Terra Bagels

1413 Lake Dr SE, Grand Rapids
(616) 805-3740

Recent Reviews

Kate Lichtenstein

Absolutely Amazing bagels. Delicious! Easy to order online, however … My only suggestion for this business is to allow people to order over the phone and pay once they *arrive* in person, just like all the other restaurants in this neighborhood. I’ve been in this neighborhood for 30 years and that is my only real bother with this place is that they don’t even give you the option to do that, they demand payment ahead of time (which I’ve never experienced from a single other restaurant in eastown). It would be great for other working people in Eastown to be able to call their order in and pay when picking up, which is a standard everywhere else. It’s just the principle of the matter.

Peter Willcome

Nice location in East GR. Quality ingredients. A popular destination for breakfast bagels. Unfortunately menu prices are not posted on their menu board. They were steep… my bagel was also cold which I was not aware of. Just didn’t get enough bang for my buck :)

Jordan S

Bagels are outstanding and so are the prices. People on here like “I got two bagel sandwiches and a latte for $20. Outrageous.” Bro what time period are you from? A latte from Starbucks is like $8. This isn’t the 40’s when sandwiches cost a nickel. The sandwiches are huge and delicious and well priced especially compared to other places downtown. I want all the bagels everyday.

Halsey Jackson

I really liked going here and still love the food but the last time I visited I sat near the side of the room where I could see the kitchen and noticed the workers were wearing only 1 glove, no masks, no hair masks, and touching my food with their bare hand instead of the glove. When I got my bagel there were multiple hairs in it.

Hassan Saleh

Bagels wont disappoint, schmears are tasty. I recommend the dukkah bagel, it's different and tasty. Recommend getting there a little on the earlier side to make sure they didnt sell out of your favorite bagel yet.

Jocelyn Flint

The good: This place has great bagels! Perfect texture. Wonderful flavors. A nice variety of extras, too. And it's all in a lovely building in Eastown. Their online ordering system is easy to use, too.The not-so-good: The wait time when you order in the store (not online) is reliably interminable. Drop by right at opening to get a quick bagel + a cup of coffee, and it can easily take you 25 minutes to get out of there! I'm not sure how they handle front-of-store orders, but they just seem to take forever, no matter the day. For this reason, I've learned the hard way to always order online. That's fine, and I still love their bagels, but it sure would be nice to be able to stroll in and get an order more quickly.

Hassan S.

Bagels wont disappoint, schmears are tasty. I recommend the dukkah bagel, it's different and tasty. Recommend getting there a little on the earlier side to make sure they didnt sell out of your favorite bagel yet.

Cole D.

They run out of bagels fast so make sure you get there early. I went 3 hours before closing and all they had was plain and one other random flavor.

Alexandra W.

Terra brought the bagels and vibes that eastown so badly needed! You can find me ordering a bagel and schmear or a sandwich from Terra at least once a week - whether it's a weekend recovery bagel or a quick weekday lunch. You really can't go wrong with any of their bagel & schmear combos. I am a big fan of the sea salt bagel with chive schmear or the turkey bagel sandwich for lunch (add bacon ofc!). Their flavors and spreads are creative & bring that little bit of a spunk to the world of bagels. If you're looking for a drink, their lattes are awesome. You absolutely cannot go wrong with the miel (a cinnamon / honey latte), I order it iced with skim milk and it's the perfect pick-me-up.

Social House

This is such a great spot if you're looking for a quality bagel/coffee shop in Grand Rapids! They have such a wide variety of bagel options, and so many different cream cheese options to choose from! We decided to go with the simple everything bagel and some coffee and both were absolutely delicious! If you're looking for a go to breakfast spot in Grand Rapids, definitely check out Terra! 10/10

Jared Jones

My job really sucks. It’s soul crushing, thankless work with long hours and low pay. The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that I work within walking distance of Terra Bagels. Biting into one their bagel sandwiches is the only brief moment of joy I experience during the work week. Even after a long day, seeing my children’s smiling faces and hearing them shout “daddy’s home” as they run to the door does not compare to these bagels. Thank you Terra Bagels for bringing me brief moments of happiness through your delicious sandwiches.

Mike Gardner

Absolutely the best bagels in Grand Rapids not only that but they have great coffee as well. It's been hard to find a place with both great coffee and great bagels . They are very generous with their spread as well no skimping here you get your money's worth.

Timothy Hagerty

Had breakfast there this morning instead of the hotel and it did not disappoint. Bagel was huge and lots of cream cheese and the lox was great. One of the best lox and bagels I have ever had. The coffee was good as well

Esther C.

Finally got to stop by Terra Bagels and I'm glad I did! I got the Italian and Pastrami - both recommended by one of the workers. The Italian was what I expected and can be eaten warm or cold. The Pastrami was good but less meat than I anticipated and best eaten warm since it has egg. I had both toasted but the bagels were still pretty soft to bite into. I'd like to try the Lox next time!

Jasmine J.

I didn't go to this location I actually went to the downtown one. super good , after reading reviews I decided to grab some breakfast. Store is very bright and open and clean. I ordered the whitefish sandwich on a plain bagel after reading a great review and oh man it was just as good as the man said ! I also got a small iced chai tea and it was super delicious .

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