Vitality Bowls Grand Rapids

3569 28th St SE, Grand Rapids
(616) 588-4100

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Misty Collette

Wow! So delicious! I was plesantly surprised. The Green Glow bowl was so flavorful and filling. The mix of moist chicken breast, avacado, feta, grains, field greens, mint, and green godess tahini was the perfect balance. The Dragon bowl was sweet and refreshing; with only 360 calories a lotally guilt free treat. The atmosphere is calm, clean, and comfortable. I will definately be coming here for lunch regularly. ??

Hope James

Awesome healthy food!!! This place is originally from the west coast used to go there when I lived in Marina del Rey. I’m so excited to finally know they are here! The staff is very friendly and helpful. But overall the food is SO FRESH and delicious!!!!

Austin Brunner

Great Acai bowls at a fairly affordable price. Love the options and will likely be going again.


I ordered for the first time through UberEats. I got the Warrior Bowl and a wrap. Not only did I receive sooner than the estimated time, the wrap was still fresh and warm and the bowl was still nice and cold. The food was amazing. I think I've found a new restaurant to visit!! Cant wait to actually visit and the what the atmosphere is like. Thanks guys!

Kayla Hull

Some of the best healthiest to go lunch food in the world for sure ? but that's just my opinion. Ive never feel guilty about eating here and I'm satisfied every time.

Crystal D.

Basically I had 5 crushed ice drinks with a strawberry in each for color. No flavor (meaning where was were the vital fruit and vegetables). What a joke!

Sinai P.

Got the Vitality bowl yesterday. The larger 28 oz was enough for two people, which was $11.99. The medium size of 20 oz was just a dollar or two difference. The cashier was super helpful in letting us take like forever to choose and ask so many questions. The large 28 oz also comes out in two separate bowls if you ask for that. I really liked the açaí bowl, but nothing too out of the ordinary. I do want to visit again, to try any of the wraps. The wraps were around 9 dollars, and the smoothies, around 7.

Rebecca M.

Love this place! I wish we had one on my side of town. I have tried all of the drinks and a lot of the bowls. Never disappointed.

JS Sader

We asked for double acai for the base, and strawberries, kiwi, banana, goji berries and granola as toppings. Fruits tasted fresh, acai base texture was great not icy at all, but just tasteless, as we asked for double acai we were expecting to have a stronger acai taste, but it tastes like nothing.

Selah Joy

This place is sooo yummy! Great smoothies and amazing bowls! I got the green glow bowl! It was super yummy highly recommend it but i would suggest less rice because there was more of that than anything else..but still super sister got the Chimichurri steak and potato bowl and she said it was super!

Allison Jenkins

I usually never leave bad reviews. First issue- we waited 5 mins to be helped at this location when I bunch of girls were laughing in the back. I get it, people have fun at work but the time we waited was a bit too much. But I was super disappointed when I ordered a “power panini” and what they had handed to me was a piece of untoasted multigrain bread with a thin spread of avocado and one slice of cheese. The panini is meant to be on a Telera roll- I paid $8.99 for two slices of untoasted bread with cheese and a small spread of avocado. I have come here before and never had an issue but this was insane. I was too hungry and in a hurry to say anything at the time, I just ate the sandwich and it was pretty poorly made to say the least. Tomatoes were not even included. I left a comment for this on their site and nobody got back to me so I’ve decided to leave a review instead. Don’t think I will be back.

Rob N.

They are slow, too expensive, and must have terrible ownership because everyone always looks miserable. Save yourself the time and frustration and go to another place in GR that serves a similar menu like top this or Fruition.

Krista W.

First time in to the cafe and my daughter and I loved it!! Owner was pleasant and very helpful! Answered all of our questions and gave us good recommendations! And Our bowls were delicious!!!

Rick and Brenda Becker

The açai detoxing smoothie is delicious! They have Wi-Fi and table space! I met up with an associate and she got the same smoothie! We conversed and we’re able to use our computers to conduct our meeting! The staff is friendly and very helpful!

Marc Williams

Amazing customer service and a great selection of healthy options.

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