moved from the east coast to Grand Rapids about 20 years ago. One of the food items that we missed were bagels, real bagels. The "bagel" stores that were here were no more that baked bread with a glossy top. No comparison. And then, a few years ago, GR Bagel opened in Eastown. Yes! Real bagels. Bagels that were worth a frequent drive from Ada to Eastown. But, unfortunately GR Bagels closed after a few years. But now there is Terra Bagels. Yes! Real, authentic bagels. They make all varieties and their bagel sandwiches are great also. Not quite like the Jewish deli back east but certainly worth the drive once again.

Danielle W.

Do not sleep on the jalapeño cheddar bagel!!!! It is SO delicious! Just ordered today and wowowoow am I impressed! Thankfully I brought this with me to the apartment I'm staying in while in town because this thing was absolutely SMOTHERED in cream cheese. I probably took a quarter cup off the bagel before eating--if I was eating in the car it would have been a small nightmare, but don't let that steer you away! My bagel was prepared quickly and the staff all seemed to be in high spirits! I did also try the bagel BEC sammie with avocado yesterday on an everything bagel! The sandwich was pretty ok, but the bagel in cream cheese, in my opinion, is where it's at! I was disappointed to see they didn't have a variety of coffee-based beverages on the menu, but thankfully I could grab one just up the street at That Early Bird Cafe.

Faye D.

This place is great! I ordered a lox breakfast bagel on plain (gotta go purist and traditional while in the Big Apple) and it was solid. I also got some bagels to take back home with me and they held up great in a ziplock bag until I got to share with the fam 3 days later. Good prices, fast service. I'd walk the 0.75 miles from my hotel again for sure!

Rachel F.

They LOAD on the cream cheese and I LOVE it! I'm a jersey girl so I know a good bagel when I eat one- I recommend!!

Ijlal Nuriddin

This has become my new fav bagel spot. It puts me in the mind of bagel style (the chew!!) from the East Coast. The schmear, as the cream cheese is known, is bomb.com. Smoked whitefish...uh yes please!

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