6600 W Main St, Kalamazoo
(269) 353-3471

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Billy Davidson

Called and ask what time they close, was told midnight. Got there at 11:45 pm and was told by a recording they were closed. Love getting lied to. However if you want an Arby's that is awesome go to the one on stadium. Over the top better Arby'sFood: 1/5

Samuel Benson

The people were very friendly and service was quick but the grease was old and my crinkle fries did not taste good because of itFood: 3/5

Linda Loy

Everytime we ordered a turkey and Swiss it is drowning in mustard. Disgusting. More mustard then turkey. How about having some pride in your work in whatever you do.

Rich Miholick

I love their jamocha shakes. The Reubens are pretty good, jalapeño poppers pretty good. Roast beef not as good as it used to be. They need to serve their fish sandwich all the time not just at lent. I want to try the new Diablo chicken sandwich. Service is always good.Food: 4/5

Tasha Thompson

I love the taste of fresh food! Arby's has that unique fresh food taste with its own zang and punch to the bite!Food: 5/5

Sue Paananen

I was amazing to go into a fast food restaurant and have people ready and waiting to take your order. What a welcome change!!Kid-friendliness: Always kid friendly food.Parking: Plenty of parking.Wheelchair accessibility: Easy in and out.


The crew that works just before close are literally legends! they have never done me dirty. Mad respect. Only fast food spot worth a damn on the westside.

Sadie Spence

Had to repeat my order 4 times in the drive thru. Every time the cashier repeats my order back she had it wrong. Get to the window to pay and she says my card was declined, I explain to her there is no way possible. She trys again and explains she was doing something wrong. Waited a few minutes and our order is handed to us, we ask is this is everything in this bag & she says yes. Pull away and only had half our order in the bag. Not to mention our order came to almost double then what it normally does at other Arby restaurants, so I'm sure we got charged double since the cashier was very lost and confused with her job. Worst part is it's late at night so the doors are locked and can't go in to correct the order, and of course there was 6 cars in line at the drive thru. So waiting in line for another 20+ minutes just to get what we paid for & dealing with this confused cashier wasn't even worth it. Save the headache & money & go find a different Arby's.

Kat Costello

Fast, friendly service. My food was fresh and hot.Parking: Plenty of parking.


The staff at this location is absolutely wonderful! The woman that took our order greeted not only myself, but both of my children individually. We dined in during lunch and our food came out fast and fresh. The restaurant was clean. I truly don’t have a single complaint.

Leonard Thomas

Just like to say that that I am very disappointed in arby's latest promotion the fish-and-chips They advertise fish fillets on TV and then give you mentioned up fish which tasted horrible will never buy it again I know I'm gonna get good reviews for R b's but they definitely drop the ball on this one Shame on R b's for the bait and switch

Darlene McCracken

The Chicken mcnuggets were hard as a rock and the chicken sandwich was more like a extremely hard chicken pattie? Took it back and they replaced it with something else? They really should stop showing food ads making those sandwiches look delicious ??

Heather Worden

I had gotten a classic RB an cheese. Took it home, the bag was still closed got home , got the RB an cheese out opened it up and it had a big fly in it I have the pictures to prove it. So please watch your food.

joel slotnick

Great, friendly staff. Made a visitor to the area feel appreciated!

Mark Redfern

Went through the drive thru when I arrived home I found out I did not get the sandwich I ordered. Fast food is not that difficult.

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